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Here we are in front of a concept of perfumery. Perhaps many people do not understand what I mean to say, but surely if the reader had the ability to use his nose as his ears he would understand this mystery.

There is a perfume, Eau Dynamisante (1987), whose Nose has created without any market scheme, and this one is a great work of Jacques Courtin.

Currently I can consider this scent more creative than 90% of Niche fragrances.

This fragrance introduces a new concept of unisex elegance! Magnificent, considering when it was launched, a link between past and future.
If this perfume were music it would play as the Elegy of Rachmaninov!

Using the same elegance accord after 7 years we have another masterpiece, L'Eau D'Issey pour Homme (1994) whose Nose, Jacques Cavallier, created with Japanese citron and mandarin playing with geranium and vetiver.

There are three ingredients really interesting, the ones which give originality to this perfume: cinnamon, verbena and sandalwood!

The character of this fragrance is certainly less pompous than the Clarins one, abandoning all connections with the past giving up the power of flowers.

If this fragrance were music would be a topic of Turandot by Giacomo Puccini shooting from Elegy of Rachmaninov.

Now we have a perfume by Hermes, ten years later! In this one we have only elegance without originality,Terre d'Hermès (2006). Here Jean-Claude Ellena used grapefruit and orange playing with geranium and vetiver.

There are three ingredients really interesting which trivialize this perfume: pepper, patchouli and benzoin.

If this perfume were music? It would be a child who is learning to play!

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07th June, 2015
This starts off with a bright, fresh, lemon, supported by a dry petit grain.

It then dries down to a pleasant, though unremarkable, herbal and dry spice mix.

Top notes: Orange, Coriander, Caraway, Lemon, Petit Grain
Heart notes: Rosemary, Carnation, Cardamom, Thyme
Base note: Patchouli

A refreshing summer splash, but nothing at all remarkable in the world of scents.

13th August, 2014
This is the perfect skin scent for me. Clean and very comfortable. I wear it all year round and layer it with other fragrances. It does seem to have a "pick me up" effect on me.

Being a fan of patchouli (within reason), the drydown is perfect.

*EDIT: 5/24/16 (give or take a few months). They have changed the formula. I ran out of an old bottle and went to the store (Dillards) to pick up more. I am glad I tried it first. They have added some sort of musk to it. I don't like the smell of most artificial musks, they smell almost metallic to me. The change has completely brought down the lightness and airiness of the scent, added an unpleasant note, made it vaguely masculine and smell a bit cheap.

It's been a basic in my fragrance wardrobe for over 20 years. Sadly, I don't think it will be going forward unless I can find an original formulation on ebay.
16th March, 2014 (last edited: 25th May, 2016)
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Unpleasantly sweet and spicy

If you like a very sweet, gourmand, coriander-like spice biscuit, then this is for you. I find it intensely sweet and unpleasant.

26th September, 2013
I keep a bottle of this at work in my desk. My office is often the scene of student visits and peer conferences. I find that a gentle spritz up into the air once or twice a day freshens my spirits, and the air!

I also wear it on my skin, but more like a pick me up than a true fragrance. I think it loves my Shalimar and #5. When I am wearing these, and hit my arms with a light spritz of Eau Dynamisante, they seem to wake up and sparkle a bit.
22nd March, 2012
I hated this when I first tried it, it took a long time for it to settle, but it did and i've come to love it. When it first goes on it's like liquorice and quite masculine, definitely not your stereotypical perfume, but after it's been on a while it feels fresh and clean and interesting, a real change from sickly sweet cloying perfumes.

