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Neutral Reviews of Égoïste / L'Égoïste by Chanel

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A nice fragrance, but it seems somehow restrained, cut off. Not sure if this is the fault of a reformulation (my bottle is from 2017, so, very recent) or if this is just what Égoiste was always like. I kind of like it, but this fragrance could be so pungent, clear, piercing. My bottle is none of these, which makes it "safe", but also boring.
12th December, 2017 (last edited: 30th January, 2018)
Genre: Woody Oriental

I have an odd relationship with the scents Chanel markets to men. I can appreciate Antaeus, Pour Monsieur, and Égoïste, but not love them. I’d much sooner wear Cuir de Russie, Cristalle, Eau des Îles, Bel Respiro, Sycomore, or No. 19. (I won’t stoop to consider such obviously cynical concessions to mass appeal as Platinum Égoïste and the Allure Homme clan.) When composing for men, this house often adopts a tightly reigned-in style that aims for dignity, but arrives instead at a kind of over-starched propriety. Even the comparatively flamboyant Antaeus leaves me with a mild sense of ennui.

Égoïste is a very pleasant, well-constructed oriental scent with that maintains a gratifying balance between stewed fruit and warm spices before drying down to a suave accord of sandalwood, amber, and vanilla, but I never find myself compelled to reach for it. In a fragrance of this weight and style, I prefer a touch of strangeness or an animalic twist, whereas Égoïste evolves properly and predictably over its course. A matter of personal taste, I admit, but I remain uncompelled.
13th June, 2014
Candied fruit floating on top of dry sandalwood.

A little too candied for my taste - I place it as the scent of an unwashed person just before he or she begins to stink - just on the verge of cloying, never quite going over the edge, just teetering there.

I did not find it either remarkable, or memorable, except in the above negative comparison.

I can see why Luca Turin thought this resembled a Guerlain creation more than other Chanels. There is a resemblance to the base of their men's scents.

Not for me.
09th January, 2014
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Just an OK scent. It doesn't evoke any deeper feelings in me. An unremarkable scent.
29th March, 2011
Égoïste opens up with nice oriental fruit and spicy notes. It dries down after an hour or so to a nice balance of sandalwood and vanilla notes with a tinge of amber. I get more vanilla than anything and wish the sandalwood notes were more pronounced.

This really reminds me of L'Occitane's Eau De Bavx, which I prefer much more. I do like the Égoïste, but it has too much overlap with what I have now, and for the price I prefer what L'occitane has to offer.
21st March, 2011
This was the first of its ilk that I had encountered, and I was pretty blown away. Very sweet, slightly creamy wood with a bit of something like horehound or sarsaparilla. It strangely reminds me of bubble gum rather than root beer, but it's only got a little bit in there and it mostly goes away. Now, smelling it again, it makes me think of wintergreen too much...I don't remember this from before, but it may be because my decant is losing solvent and the juice is now more concentrated. Later, when I discovered Trumper's Sandalwood, that seemed like the logical replacement because the Trumper's doesn't have the sharp edges that I gradually discovered with Egoiste. It's still good, but I'm not sure I'll replace my dying decant. I might even argue that AOS Sandalwood would fit the bill as well, even though the smell isn't actually that close. (Or the cheapo Coty Wild Spice, but don't tell anyone!) I admittedly enjoy having it on me, though.
20th January, 2011
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United States
For some reason Chanel refuses to distribute Égoïste to department stores here in the Northeast. It's a shame, because I would have tried it sooner. Luckily I happened across it in a duty free shop. Égoïste's discreet citrus and rose-imbued top darkens within fifteen minutes, entering a lush middle phase of stewed autumnal fruits - hints of plum, apple, and cranberry, although all abstracted in typical Chanel fashion, very fuzzy and nice. There's a touch of cinnamon, and then I'm inhaling the plushest sandalwood since Creed's Green Irish Tweed. That's what Égoïste has going for it. Unfortunately, it's not quite enough.

