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Reviews of Eau Parfumée au Thé Vert Extrême by Bulgari

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Smells a lot like another unisex fragrance, Hermes' Un Jardin en Mediterranee. Both are very fresh and exude "greenness."

However, I find either one to be incompatible with winter weather; both are better suited for warmer weather. And both also have a bit too much floral in them to be considered solidly masculine.

19th March, 2017
The "extreme" in this is basically 2 things - methyl ionone (violet), and iso e (woodiness). The citrus topnotes are a tad more bitter/astringent, but the heart is essentially the same as the original The Vert. The drydown is where you'll notice the woody-violet. It's lovely, but not really necessary in the grand scheme of things. Now that The Bleu is available, with much more pronounced violet note, this becomes even more redundant.

Still - a wonderful scent, because the original is wonderful, so thumbs up.
26th September, 2016
I like tea scents and given the name "The Very Extreme", I was expecting a grassy tea fragrance, but all I get out of this is overwhelming cardamom, ginger and several unidentifiable spices. It also has a odd sort of soap background, probably to soften the spice and allow the tea to emerge, but it never gets there. Pretty disappointing for a house that does tea fairly well in some of their other fragrances.
11th August, 2015
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I am not familiar with the original edition of The Vert, which seems quite appreciated. All I know is that this Extreme version smells... this close to a nightmare, for me. I get a really little “tea” note out of this, but it’s entirely drowned in an unbearably plastic and harsh blend with coriander and cardamom above all, something citrusy, something synthetically greenish and a bunch of really pungent spices. And just other stuff I can’t recognize. This smells at the same time complex and really simple, harmonically screechy and completely disgraceful on skin. More than “notes”, it’s just olfactive noise, a weird and rough spicy-sweet-green-tea mess. I can’t explain why, maybe is just a subjective issue, but this really makes me physically sick. Tremendously bold and linear, and as if wasn’t enough, also tragically persistent. A proper “scrubber” for me.

08th May, 2015
I really like Eau Parfumée au Thé Vert and thought the Extreme would be even better. Not so for me - I don't care for the extra added "honey" note. I recommend the "regular" version, a lovely coriander-citrus-tea blend.

09th September, 2012
On first application this is incredibly sharp, dry & very, very green; and I love it!

The coriander, bergamot & pepper are seriously strong, but only for the first few minutes. Then it calms down considerably into a very fresh aromatic, slightly woody & surprisingly quite masculine scent.

I really do not detect any kind of floral heart in this. For me it pretty much goes straight from the opening blast to a gentle woody green tea.

Although I'm a big fan of Bvlgari fragrances, for some reason I wasn't expecting to like this as much as I do! This is a really excellent fragrance; perfect for the coming Australian Summer!

18th April, 2011
Fabulous! First impression is of citrus and green tea, then a big blast of honey - reminds me of the Perlier honey range. EDP lasts all day, and stays true: green and sparkling with a warm background. It's just knocked Narcisse Noir off its pedestal as my favourite perfume.
16th May, 2009
I wanted to like it, but the tea note was just too extreme for me.
21st February, 2009
My favourite outdoor scent! I once wore this scent when hiking through the hills with two friends, and I still am remembering that wonderful day. I would find the floral components a tad too feminine when wearing this to the office, but all in all, a very inoffensive scent.

The extra kick that the Extreme version has, is well worth it, in my opinion. I do get decent longevity out of this one, but expect the musky basenotes to stay very close to the skin.

And oh, it doubles as a room perfume when I wipe the floor and spritz some on the cleaner.
05th December, 2008

I’m a pushover for tea fragrances; I love almost the whole genre. Bulgari’s Te Vert is one of my favorites, But I can’t find the love for Extreme Te Vert. It is mostly beautifully done and and enjoyable, but on my skin it’s off. I do detect that latex note, and I don’t think that that is my problem. I would guess my problem is the cardamom, although I usually don’t have problems with that spice. Extreme Te Vert smells very good on paper, and it smells great on other people, but for me it has no love. That’s okay… I still have the regular version.