One thing I don't like is the bottle, I love beautiful cut glass bottles that catch the light, this just looks medicinal to me.
11th February, 2012
Top notes: orange, coriander, caraway and amalfi lemon
Midddle notes: rosemary, carnation and cardamom
Base note: patchouli
The first thing you notice about Clarins fragrances is that their bottles look like facial toner, or makeup remover and not perfume, so the first sniff is always very "blind". You don't really know what you are sniffing, or what you are supposed to do with it, and Eau Dynamisante is no different. First thing to know, is there are no rules with these fragrances, or any for that matter, but you can pretty much douse yourself with this, and it won't be overpowering.
For me Clarins Eau Dynamisante is something very special, and of all things, minimal from the 80's, I am going to call it an EdT, although Clarins does not specify the formulation.
Clarins is a clean citrusy woody skin scent that you could wear in almost any situation, from dance class, to school, to work, or out on a date. It doesn't scream sexy, but more like healthy, and put-together. It's a well-balanced understated somewhat masculine scent that smells wonderful on everyone. Clarins ED is a good scent to wear if you don't want to appear to be trying too hard. It would also be wonderful for those first evenings in August, when it is still hot and summery but there is just a hint of fall in the air. A wonderful buy for the price.
24th January, 2012
A very aromatic and sensual fragrance. Eau Dynamisante took me by surprise.

I always avoided trying the Clarins range because of the bottles which looked like they contained makeup remover or toner fluid rather than perfume. What shocked me was the high quality of this fragrance.

This fragrance is fresh, spicy and woodsy, perfect for wear in the warmer months.

The opening that consists of lively citrus and herbaceous coriander and caraway, blends together beautifully. During the drydown, before the big patchouli finale, I hinted something that smelt rather like Indian cuisine, rich and spicy.

Patchouli is what rounds off Eau Dynamisante. The patchouli is very appealing to my nose as it has a slightly musty feel to it and it lasts on the skin for ages.

I really love the way in which Eau Dynamisante transforms from a bright and lively citrus scent to a rich, spicy, earthy and musty patchouli. This is a scent that transcends beyond being unique and ventures into a world where a fragrance can be many scents all in one.

26th June, 2011
Nothing than aromatic water flavoured by rosemary, thyme, citruses, spices and a touch of patchouli. Pleasant, almost natural, aroma-therapeutic, refreshing  but too little to talk about a fragrance, being it without any trace of class, distinction, boldness, mystery or anything is ordinarily proper to a great scent.
24th February, 2011 (last edited: 16th March, 2011)
Words cannot describe how much I love Eau Dynamisante. My mom wore it and then during Christmas one year she got me a gift set with the fragrance and the shower gel. I've been buying it since.

An inoffensive fresh fragrance that has a great citrus blast and a smooth, velvety, herbal quality. Very uplifting and bearing surprising longevity for a fragrance of this type.
08th February, 2011
Beautiful fragrance. Completely disagree with the comparison to Eau Sauvage Extreme, this one really does soothe, uplift and cocoon you in a healing dome, whereas ESE leaves me feeling dizzy and nauseous for 4 hours before it finally settles down and behaves like a civilised being. From start to finish, Eau Dynamisante is my best friend for a hangover on a Sunday when I want to do NOTHING except BE. I can be alone with this perfume. Some perfumes are screaming for attention and have ulterior motives. Not this one. She is with you, on you and in you, and will never let you down. If you must meet your God one day, wear Eau Dynamisante. The angels will let you into heaven because you smell like one of them.
12th June, 2010
Wear this since it came out on a daily basis. every now and when I get "scent-deaf" I try something different. Just today I HAD to buy me a new bottle.
I have had the e.d.t. on some occassions but the alcohol in the spray takes me too long to wear of therefor I always use the body lotion.
It still excites me to put it on and be be uplifted by the freshness of this scent.
However, I'm still open to suggestions for a similar, NOT sweet, almost unisex scent. Anyone have recommendations for me?
I'm a woman of 45 years old (young), and not a fragile person ;-)
Thanks in advance!
19th May, 2010
I like this one. To me it is a linear scent that smells almost identical to CD’s Eau Sauvage Extreme and thus is certainly appropriate for men to use and is in fact marketed as a unisex fragrance. I love the fiery red smooth pebble-like bottle and given its price is great value for money too – especially the 200ml version. Excellent for hot weather, I think the only downside is the strength and longevity of the scent, which is closer to an after shave than to an EDT but perhaps was deliberately designed to be this way so that it can be splashed on liberally.
21st October, 2009
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Bleurgh! After reading so many praises I expected something good, but this was so strong and appaling that I had to leave even the test paper to the shop. How could anyone say this is refreshing? I wonder if there are different editions of this and I smelled something else than the others? (The name and the bottle look the same though.)
09th May, 2009
This is my absolutely favorite "eau de cologne," which always puts me in a good mood when I try it.
At first you are hit with a strong alcohol smell which quickly reveals coriander and other spices along with citrus. It is never overpowering and it lasts all day. I have tried the shower gel and deodorant and both smell great. I have mixed feelings about the shampoo, it doesn't smell the same but the consistency is creamy and lathers well.
It is delicious and refreshing during the summer months, but I am so addicted to it that I keep wearing it all through winter.
03rd February, 2009
Hangover perfume par excellence! Lemony, bracing, smells as though you've just done 100 laps in the pool, showered, gone for a brisk walk and are ready to go. The smell alone is so convincing that colleagues may not notice how bloodshot and slouchy you are.
29th September, 2008
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United Kingdom
Very kind on the wearer; very simple cologne - absolutely lovely when the weather is unbearably hot, humid or otherwise drowsy. Great to take on holiday, great when sprayed on ankles and back of the neck after walking around all day (or flying).

