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Egoïste is a deeply burgundy-red scent: stewed plums with a dusting of spice, a pane of medieval garnet stained glass, polished macassar ebony. Definitely one for a man or a woman. I prefer this to Bois des Iles, which is a lighter cola.
13th April, 2017
A classic. Cinnamon, wood and a bit of smoke. Very crisp and long lasting. Not complex, but it works. As I am over gourmands (I don't want to wear food anymore, sorry A-Men flankers), I am grateful that Egoiste's cinnamon and vanilla do not overtake the fragrance and let it remain cologne, as opposed to a confection. My wife is stingy with compliments in regard to fragrances. I own too many for her to take notice anymore. But, she mentions her approval when I take Egoiste out for a spin. It's in my top ten of all time fragrances. I have had it for years and hope Chanel never tampers with it. Indeed, Egoiste was my first Chanel fragrance and one of the fragrances that began a life-long love of perfume.
01st January, 2017
I have a 10ml bottle of the cologne, and boy is it ever fantastic, an herbal-y oriental with a punch of citrus up front and a creamy mix of sandalwood and vanilla at the back. In between, the dance of dusty rose, abstract herbs, pencil shavings, and cinnamon is assertive enough to keep you enveloped in scent for most of the day without getting you banished from the office or elevator.

I’m not being disingenuous when I call Egoiste one of the world’s great masculines (after all, it’s been marketed exclusively to men), but women who overlook it because of that are missing out on what is also one of the world’s great perfumes, period.
25th November, 2016 (last edited: 02nd December, 2016)
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Benchmark slightly spicy, slightly sweet-fizzy, slightly creamy sandalwood, everything coming together to form a roughly oriental masculine.

In fact, I don't find it that masculine, and after my sample wearing I'm in two minds: but these are buy / not buy, rather than good / bad. Egoiste provides the usual Chanel sense of high quality and the trail is gorgeous. An up-close sniff of myself, not quite so much.

A definite thumbs up.
14th November, 2016
A spicy dark woody creamy masculine scent.

This opens up very spicy with some rose which can be off putting for some. as it dries down the vanilla/ sandalwood and cinnamon combination kicks in. Smells like dark creamy woods and almost gets into the gourmand territory in the late drydown. Sandalwood with vanilla cream and cinnamon on top of that. its that stage that i love and wait for each time.
Performance is excellent: 9/10

overall score: 8.5/10
10th November, 2016
Stardate 20161110:

Warm, spices and Sandalwood. A nice unisex fragrance. Perfect for fall and winter.
It has not been ruined by reformulation. In the current form, Egoiste is the best (male marketed)fragrance from Chanel. In vintage form it would be Antaeus.

Longevity is decent - a whole workday.
10th November, 2016
My husband came to me the other day and told me that he’d seen Burberry Touch for Men for €20 at a local pharmacy and was thinking of getting it. I held my hand up in the universal sign language of “Lemme Stop You There”, remembering the last time he bought perfume on his own (Dior Sauvage, oh the horror, the HORROR), and glumly handed him over a big bottle of Egoiste. “You wear men’s perfumes?” he asked me, confused.

Yes, husband. Yes, I do. When perfumes are as good as Egoiste, women will purloin them and claim them as their own. He doesn’t even know about my Dior Homme Intense habit yet.

Anyway, the great thing about my act of supreme generosity is that Egoiste now lives in our downstairs loo, where it gets splashed on with gay abandon onto the husband, me (whenever I go in there), and my two children upon whom I use it as a body spray. The very act of bringing it out into the light has meant that we are all currently luxuriating in the fabulousity of Egoiste.

Egoiste opens with a tight little nubbin of spice, its mandarin orange oil, cinnamon, rose, and lemon notes swirling together to form an effervescent coca-cola accord that never fails to lift the spirits. Sometimes the rose becomes very big, sometimes I barely notice it, as I think it knits itself into the smooth rosewood and tobacco very cleverly.

