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Neutral Reviews of Eau du Contadour by L'Occitane

Total Reviews: 1
Top: lemon, lavender, sage and juniper
Mid: bitter orange, mint and hay
Base: fern, rose and sandalwood cyst
I am somewhat disappointed in this scent. I don’t get the citrus notes or the lavender. On me, it is a [B] very [/B] powdery scent. It really has an aspect like baby powder a lot of the time. Essentially, it is a minty-grassy sort of scent. That’s OK with me, I like grassy and hay-like scents, and I don’t mind the mint. The ‘fern’ probably comes from coumarin or something similar, which will add to the hay-like character. I just wish there were more aromatic/green notes, and less powder. Definitely a warm-weather scent, on a cool day it just seems to add to the coolness and never warms up.

05th October, 2009