22nd November, 2008 (last edited: 04th December, 2010)
If truth be told, Bulgari's Extreme The Vert is one of my all time favorite perfumes. I remember when it first came out and thinking that **this is elegance**. Its light tea fragrance is beautifully tempered with a tiny hint of leather which makes it truly unisex and appealing to men. The bottle is stylish and has a hefty weight that connotes *expensive*. Last of all, it can often also be found at Marshall's and TJ Maxx at a very nice discount.

I've owned several bottles of Extreme The Vert over the years and adore it but for the fact that it just does not last! Argghh! Yes, even the Extreme version and yes, I have tried layering by simultaneously using the Extreme The Vert shower gel, shampoo, soap, etc... No luck. Extreme The Vert is kind of like one of those boyfriends that you love to pieces but he just doesn't love you back quite as much. Frustrating, to say the least.

Here are the notes, per The Perfumed Court: bergamot, bitter orange, orange blossom, Ceylon cardamom, pepper, coriander, Bulgarian rose, jasmine, green tea, and smoked wood.
19th June, 2008
This is not my favourite scent, but I admire it for being so friendly and sociable. Every time I wear it, men and women alike swoon before me in rapture! It is a very smart, fresh yet slightly odd daytime fragrance. The initial tea notes are delicious but I find my slightly oily skin makes the white flowers "blossom" very quickly. Perhaps one reason for its popularity is that it's a crisp, enlivening scent. In an era when a lot of women wear overpowering florals such as Poeme or weak, watery colognes such as CKOne, Eau Parfumee au The Verte Extreme smiles brightly and stands its ground!
16th April, 2007
I love tea notes but unfortunately this one is too soft for me... I asked today at a perfume store to taste the fragance on my skin and it disappeared after half an hour! Such a disapointment...
25th March, 2007
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I do like this scent, it's quite fresh and light. A nice alternative to the usual sweet fruity scents. I always receive compliments when I wear this, gives me the worse headache everytime I wear it! And I also agree with one of the reviewers that it has this odd latex smell to it -just a tiny hint of it, but it's definitely there.
03rd November, 2006
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United States
This is my everyday fragrance. I wear it to work. I find that if I hit all of my pulsepoints, this fragrance lasts all day and into the night. It is usually wearing off around 6pm, just in time to apply something different for the evening.

I really pick up the citrus in this when I wear it, and I can often smell the rose peeking out. On me it is very complex, not just a flat "green."
17th August, 2006
Very unique and more intense version of Au The Verte. I like the green tea note - and like it's afore mentioned predecesor, it reminds me of a day at the spa! FRESH! Classy too! I would love to sample this on my husband...
01st May, 2006
METROPOLITAN is the word, to best explicate this fragrance. Eventhough the description sounds 'POUR FEMME', it is equally as masculine as its Darjeeling tea notes. Green in the name emulates the color of the bottle, however, there is plenty to discern about this fragrance.
10th April, 2006
I've yet to find a Bvlgari scent I've cared at all for. This one is unisex but, I couldn't imagine this on a heterosexual male, it seems too feminine IMO. Like another reviewer said it has a green & sweet latex smell that just doesn't work for me.
03rd December, 2005
This is a very pleasant and soft green tea fragrance with subtle floral tones. I’ve heard a couple members say that this has an accord that smells similar to latex, and I must agree. I’d classify this as a summer fragrance, but I sometimes find it a bit too sweet for summer use, but it’s also too fresh to be worn during summer. It’s an odd one, but it is very pleasant.
21st September, 2005
It's a nice tropical scent, although it seems to be a bit more bitter than the non-Extreme version. A good summer scent, although the longevity is terrible...seems only to last about an hour before its completely gone.
01st September, 2005
lovely Fresh greeny floral scent.
04th August, 2005
A lovely,refreshing green tea scent that is softened by a touch of sweetness. I wish I didn't know that this was considered unisex because that sort of ruins it for me.
18th January, 2005
Smells a lot like another unisex fragrance, Hermes' Un Jardin en Mediterranee. Both are very fresh and exude "greenness." However, I find either one to be incompatible with winter weather. Both also have a bit too much floral to them to be considered in any way masculine; but either one is worth a try. ;>
03rd December, 2004
Eau de The Vert is a little too floral for me but I still like this scent and would wear it in the summer. It's is very refreshing, but a tad too sweet.
01st September, 2001