The new version is definitely weaker and thinner than how I remember it smelling in the late 1990’s, when I recall it being a big hit with several boyfriends. To my nose, the tobacco has been amped up, and it is the crumbling, dusty sort that can smell a little like earth and dried leaves – similar to the tobacco note in Journey Man.

Thank God, though, that the sandalwood in the drydown is still the rich, sweet, spicy gingerbread sandalwood that I love so much in Bois des Iles and Mona di Orio Vanille. Before I moved from Montenegro to Ireland last summer, I sent all my perfumes on ahead of me (strapped to donkeys, over the Alps), and I found I missed my sandalwoods the most. My Egoiste is therefore a bottle I bought in Montenegro a week before I left, procured solely to give me comfort during that tumultuous time of my life, and I clung to it despite the sweltering 40 degree heat. Of course, reunited with my perfumes back in Ireland, I kind of forgot about Egoiste. Until now.

Longevity is ok – about 4 hours and definitely not as strong or as rich as the older versions. It’s perfect for men AND WOMEN who love big, spicy woods perfumes with a coca cola twang and a creamy drydown. For me, it’s pure cold weather comfort in a bottle.
28th October, 2016
Oooh I love this! It's the perfect sweet but not too sweet, spicy, woody fragrance with just a hint of masculinity that I was craving from all the feminine woody orientals I've tried and written off.

I love that it manages to do warm and sweet without becoming too gourmand and overbearing, which Tom Ford's Black Orchid and Victor & Rolf's Spice Bomb were for me. With those fragrances, I was intrigued and excited for the first two hours of wear, but after that they became way too edible and unremittingly sweet for me; I became desperate for a very stiff gin and tonic, a bite of a fresh lime, bacon, a campfire, anything to relieve me of that syrupy sweetness.

Not so much with Egoiste, its sweetness is beautifully balanced and so, so sophisticated. It's so incredibly Chanel. I kept putting my nose to my forearm and inhaling deeply, aaaahhhh, bliss! I'd want to bath in this stuff it's so scrumptious.

I now have a sample, and have only managed to hold of from buying a bottle because I'm waiting for a sample of Bois des Iles, which, according to the reviewers here, should be even better. I can hardly imagine it.
02nd September, 2016
Égoïste is an interesting fragrance. It is overall cozy and almost food-like at times, but that's just one aspect. There's that strange smell of a recently dry-cleaned wool suit as well, which is not necessarily pleasant but blends oddly well with the bready notes. I always appreciate fragrances that don't smell like a thousand others and keep me sniffing my wrist.
19th July, 2016
This is a beautifully balanced fragrance, with one of the best sandalwood drydowns I've ever smelled. Egoiste is elegant and well-mannered, but not stuffy - it is warm, intriguing, inviting and self-assured: it knows who it is, and is effortlessly itself.

Egoiste is frequently compared to another Chanel masterpiece, Bois des Iles. I recognize the family resemblance, but they are not replicants. Each is gorgeous in its own way, with Bois des Iles being the more floral of the two. On my skin, Egoiste has greater longevity and sillage than Bois des Iles.
30th April, 2016
This stuff is great. It's complex and balanced, an interesting mix that's great left alone but fun to pick apart and study.

So what does it smell like? It's got that mix of cloves and cinnamon that reminds me of Christmas potpourri, but balanced by a buttery smell. There's sawdusty sandalwood and the whole thing is given a vaguely foody undertone by a mix of roses, berries, and patchouli. There's also a rubbery, gasoline-tinged hot car smell in there, as well as some pie spices that come in later.

It all comes together to smell warm and spicy and buttery, but also woody and a bit rubbery. It's sort of foody, but never gourmand or edible. There are echos of a classic rose/sandalwood/patchouli attar, but the best way I can describe this is a mix of Spicebomb, Portrait Of A Lady, and Mure Et Musk Extreme all perfectly combined and drenched in buttery sandalwood. All the contradictory elements shouldn't work together, but they completely do, and it's great.

