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Negative Reviews of Égoïste / L'Égoïste by Chanel

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What beautiful fragrance, it once was.

Now - nothing more than - a watered down version of what Egoiste is supposed to be.

Very, very disappointed in Chanel because of these 'tricks'.

For lovers, get yourself an older version on E-bay.
22nd December, 2016
Egoiste is an odd one. For me it goes through three distinct phases...

The first sharp spicy blast I don't like much (and seems disgusting to everyone I have asked to smell it), the second more woody spice phase is one I love and the third cheap nutty accord is one I hate. It's the third that kills it for me and makes it unwearable.

I'm in complete agreement with those online who say that Egoiste finishes up with a dry saliva smell on the skin. That's not a flattering trait in a fragrance. And one that you will have a tough job hiding if you can't hit a hot shower within a few hours of applying.

It's definitely a cooler weather fragrance, and even then should be applied sparingly. I've found that it cannot be applied discreetly, as it fills the room when applying. The comments from others who have smelled it being applied are unanimously negative.

I still have a bottle that I try every so often when I am not going anywhere, because I do love the second phase of Egoiste. It does seem to work better on clothes than skin according to a lot of people and I would tend to agree there.
18th June, 2016
smell vintage version and easy to say one of the most disgusting cologne I've ever smelt!
03rd December, 2012
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One of the few scents I have had to wash off. I was drawn to it by the name, disliked the first whiff, sprayed myself with trepidation, waited a half hour, smelled again, gave up, Very disappointing.
20th May, 2012
chet31 Show all reviews
United States
Pleasant enough going on, but for me, dries to a sour spicy base note. I will give it credit for differentiating itself among the multitudes of department store fragrances but doesn't work for me.
29th April, 2011
If you want to smell like a 60 year old woman this is your scent . I have noticed a similar scent from many older women.
Disgusting fragrance, I don't find it any manly, the rose note is overdosing and it is what turns this fragrance into a woman smell.
22nd January, 2011
Smells like rotten fruit. Reminds me of various home made fruit juice (or "squash" as we used to call it) from my childhood in the East. Not something I want on my body!
18th December, 2010
I bought this when it first came out and I could not get past the strong coriander smell. I love coriander in food, but in this fragrance it is overdone.
24th April, 2010
All I get out of this fragrance is a spicy woody smell that does not go away, followed by a migraine. The first time I wore it, I got past the long opening and really did enjoy the vanilla drydown, but I tried wearing it a few following times and had to change/ wash off.

11th January, 2010
Bug spray, cat pee, you name it...
This is truly the worst cologne I've ever smelt. It's one of those scents that you think to yourself: "this fragrance must have gone bad - no way that's
how it's suppose to smell." It's not about it being sweet or syrup-y, it just smells bad. I know for sure it's not my skin chemistry, because it's smells the same way from the spritzer. I hate it so much.

11th October, 2009
hcr Show all reviews
United States
Is it the rose that I can't stand? Not sure, but this smells like my mom's perfume cabinet. "old" was actually the first thing that came to mind, sure I've smelled something like this, probably a long time ago. Couldn't stand the smell on me though, and wouldn't even want to wear it just around the house either. Wanted to like it, but the sampler will be going to the fragrance graveyard.....
26th August, 2009
There is just something not quite right with Egoiste but I don't care for any of the Chanel mens line.
13th August, 2009
Very strange fragrance. Truly a question of personal taste; You either love it or can't stand it. I had a manager at work that wore this and needless to say, I avoided him like the plague. I tried it on my own skin and it still smelled like Christmas potpourri (albeit expensive, designer potpourri). I usually love vanilla, but not the way it's used in this scent. I much prefer John Varvatos, which is so much more appealing and easy to wear. Due to its unique character and strong nature you will find some who swear by this fragrance and absolutely love it. I, for one, really do not enjoy smelling this at all and find Chanel Platinum far superior in every way. Egoiste is too sweet and
funky smelling - definitely not for me!
24th May, 2009
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Bigsly Show all reviews
United States
I think the problem I had with this one is that by the time I sampled it I had already come to enjoy fragrances like Michael for Men (Kors) and Trussardi Python (the "women's), and by comparison Egoiste is crude and has an un-natural quality. I really don't find anything appealing about it, though I often like something about a fragrance I don't enjoy enough to buy. I wonder if this is related to the fact that it dates back to 1990, when a lot of fragrances had these unappealing qualities, from what I've experienced. This is a must sample first fragrance. To be fair to other fragrances I've reviewed, I must give this one a negative. I can certainly understand why some feel that this has a "bugspray" or "medicinal" quality, though for me it is the crude and un-natural elements that doom it. If you feel the same way, I suggest trying Burberry London for men, for example, but it depends upon which notes you want to predominate.
28th April, 2009 (last edited: 27th May, 2009)
Overpoweringly sweet and syrupy. I regularly wear women's scents, including Chanel scents, but find this too feminine. I bought a sample and thought the fragrance had been replaced with a cheap knock-off...then I smelled some at the department store and realized that what I had was genuine.
30th March, 2009
JonB Show all reviews
United States
Bug spray, honey, cinnamon. Very sweet. Very strong with strong sillage. Too cloyingly sweet for a masculine in my opinion. It needs at least one masculine aspect to it (and the effect of bug spray is unfortunate as well).
09th November, 2008
This is probably the most feminine smell of a masculine fragrance. When I first tried this, I was actually sure that there was also a feminine version of Egoiste and that I must have taken that bottle by mistake. It had to be, this couldn't have been a masculine scent. When I realized this was actually a men fragrance, I tried to figure out what the people from Chanel were thinking when they came up with this scent, but I couldn't...
24th July, 2008
Stu Show all reviews
United States
I've never cared for Egoiste since its inception in 1990. It has an unusual smell to it that to this day I find medicinal and reminds me of something called Robutussin cough syrup. I would never wear this or recommend it to anyone else but do understand that everyone is different and feels differently about fragrance. Whatever floats your boat.
14th April, 2008 (last edited: 13th May, 2008)
Kaleem Show all reviews
United States
This is truly the worst scent I have ever bought. Its so damn SWEET!!!. My wife says it smells like "OFF" bug spray and I tend to agree.

Awful, horrible and disgusting come to mind when I smell this.

Why are there so many positive reviews here?!?!

Is something wrong with me and my wife or did we get a bad bottle? Its EDT BTW.
22nd December, 2007
Once again with Chanel men's line, I'm disappointed...

All I get in this one is a sweet rose-coriander accord. I was really expecting something more.

They could make this better by INCREASING the dosages of jasmine, carnation, neroli, clove, cinnamon, ambrette seed and moss, and DECREASING the dosages of rose, vanilla, coriander and tangerine.

Its too sweet and too christmas-y!

Not impressed!
11th June, 2007
Now then, have you ever heard the saying 'if it ain't broke don't fix it?' Glad they brought out the 'Platinum' version of this. It's like sherry and Christmas cake. A winter smell full of spice and candied dried fruits, it's Oriental in too sweet a way for a man.
24th February, 2007
I just wish it had stayed a limited edition. Egoiste has a very medicinal smell to it that I find unpleasant. I'll pass thanks.
09th December, 2002