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Reviews of Eau du Contadour by L'Occitane

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I got in touch with L'Occitane's customer care in France asking if by any chance they would re-release Eau du Contadour again and they said that only Eau des 4 Voleurs will be available in a limited edition by the end of October 2016.
Eau du Contadour is one of the best fragrances they've ever made.
Let's wait until October 2016 to get our hands back on 4 Voleurs, a stunning fragrance.
15th December, 2015
Top: lemon, lavender, sage and juniper
Mid: bitter orange, mint and hay
Base: fern, rose and sandalwood cyst
I am somewhat disappointed in this scent. I don’t get the citrus notes or the lavender. On me, it is a [B] very [/B] powdery scent. It really has an aspect like baby powder a lot of the time. Essentially, it is a minty-grassy sort of scent. That’s OK with me, I like grassy and hay-like scents, and I don’t mind the mint. The ‘fern’ probably comes from coumarin or something similar, which will add to the hay-like character. I just wish there were more aromatic/green notes, and less powder. Definitely a warm-weather scent, on a cool day it just seems to add to the coolness and never warms up.

05th October, 2009