My one caveat is that Egoiste fanatics should make a point of checking out Chanel's Bois Des Ils, especially the extrait, if you can get your hands on it, which is the same basic ingredients combined with Chanel's legendary hyper-luxurious vanilla musk sandalwood base, which takes the whole Egoiste experience and ups the luxury factor tenfold.
28th April, 2016 (last edited: 18th July, 2016)
What can you say - this is the classic, the Cadillac, the Prime Rib. I wear this when I wear a suit - it just feels natural. Great masculine scent that I believe is timeless.
22nd April, 2016
A superb composition of tangerine, cinammon and rosewood. Smells deep and juicy, almost delicious. A warm and comforting fragrance I really enjoy wearing, especially during the colder seasons.
13th December, 2015
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I absolutely adore this scent and think it is the best of all Chanel commercial scents.

It is a smooth operator and it fits me both day and night and I would even wear it during summer. It melts into my skin and it is not longer like wearing a perfume it just turns into how I smell. Warm, soft and smooth. Unisex for sure!
02nd December, 2015
Egoiste is one of my favorites: a sweet, fruity, woody oriental. The original release and current release are both thumbs up for me. Egoiste has held up well.

Compared to Fahrenheit from a couple years earlier, a co-favorite, I think the mossy Fahrenheit was even more brilliant in the initial release. Since the restrictions on moss, Egoiste has overtaken Fahrenheit as my preference among perfumes from this decade.
19th November, 2015 (last edited: 02nd April, 2016)
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United States
This has strong similarities to Jacques Polge’s Tiffany for men (1989), removing the nutmeg and replacing the cardamom with coriander, the ylang with rose and the tonka and amber with vanilla. Égoïste, which started life as the wonderful, tobacco-rich Bois Noir, is a dense, warm oriental that is self-aware, self-confident and very distinguished. Aptly named, Polge’s wonderful Égoïste was never a hit in the U.S. and paved the way for the much more mainstream (and, to me, boring) platinum flanker. Europe, however, loved Égoïste and I well remember smelling it in the 90s on well-dressed men in London and Paris. I have a friend in London who always had a bottle of this in his guest lavatory on the landing. Whenever he had a party, as the evening wore on, the room would smell of the rich heady scent of Égoïste, as men went to the loo and inevitably came out smelling better than they did going in, thanks to Égoïste. Possibly the last great masculine from Chanel.
18th November, 2015 (last edited: 23rd January, 2016)
Very spicy. Strong for a while, then becomes a skin scent. Very very spicy.
16th October, 2015
Thumbs up for longevity and sillage.
Perfect office perfume: sprayed in the morning and I can feel it on me after 5 hours (this doesn't happen with many other frags incl. many recognised longevity/sillage champions). The opening is a bit of harsh/poisonous for me, but after a could of minutes great sweet (mostly) and spicy scent is developed and stays for a long time.
It's not so young, however - but so am I.
Great frag to approach you're 50's...
24th September, 2015 (last edited: 26th September, 2015)
Tested from a 2ml sample yesterday and today.
Lovely fresh spicy, cinnamon and I thought powdered dry ginger too. At any rate the first impression is like opening the door of a sweet spice cupboard.
The last time I wore this was in the early ninetees. I can say I recognised it certainly, but also felt it's not the same, slightly less full and heavy. But still lovely.
After the first spicy blast, the intoxication starts: suddenly rose, fleetingly appearing adding romance then vanishing again and again. And fresh tobacco and a bit of vanilla adding sensuousness.
It's masculine, luxurient, decadent and lazy-slow sexy. I often say about sweeter, spicier, warmer scents that I find them irresistible but I'd prefer to smell them on someone else. Not this one. This one's for me. It has a sort of soporific, sensuous effect. I wouldn't wear this for the office! For me it's about (I imagine....) lounging luxuriently in the bedroom with a bottle of wine, decadently too early in the day.
Sillage and longevity just moderate for me, but that's fine for this kind of scent.
Did I like it enough to buy? Within an hour of first spray yesterday I'd been online and ordered a 100ml bottle. :)
August 2015
16th August, 2015

EGOISTE is a nice companion to a professional life-style year round and shines best on the confident,classic men.A class act in a bottle.Fresh yet spicy.In other words Sophisticated,Magnetic, Timeless,Romantic,Masculine and Classy.