Nothing extraordinary, but easier to get on with then some other colognes, I think. This will never make me feel nauseated, in fact, it can do the opposite and combat queasy feelings.

I would always like to have some around, but would not put this in the category of "perfume" at all.
03rd August, 2008
Eau Dynamisante intrigued me for a long time, but I wasn’t sure if I could pull it of. Like with all unique fragrances this one is bound to have many haters and lovers. To me personally, this scent evokes classy, independent women like Greta Garbo. I can't help but love it for that.

Eau Dynamisante is all about natural, raw elements. It is not "perfumy", but it is without doubt elegant and expensive-smelling. On a right woman this can be mysterious, stunning and sexy. Unlike many vanilla-based "romantic" fragrances, this one is not aiming to sugar-coat your femininity and colour it pink. Instead it brings out what you have in there, your true nature, rawness and sensuality. But it does so in a subtle way. There's no in-your-face attitude in this. Creator of this fragrance certainly knew that the woman is meant to wear the fragrance, and it is not meant to wear her. I can't think of a perfume that expresses this idea better than eau Dynamisante.

Opening burst of notes is somewhat sharp and alcoholic. I can see why some reviewers compared it to men's cologne. But those who are patient will hopefully discover the beauty of this unique fragrance.

Right after the first burst, the magnificent citrus notes emerge. But this is by no means typical citrus fragrance. There's no fruit in eau D; so don't think lemon, think lemon grass. Middle notes are reminiscing of healing herbs and roots and they linger on, staying close to skin. This part of the scent is very uplifting, yet so comforting. Fans of Aromatics Elixir might find eau Dynamisante interesting as a lighter alternative for a spicy herbal.

The dry down is the most surprising (and addictive). This is when the scent turns earthy, spicy and slightly dirty. It could appeal to those who like Obsession or Youth Dew.

Eau Dynamisante stays close to your skin throughout all its stages, and will not offend anyone in the room, but it will intrigue those close to you.

The bottle is beautiful, but simple. It reminds me of cherry soap in both its shape and the beautiful deep red colour.
17th June, 2008
Lovely, lovely cologne, surely my favourite to date. Much too fleeting, though, and what's more, to my nose it has changed, become less zesty and citrusy in the opening (I've been wearing it for 8 years). Wouldn't want to be without a bottle, but find myself not wearing it much because it simply is not there for more than 15 minutes! Perfect for carrying in your purse in summer, then, I suppose, and the products are all marvelous, just as great as the cologne, especially the shampoo, body oil and sachets. Just try the shampoo, if nothing else, if you're traveling or sporty.
06th May, 2008
Great little refresher, but it's just SO much more of a light eau de cologne than anything else. I had a friend who always spritzed this on during flights and afterwards -- she claimed it helped alleviate her jet lag. (I can see why, btw.)

