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Neutral Reviews of Eau de Cologne Impériale by Guerlain

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I'd really love this one IF IT ONLY WOULD LAST A BIT LONGER! ;-o Undeniably a classic, it showcases the verbena and neroli so nicely alongside the citrus elements, and the lavender is tastefully present to warm down the energy created by the opening notes. Requires constant refreshing for me, which may due to my bottle being old or my skin chemistry.
07th December, 2016
Of the Guerlain fragrances I own this is probably my least favorite. It is nice enough just nothing spectacular IMHO. Nice enough for spring / summer wear to the office. The scent is not offensive. Fleeting projection and longevity.
19th May, 2016
This is an exquisite lime-based eau de cologne housed in an exquisite bottle that fades depressingly quickly. I spray this on hard (12-15 times on skin and clothes) and the scent might last two hours. Because of the terrible longevity, I cannot recommend Eau de Cologne Imperiale over comparable (in price and style) scents that last longer or otherwise perform better. Said another way, Eau de Cologne Imperiale does not hold a candle to Eau de Guerlain, which can be obtained at the same price point, packaged in a similar bottle, and lasts 8-10 hours with 3-6 sprays. Nor can Imperiale compete well with Santa Maria Novella's Acqua di Sicilia, which is an EDC like Imperiale, but lasts hours longer.

After a few wearings, I think Imperiale's best use may be as a fragrance to layer with others. I've used it to brighten Smell Bent's Dark Green Citrus (a Frankensmellie) and Santa Maria Novella's Verbena (the combination smells quite a bit like Eau de Guerlain), and I've enjoyed these combinations better than I enjoy Imperiale by itself.
21st September, 2015 (last edited: 10th January, 2018)
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EDC Imperiale is a pleasant enough cologne that is pretty reminiscent of 4711, but not quite as astringent. The opening is sweet and sour citrus, much like a lemon lime soda with a hint of spice in the background. It was never meant to last very long or to have any significant sillage, but just as a refresher for the wearer. It's easily unisex, and pretty interesting IMO just from a historical standpoint, but it has such limited use when there are so many more better performing options that fit the bright, clean and refreshing category.
28th August, 2015
A good citrus cologne with lavender, woods, soapy notes and a slightly musky base, can't go any more classic than this – and you can't go wrong if classic is what you're looking for. Though, to me it's actually as much invigorating and elegant as ordinary and frankly not even that high quality, at least in the recent version (the infamous floor cleaner/car freshener feel). It may have been an iconic scent and perhaps it would be better to look for earlier bottles; today in my opinion it's just a tad above pleasantly mediocre.

04th October, 2014
Genre: Citrus

Impériale is the soprano voice in Guerlain’s eau de Cologne chorus. Its charmingly tart lime top note sets a high olfactory pitch, and the rest of its traditional citrus and herb arrangement keeps well to the right end of the keyboard. Impériale’s lime-centered citrus accord is far sharper and brighter than Eau de Guerlain’s lemon and verbena, bears few of the floral embellishments that distinguish Eau de Fleurs de Cédrat, and eschews the warmth of Eau de Cologne du Coq’s lavender and animalic musk. Doing without these weightier components lets Impériale soar unencumbered, but also deprives it of endurance and complexity. The voice is clear and luminous, but its range is narrow and its song is brief. It is the simplest of the Guerlain eaux and as befits its age, the most traditional in style and content. However, I also think that it’s the least individual in character, and hence the last of the collection I’d be tempted to acquire.
13th June, 2014
Wonderful, shiny, morning sunlight fragrance that, as someone noted before, will get you from the bathroom to your dresser where you can then apply the fragrance of the day. I wish I had kept the bottle when it was finished. What a wonderful rememberance - and yet...

I cannot see myself wearing it now. I am not that young man any more. Somewhere between this exhuberant innocent youth and the wakes-up-gritting-his-teeth, steel grip handshake, 70-hour work week corporate head that is Lauder for Men, I will find the right scent for me.
07th February, 2012
This is just BORING !!! It's supose to have some nerve/migraine calming propreties, but I can't feel any, and can't see how this plain citrus cologne can be anything else than dull.

There are far better citrus EDCs out there if you're interested, and at lower prices.

It might have a placebo effect on some, thinking it's Guerlain, and what it's purpose is supose te be... plus the bottle is very nice to look at...

The package might do the trick here...

However, I don't think it smells bad, just terribly boring. So... neutral rating.
16th April, 2010
Fairly straightforward and good for Guerlain collectors of those that like a bit of green in their cologne style fragrances. Doesn't last at all on me.
11th November, 2008
This is not a bad scent at all. It is cologne, so the most you are gonna get out of it is a good 15 minutes before it completely leaves your skin no matter how much you apply. The top notes are every single type of citrus possible: lemon, neroli, lemon verbena, orange and bergamot. And it is quite potent, unbroken splash of Vitamin C hitting your skin, to be sure. And then it very quickly moves to the basenotes, which are tonka bean, a very strong rosemary and a slight note of cedar. Lemon is ever-present though.

I must say, maybe it is the obnoxious modern fragrance consumer in me speaking, though it is in no way disappointing, it is so not ground-breaking. It will not shake you to the core, and 15 minutes is anyways to short to experience any type of strong sensation, especially with notes like these. But normally 15 minutes is long enough for a complete olfactory orgasm if the notes combined are genius, that is for sure. I suppose what makes me feel a little blase to the whole thing is the fact that this scent has the most regal and colossal name in the entire fragrance universe; 'Eau de Cologne Imperial'. That is pretty bold, and one does expect great drama, and challenge in a frag named like that. Stuff like Bulgarian roses, violets, amber notes of some sort: rare and natural ingredients that will make you feel 'regal'. None of those are here in this water-clear scent, in the most gorgeous bottle possible.

In no way I hate this fragrance, but I am a little underwhelmed. Not by its longevity, but its lack of bold character. That being said, if I were a woman, and could carry this gorgeous bottle in my purse anywhere I go to apply every 15 minutes, I most certainly would. By the way, no picture does the bottle any justice. It is perfection: so decadent and delicate looking, it is an ode to beauty. True work of art, but Guerlain always designs a chic bottle, even during the 19th Century!
10th August, 2008
Why BOTHER? You can get the same thing by Muelhens (or any number of companies) for far less. Furthermore, this stuff -- while pleasant and inoffensive enough -- has no stamina whatsoever. A waste of money. Nice enough scent, yes, in that middle-of-the-road, old fashioned, unisex toilet water kinda way, but it has no staying power and no "oomph." Nice bottle, though.
28th September, 2006
Drats, wish this one would last more than ten minutes on my skin. :( I bought it dirt cheap at a local Syms department store (I'd tested it at a Nordstrom months before). But even just for $30, I can't see myself recharging the fragrance every 10 minutes! Come on Guerlain, put some of that last-all-day stuff into it. >:-)
24th October, 2004