The woody base is perfectly complemented by Spicy top notes and rich heart and these making my favorite male fragrance by CHANEL a ideal fragrance for an evening out when you simply want to be your best.

In my opinion this CHANEL EDT is for the discriminating gentleman or a men with undoubted sophistication and maturity.It is really a noticeable scent and perfect for SPECIAL/INTIMATE occasions. HIGHLY recommend and you won't regret.


Longevity?Superb on my skin.

13th June, 2015
My all time favourite... A smooth melange of spices, woods and dusky rose with a sprinkle of sparkly aldehydes. Like chai and champagne...
14th May, 2015
Egoiste by Chanel is slowly grown to become one of my favorite Chanel fragrances. When I first tried Egoiste the spices and florals in the opening were quite strong and I judged the fragrance from inexperience and so I really didn't give the richness of the scent a chance to develop. After much reading and exploring I came back to Egoiste during a search for a masculine rose scent. I found I was completely wrong about this fragrance and to be fair, I was somewhat confused by the Platinum Egoiste flanker, (if one could label Platinum as a flanker.). Egoiste is a warm oriental, with a rose dominant heart that has just enough spice lingering from the heavier opening to make the rich rose scent tilt towards masculine. A sandalwood and vanilla base adds to the softness as well and gives the dry down a powdery effect, almost trademark of Chanel scents. Average sillage, but excellent longevity.

I've come the conclusion that Egoiste didn't fit the mass American market tastes, and thus Platinum Egoiste was developed, which is sweeter, warmer and less floral. In fact, most U.S. retailers don't even carry Egoiste, so thus my conclusion. I prefer Egoiste over Platinum, but both are excellent fragrances and represent Chanel's refined quality.

I'm changing my opinion and give Egoiste a Thumbs Up.
13th May, 2015 (last edited: 16th September, 2015)
Egoiste has a pungent, acidic opening but softens into a pleasant intersection of woody, spicy, musky, and sweet notes. Rosewood, cinnamon, vanilla, and musk (probably synthetic) are all detectable, though the note list is more extensive.

It strikes me as androgynous as the same manner as Dior Homme Intense (which I tried yesterday for the first time in a while) in that's reminiscent of makeup/cosmetics counter smell, though I can't particularly place notes that make this the case. It's more of a cold weather scent, though much like Dior Homme Intense, it probably has all-year and day/night application. Versatility would be a key selling point for this, even though it aims for seduction more than the board room, perhaps.

Projection and longevity are both about average for an EDT, as it lingers more than a foot away but has already faded significantly within the first few hours of wearing.

I'm not overwhelmed by it and that it leans a little feminine makes it somewhat less appealing. Just not the unisex I'm going for, but a stimulating scent worth trying, for sure.

7 out of 10
24th February, 2015 (last edited: 27th February, 2015)
Vintage vs reformulated:

Vintage Egoiste (not Bois Noir though) is a very dark and spicy fragrance.I can definitely call this oriental. The main notes are sandalwood, cinnamon, vanilla, rose, rosewood, tobacco and leather. It's rather unisex but there are prominent masculine notes like leather and tobacco (at least on my skin). It's a real powerhouse so max 3 sprays are appropriate.

It was reformulated around 2011 and the newer version has some rubbery accents. Compared to the vintage it's kind of flat, obviously not so powerful and much milder. It can be easily used by women - it's a true unisex in my eyes.

I haven't sniffed the juice from the new shape of bottles though.
16th September, 2014
I had a weird experience: I tried Guerlain Mouchoir de Monsieur in the morning. I wasn't crazy about it. Then in the afternoon, I tried Egoiste, which I like so much that I have a current bottle and a vintage bottle from eBay. I kept getting Rose-vanilla wafts of MdM all afternoon. I finally figured out that it was the Egoiste. Guerlainade and Egoiste are pretty similar! Apart from that chance combination, I don't think I ever would have made the connection.