If Chanel were to rally their marketing team around a masculine fragrance with legs - i.e. something that actually moves its wearer instead of just complimenting his own movement, they'd reenter the competitive contemporary perfume world and conquer it. They're that capable. Égoïste is disappointing because it's a ghost, a money-scraper from a bygone era that holds its own in a crowd, but doesn't stand apart. It ought to be discontinued and replaced with something that wears ragged biker's leather instead of a three-piece suit.
20th January, 2011
aromatic,spicy-classified as woody-spicy.
very intense,powerful ,loud and overwhlming scent.
i dislike the intense smell of coriander,amber and cinnamon.
it reminds me of these oriental scents, as obsession by calvin klein, opium by yves saint laurent.
14th January, 2011
The opening is a tasteful and minimalist but rather demure interlacing of very subtle, powdery rose and coriander, with a delicate woodiness in the background. This is in fact the fragrance itself in a nutshell. I do get the tangerine at the opening, but it is nestled far in the recesses and disappears with the onset of the fragrance's middle trajectory. The sandalwood comes in rather early and sits like a scented oriental fan atop the vanilla linen lining the table on which the composition stands, rather like a crystalline vase holding a single rose, a rose whose stem is immersed in a very pale ruby-colored water that flickers with light as one moves about it. Is this fragrance sexy? Not nearly as sexy as say, Caron's Third Man, to which it seems to me like a spectral cousin. The fragrances have a faint structural similarity. The delicate, isolated rose which makes the centerpiece of Egoiste can be detected amid the shadowy pool of purples, deep blues and scarlet florals that makes up the heart of Third Man; and the sandalwood and vanilla base of Egoiste finds a seductive and complex counterpart in the musk, cedarwood, patchouli and vanilla depths of Third Man. This comparison might seem a bit of a stretch to some familiar with both fragrances, but I can't help but mark the recollection of Third Man each time I rub a bit of Egoiste into the back of my hand; rather, Egoiste seems to me like a pale memory of the passion of Third Man. A rogue lover in mourning, almost. I prefer to take on the vital spirit of the rogue himself.
25th July, 2010
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United States
Egoiste was not much better than I expected it to be or was it worse. With the exception of Pour Monsieur and Eau de Cologne, most Chanel scents for men have disappointed me thus far. Egoiste was no different although superior to Platinum Egoiste, which is a different story altogether. There is very little progression in Egoiste--it is a sweet fruity accord flanked by spices and some sandalwood. Not great at all.
11th December, 2009
Oops in my original bugspray review I switched this with the awful Platinum. The original Égoïste is alright, I used to pinch some off my father but it never made me crave a bottle for myself. I remember a very clear, friendly almost elusive scent. Got released at the right time and became something of the default male fragrance before Le Mâle got on the scene.
16th February, 2009 (last edited: 05th September, 2009)
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United States
Old world, romantic, utterly distinctive, noble, and morose. It's the damask, methinks... powered, dangerous, and seductive, but too grave and refined to do anything but stand there being sumptuously clad in maroon silk. Smelling Egoiste makes me think of Chopin's Db nocturne.
17th December, 2008
neither bad nor excellent nor original
over-rated for sure
i would rather say it's inoffensive
a discreet masculine fragrance fresh and not too sweet
08th January, 2008 (last edited: 13th July, 2009)
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Egoiste is a definite classic and will have its fans no matter what. Unfortunately, I'm not one of them. Antaeus and Pour Monsieur are in my top ten favorites of all time, so I REALLY wanted to like this one. I love sandalwood, I love tangerine, but the vanilla just makes it too sweet for me.

I wish I could have tried the original limited release Bois Noir, because perhaps it would have had a little of the kick and less of the cloying element than Egoiste.

Nevertheless, it is still worth a try to any fragrance fan just to see what all the fuss is about. But, for my money, I'll stick to Antaeus and PM.
22nd November, 2007
Back in 1990, I am sure this must have been awesome. Not so much today. It is in the vein of Aramis Life to my nose, plus the mandatory 'old man' scent that was popular in that eera. I don't if it is just my nose or what, but everything from the '70s on down to the early '90s all have the same generic toilette soap at the old country club scent. Even the supposed classic powerhouse polo'Green' and others.
All that said this is not bad. Probably considered cutting edge. But I can only recommend it if you are at least 43 years old.
19th June, 2007
Long lasting power, great presence, discreet floral notes- that is, before the Oriental burst in the end, still something missing... I think Antaeus has that certain extra, more originality, more complexity, a more mysteriously extravagant note, but egoiste, for the fans of Chanel and the classic style, is surely a good and no-nosense investement, tough not universally and daily wearable, having that sort of french-made panache more fitting the opulent and highly elaborate salon rather than casual outdoor sporty or recreative activites.
21st April, 2007
This is a particular kind of scent, and I don't mean the broad category but rather the actual mix of notes, that I just don't find appealing at all. So I'm going neutral on it, although I no longer own it and would not personally wear it at any time.
21st February, 2007
I agree with phibess here, the comment about how cloying it is, it being so sweet. I think it's the vanilla. I laughed reading the 'have to wash it off....headache and nausea' because that happened to me too!

And how did I happen to have it? I'd gotten the Platinum and loved it and lost it on a trip and bought another bottle immediately ... I was so confused ... what was this? I couldn't wear it and couldn't understand what was wrong. But what I'd gone home with wasn't ÉP but just É. At the time I didn't even know there were two different fragrances. It was over a YEAR before I figured it out.
07th January, 2007
I wanted so much to like Egoiste, I really did. Seeing how I read the numerous rants about the merits of this perfume, I got a decant. It's definitely not bad. And it surely does ooze class. It just doesn't click with me though. I think it's the rose, I get a feeling this stuff comes off a little feminine. Althought that isn't neccessarily bad, I just don't detect the spices as much as I would like because of the dominating rose. Alas, there's still BdP.
19th December, 2006
After reading all these rave reviews I though I had to try this one and since they didn't have a tester in the store I bought a 50ml bottle of Egoiste blindly. Def. a quality frag however, it's so cloyingly sweet on me I have to wash it off after 2 hours as it gives me headache and nausea. I wish it had another note/accord in it (citrus, tobacco..) that would offset its overall sweetness. It's just toooo sweet and now it's on my swap list..
03rd September, 2006
I agree with the medicinal quality in this one. I also smell some tea element in this, keeps on reminding me of stale iced tea, and sometimes even Tea For Two from a strange smoky character. It is a good fragrance but certainly not the best sweet orientals out there, definitely test first.
26th January, 2006
Egoiste is a strange scent. I wanted very badly to like it when I got a bottle on Ebay, knowing it was expensive and exclusive. I was let down. Many people say it has a medicinal, cough syrup type smell. To me it had a predominant "tangy" scent, most likely from the tangerine note. Its not awful and it is definately unique, but certainly not worth the high price. Egoiste Platinum is far superior. It makes me wonder why Chanel chose to keep the EGOISTE label on Platinum. The two scents arent even in the same ballpark.
20th December, 2003 (last edited: 31st December, 2003)