That said, I wish Clarins would release it in a more concentrated form. As it stands, ED is good for light spritzing and amateur aromatherapy and little else, IMHO.
19th October, 2007
I picked up small bottles of this and the Eau Ressourcante in Duty Free while traveling on business and they seem to have lived in my handbag ever since.

This is a great clean, fresh, fairly simple citrus fragrance with a woody base that does indeed seem to help wake me up and keep me going.

It's also lovely in hot weather, when citrus perfumes are really put to the test. This one retains its poise: the woods stop the citrus from being over-sharp without adding any sweetness and the composition stays smelling 'natural' and never cloys.

It makes a great gift, especially for hard-to-buy for ladies, from business-like supermums to tomboy sisters-in-law!
05th July, 2007
A very pleasant every-day-scent, never offending anyone, yet quite unique and a really pleasure to wear. It is really beautiful and fresh, and wearing it really lifts your spirit! The bodylotion is possible to wear with other perfumes. This easy-to-wear-fragance will always be in my collection!
11th April, 2007
a nice fresh,light and clean edt.not less not more!take it after the shower or a bath,perfect in summer-well done.
11th November, 2006
This fragrance is the quintessential fresh scent. This one not only smells great but it does truly make you feel great. Superb for everyday. As a lover of citrus fragrances, this and L'eau d'Hadrien are my all time favourites.
11th May, 2006
This 'treatment fragrance' is refreshing. The patchouli base is slight - only enough to bind the citrus and herbs together. I've found it matures differently on me depending on the weather - sometimes the green essenses win out over the citrus and vice versa - but I've never found it offensive in any way. Very much a unisex product. * I've tried the shower gel and don't care for it much.
13th March, 2006
kewart Show all reviews
United Kingdom
I love to wear this uplifting fragrance at work. It seems to say "professional" and is a very clean, lemony/herbal eau de toilette. Working with children I have to be careful what I wear, as they don't hold back with the comments!!Thyis always gets a good reaction i.e. "you smell nice Miss!" A great pick-me-up.
09th February, 2006
This is an excellent fragrance, one of my favourite everyday scents. It's very inoffensive, but equally it's not bland. A true unisex fragrance which is neither sweet nor sickly like the ubiquitous ck one, this scent has a lovely, very natural smelling woody drydown, and a warm freshness to it. I'm not convinced about the firming claims on the bottle though!
24th January, 2006
What really makes this scent pop are its two uncommon notes: the rooty and earthy, slightly gingery essence of ginseng and the aromatic note of caraway. If it weren't for those, you'd have a very nice, mild herbal scent more than capable of standing on its own. But these two notes give it a lift; I think of them plus the lemon as the "dynamissante" part of the mix (which makes a lot of sense since ginseng is considered a natural energizer anyway.) There's a mild effervescence to the opening of the fragrance and then just a really pure, fresh drydown that is totally unique. There are some parallels to Shiseido Energizing but the Clarins isn't as powdery or woody at the base. I've mostly worn Eau Dynamissante in dry oil form through the years, dabbed just like a parfum at the pulse points. It's so nice and subtle and always gets attention and inquiries. A little known but really, really winning fragance/treatment/experience.
23rd September, 2005
One of my favorites for many years. I used to wear it all the time, but now that It has a lot of competition from other fragrances, not as much, but it's still in my wardrobe, which speaks for itself. I didn't keep a lot of my old loves after the bottle was done, but I did with this one. It's sort of in a class of its own - a fresh chypre designed as a healthy treatment fragrance, to energize, hydrate the skin, lift the spirits, which it does. You can't find many fragrances like that. I like the scent of this one better than Shiseido Energizing fragrance. It's a fresh, spicy, uplifting natural fragrance, somewhat chypre. Don't be fooled by it's classification as a treatment fragrance. It's a good stand-alone scent, one you can wear without worry when other people's noses are a concern - no perfumy, off, or synthetic notes, which cause many people grief. Be sure and try the lotion - it's better than the spray in some ways.
Fragrance notes: Ginger; Lemon; Cardamon; Orange; Caraway; Rosemary; Thyme; Zinzimber; Patchouli
10th June, 2005 (last edited: 06th December, 2013)