Coming back to trusty Basenotes, I see that JackTwist says the same thing, and he cites Luca Turin as also agreeing. So if you're curious about discontinued Guerlains, you can find out something about them by trying Egoiste.

I personally like Egoiste much better. I think it's more modern, while still being restrained and elegant.

Update 3/17: Comparing the current edition with a vintage one. They're still very much alike, however I find the current version to be lighter and drier than the older one, and the older one is warmer and slightly mossier. Unless I try them side by side I don't miss the qualities of the older version. Still a perennial favorite.
01st July, 2014 (last edited: 23rd March, 2017)
Jacques Polge's proudest achievement.

Chanel Égoïste is a fragrance that is really special, it really doesn't smell anything like 80-90% of male designer fragrances out there. I believe that if this were released today it would be considered niche, and cost perhaps up to twice as much as what it does. I would go as far as to say that this is a masterpiece of male perfumery, probably the most confidant, mature and elegant masculine release of the last generation, and one of the greatest perfumes for men of any time, whether considered niche or designer.

Égoïste is the embodiment of a confidant, masculine, spicy oriental, and Chanel perfumer Jacques Polge (who has done every Chanel perfume since 1981) has called this his proudest work. I can see why. This fragrance doesn't remind you of anything else advertised for men out there. It's the complete opposite of the generic, sterile-clean aquatic releases which have almost saturated the designer market today. It is rich, deep, elegant, strong, confidant. It makes a statement of quiet confidence and assured masculinity. It's really for the man who is strong and assured yet who is loved by all. The strong man with a kind personality, I would call it.

The story goes that this was a fragrance meant for the Chanel CEO at the time, as a private scent for him. Later, they released it to the public. It didn't sell, because the majority of people like to buy fragrances which remind them of other fragrances (just look at the aquatic craze of the last 20 years). Chanel Égoïste smelt nothing like anything else at the time. Nevertheless it survived, and even today still has the same effect.

Jacques Polge based the composition on Chanel's "Bois des Iles", a heavy sandalwood-based fragrance released 5 years after the famous No. 5. Égoïste is also centred around creamy sandalwood, which is surrounded by spices: Cloves, Cinnamon, Coriander. It also has a beautiful rosewood note which is joined by real, natural smelling Rose, and sharp Carnation in the middle (this is what some have called the "dated" aspect of the fragrance); before finally drying down to a wonderfully warm and creamy Vanilla-Amber-Sandalwood base. I find it very similar to Coco, which he made for women 6 years previously, except a lot more woodier, spicier, and overall more masculine.

It's absolutely beautiful, but very hard to appreciate because it doesn't smell like many of today's popular releases, and for many people, this will either be love or hate. It's warm, bold, spicy... and it takes confidence to wear. If I had to compare it to anything, it would probably be Frederic Malle's "Musc Ravageur" which is a deep, spicy and sensual fragrance but marketed as niche.

Chanel Égoïste might not be for everyone, it takes an amount of confidence and maturity to pull it off (it would also work very well on a woman I think), but it really is a special journey... and a complex one at that. I have a real feeling that 70-80% of people will love this (women especially on a man). It's warm and inviting, but also confidant and relaxed at the same time. Like stroking the warm, beautiful fur of an exotic, tame pet tiger...

I hope that Jacques Polge's proudest creation stands as a testament to all that is possible with male marketed perfume, and show that not all male fragrances have to smell the same or conform to the same standard set by others. I hope that this classic will always be there as a reminder that men can wear something created for them which is just as complex and beautiful as anything made for women; and to also prove that men can give off an aura of being strong, confidant, warm and gentle simultaneously. Nothing more can be said of Égoïste. Well done!
30th April, 2014
When I want to feel like I'm the only person wearing a fragrance within 100 miles I wear this. Creator Jacques Polge said "Egoïste is about seduction". Bingo.
04th April, 2014
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United States
I fell in love with the current formulation of Egoiste the first time I smelled it. The initial blast might be a little harsh or “edgy” to some, but it only lasts for a short time. The overall scent is smooth & warm, spicy & sweet, and woody… the complexity of rose, cinnamon, vanilla, and sandalwood creates a well-blended creaminess of Egoiste. It is top notch. Egoiste has a lasting power on my skin with decent projection after that brief, strong opening.

