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Neutral Reviews of Emporio Armani He by Giorgio Armani

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I don't recognise any of the official notes in Emporio Armani He. That's a first.

To me, it's a very understated oriental with violets, wood and musk. However, at times it behaves very badly and reveals a synthetic side of its personality that has been pointed out by other reviewers as well. In such moments it gives off clouds of the chemical in hairspray as well as an ants-like (sic) smell that I do not care for at all.

Without the the chemicals it would have been superb.
29th August, 2012
Bright, clean, fresh. Generic allusions to spice and vetiver and wood. Completely inoffensive, a safe choice and an acceptable introduction to a nice sort of scent.
07th March, 2011
Got this in the xmas sales, decided to buy it as few actually own this fragrance compared to Armani code for example.

First impression was it spells really like Calvin Klein Eternity for men when first sprayed on, having the same sage greeny spell. But then dries down really and it seems to evaporate quickly, which means you really have to put alot on to keep the smell around, spray about double you would usually with another fragrance.

And due to the price and the amount of juice needed to keep it around, is one of the main reasons for a neutral review. The spell of the he is really masalcine, and it would be perfect for night on the town or for a lady friend, but i think there is better fragrances for that either cheaper or last longer.

Overall 6.0 out of 10, shame it has everything going for it but lack of staying power and price
04th January, 2011
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For me, this is the perfect example of "great on test card, not fantastic on skin". Although reading some of the other reviews, maybe that's just me? Smells great at first. Classy, warm, sexy, different, but then it just goes into this synthetic, chemical mushy mess. Too expensive too.
19th December, 2010
Unique, manly, woody but fresh scent for the college guy. The only problem that it lasts only for about 2 hours.
15th August, 2009
Starts off powdery, sweet at first but somewhere on top I was reminded of another fragrance. It didn't occur to me until the middle notes appeared that He reminded me of... Iceberg Fluid for Men. It's the funky vetiver. He is a good, casual scent.
21st August, 2008
This is a very unique fragrance...I haven't come across anything that smells quite like this. Too bad it's synthetic as hell (like most other Armani fragrances). This is one that you just need to go and try out, because it's difficult to explain what it actually smells like.
14th August, 2008 (last edited: 25th October, 2009)
This is extremely mediocre. Smells too green, no sweetness to counterbalance it and not even a typical definition of 'fresh'. I can't believe people are claiming this gets complements from women; they clearly haven't tried a vast array of other fragrances that women like much better. Average sillage, average longevity but very typical of Armani these days save Eau Pour Homme. I bought two tubes cheaply and reluctantly kept one because I opened the box and sold the other on eBay. Once reminded me of being on an enjoyable lazy summer holiday but no such connotations these days, so it's a neutral only I'm afraid.
19th May, 2008
A clean, dry, woodsy office scent -- the quintessence of safe.

(Faint praise is the most damning.)
22nd December, 2007
I get an off smell in the opening — it smells like violet leaf to me, but violet isn’t listed in the pyramid. Nothing listed can account for what I am smelling. Emporio Armani He is what I think of as a typical Armani fragrance: Good ingredients, nicely blended, but too retiring and not long enough lasting. It simply does not have enough presence for me, either through sillage or through longevity. I have nothing else against it.
15th October, 2007
Very Mediterranean, i can alost smell an eau de cologne- style mix of lavender sweetness and citrus acidity.
20th April, 2006
A bit too common. A good quality fragrance, but I wouldn't buy it.
25th December, 2005
I like Armani fragrances for their simplicity. Emporio has a soft and light woodsy base with a slightly herbal top. It becomes almost sweet and spicy towards the end. However, Armani fragrances do not last very long on me. Personally I prefer more oriental scents, but nonetheless a very elegent fragrance!
11th October, 2005
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i like armani line of fragrance but this one is very light and it fades away as soon as you apply it why armani why ???
06th October, 2005
This is great when it first goes on, but I found that it started to smell to much like new leather as the day wore on. I still like it.
30th June, 2005
If there ever is a formal scent, this one is it. It's sexy and sophisticated; sage and cardamom top notes maybe sharp at first, but as it dries down, the scent becomes a deeper, woody-musky combo, which I find very sexy. And my girl loves it as well; this cologne + Armani suit + excellent tango skills = uber-chance of getting laid (at least in my case). Use only on special and formal occassions, since this makes a great "trump" scent; something you should use when people tire of what you usually wear (I mean you wouldn't wear an Armani suit on a casual occassion now, would you?) True rating is thumbs up, but here's the catch: opaque bottle. Come on now, how do we know that we get the amount we bought it for if we can't see it? I mean a 1 oz of this cologne can easily be marketed as a 3.4 oz if they made the bottle bigger and heavier. Sounds like a potential marketing rip-off to me. But really, it's such a great scent you'd really want to keep tabs if you're running low on it.
27th December, 2004
Ok ... short protest about " bottles " where you can't see how much is left ... Glass bottles please ! The fragrance is ok but nothing amazing ..
28th November, 2003