Chanel Egoiste is a unique masterpiece – a fantastic fragrance I can’t be without.
03rd March, 2014
I would hardly consider anyone wearing Égoïste selfish - anyone around you is going to enjoy it too!

Égoïste is the younger and louder brother of the demure, soft-spoken and old-fashioned Bois des Îles. It opens with a burst of dry yet sweet melange of woods, citrus and spice. It actually reminds me of another favourite 80's fragrance, which is also drenched in sandalwood: Samsara (which reportedly had a glutenous 40% Mysore sandalwood). There is no true separation between top and heart and base as they weave in and out in different phases of the perfume. At first, there is the clarity of bois de rose (rosewood), the led-pencil shaving association of Virginia cedarwood, and the sweet citrus burst of tangerine and a sprinkle of sweet cassia. There is also a hint of eugenol, not quite clove like, but softer - perhaps form carnations. Underlying notes of coumarin backed up with a generous dose of vanilla absolute. There is something about true vanilla absolute that is simultaneously woody and animalic, quite unlike the cupcake frosting character of vanillin. Égoïste's vanilla really brings this out with some help of both indole and leathery animalic notes. which add interest. It is quite well balanced between sweet, bitter, smooth, spicy and powdery - although admittedly leaning towards the sweet more so than I would have expected (or remember the original to be).

The sandalwood is not as creamy as its sister Bois des Îles (probably because what I have in my hands is a rather modern version, very unlikely containing any Mysore sandalwood) - but that also gives is an edge somehow - it's warmer and more spicy and dry than I remembered it from a few years back. It seems to be accompanied by Atlas cedar's suave fruitiness, and perhaps even a splash of violet-y ionones and plum and rose notes from damascones.

Beware: Egoiste Platinum has nothing to do with it besides the name, and is the only version you'll find in Canada and the USA, and to my nose it smells like generic sporty aquatic chemical trash. But it has a wonderful ad as well!
22nd January, 2014
Sandalwood, cinnamon, rose perfection!

OVERALL RATING: * * * * * (masterpiece)

There is a lost world inside a bottle of vintage Egoiste, a forest of authentic Mysore sandalwood. Creamy, plush, deep, dense, dark, exotic. Sandalwood is quite possibly the crown jewel in the subcontinent's vast treasury of spices and fragrances.

You can't buy it anymore. Over-harvesting led the Indian government to place strict prohibitions on it for a generation. The stuff you see listed as "sandalwood" in perfumes today is either an impoverished Australian cousin or a synthetic approximation of the original. Sadly, neither comes close.

Egoiste is my absolute favorite winter fragrance. Putting on a few spritzes in the deep of a midwestern January enlives my senses and my spirits, and reminds me that the sun will return soon enough. Freezing rain and grey skies give way to the cinnamon hills and muddy rivers of southern India. When I was a child, I naively wondered why Europeans were so intent on obtaining spices from "the Indies." Could pepper, salt, sage, and cinnamon really be worth the cost, the risk? I found the answer as an adult in Egoiste.

This is one of those rare fragrances that is almost literally intoxicating. I can feel the endorphin cascade each time I sniff my wrist.

The reformulation is not terrible. In fact, it is better than 95% of what is on the market today. But it is like humming your favorite tune--it rarely gives you the chills like hearing it played in stereo. The modern version opens smokier, drier, and somehow thinner than the original.

I have yet to try the almost-impossible-to-find Concentree, but it is universally beloved.

Other reviewers have compared Egoiste to its "mother," Bois des Iles. Yes, they are quite similar. And I also love Bois des Iles (which reportedly makes use of Chanel's existing stockpile of Mysore sandalwood), but not nearly so much as Egoiste. The mother is more refined and elegant. She sparkles. The son is wild and free. He glows.

Pros: perfect winter fragrance
Cons: vintage is getting hard to find"

03rd September, 2013