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Emporio Armani He is a "neo-classic" (like a sort of new-age powerhouse) but all at once modernly urban-metropolitan (minimalistic in its formal/polite style) boise juice which, despite not properly standing out for uniqueness, is surely remarkable for versatility and elegant effectiveness (likewise a well tailored Armani's suit). There is a general warm/fresh (casual) piquancy/earthiness mastering this woodsy aroma which I really like, despite a lingering (especially in the first stage of run) cedary-lemony undertone which I surely don't crave for. A beautiful accord of yuzu, cardamom and woods, somewhat fresh but finally warm, spicy, rooty, cedary and virile. Yuzu and cedarwood (supported by further woody notes) provide a sort of "lemony/pencil-shavings" undertone but the main vibe is spicy, ambery, rooty patchouli-veined, herbal, sporty-soapy and more than vaguely piquant. A fancy-virile juice, a sort of cleaned-purified (in a more minimal modern way) classic powerhouse/aromatic fougere formula. Fresh vetiver is perfectly combined with "lemony" yuzu, fluidy-peppery cardamom (heady) and rough patchouli in order to perform a quite dark "presencefully" metrosexual accord for a night of protagonist down the best down-town fluorescent music clubs. There is a faint cadary/lemony/rosey (rosewood?) warm creaminess (as a sort of woody undertone) thankfully weak and marginal. I detect warm synthetic ambergris and vague oakmoss back in the bottom as well. Dynamic virile (anyway different in composition) casual scents as Aramis Cool Blend, Givenchy Gentleman Only and Boss Botled Night jump on mind (more conceptually than effectively in their own aromas). This juice could basically match the same "assumedly sexy" effect supposedly provided by far more hyped juices a la Creed Aventus but is pratically ignored on the net, in spite of deserving more consideration imo. One of the best from Armani on my skin.
25th December, 2015 (last edited: 27th December, 2015)
This is a real classic for sure,smelled many fragrances lately and all my previous buys are still best and this is one of them.Just very smooth and very sensual....
27th February, 2015
Awesome scent.
Its a shame it doesn't last very long. But then again I think its subtly is what makes it special.

Perfect for house wear when you have guests over.
You won't get much notice wearing it outside, beyond a couple of hours.

LOVE IT.......just a shame about the longevity. ......if it had that it would have been a signature scent. The same can be said about Armani Code.
28th December, 2013
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Great for all reason

Luxury, Clean, modern .Love it!!

Pros: Smell very good ,a little bit powdery
Cons: longevity is not over 5Hrs."

01st September, 2013
This is truly a masculine scent. Though I don't wear it all the time, I had a girlfriend that wanted me to wear only this. I find it refreshing, elegant and woodsy. The container it comes in makes it ideal for travel.
16th April, 2012
best of armani men for me, along with white - i met this scent about 2001 and it had to be my main fragrance since then.. absolutely elegant, soft, clean, crisp, and free.. always worked great to my skin, weird thing when i smelled it to others it wasnt the same thing, its a perfume that gets involved with your skin smells i guess and then it performs.... one of my loved fragrancies ever.
28th May, 2011 (last edited: 29th May, 2011)
I've been wearing this scent since 1998 when it first came out. But I have a bottle for about 5 years. I don't know if I bought an old bottle from FragranceNet, or that it's lasting power just does not last long. But I don't remember it being this weak. And for the price I pay I don't want to be the weak.
06th March, 2011
Call it He, Call it Lui, or just call it great! I really enjoy this one, and after losing most of the juice in my 1.7 oz bottle.. several years later, I finally gave in a bought a big 3.4 oz, because even with 200 or so bottles, this one will always get plenty of wear. This is what we call, a safe/go-to fragrance, but it's not in any means generic or boring.

Armani He opens up with a nice creamy lemon accord, backed by oakmoss. Don't get deterred though, a lot of people hear oakmoss and just think "ewww -- old man!" this one is modern and contemporary, even being the oakmoss beast that it is. Oakmoss is primarily the main player here to me, along with a little vetiver in the heart, and a prominent woodsy base. There is a sort of strange rubbery/synthetic smell in here, that I actually like a lot. It almost smells like the rubber sprayer melted into the juice. Although it may sound off putting, it works out very well, and this is what really gives it its character in my opinion.

Projection and longevity are usually about average on me. No more than 5-6 hours before it's gone entirely. Projection is just perfect, not too little, not too much.

Just don't get curious with your bottle like I did. I saw there was a piece on the bottom that looked like if I pulled it out, it would reveal the glass bottle underneath, so I could see how much was left in the bottle. Well.. long story short.. there is no glass bottle underneath. The juice is inside of there, and if you get the bottom open, you better have a bowl or something under it, or it's going straight onto the floor. The good.. my room smelled like Armani He for a day.. the bad, 40 bucks down the drain.

Speaking of price, I picked up the 3.4 oz bottle of this off Amazon for about 53 bucks shipped. A little on the high side, as this one is hard to find heavily discounted. Worth every penny to me, even worth retail price, and then some.

200+ bottles later, this is still one of my favorites. Not quite 5 star worthy, but 4 for sure. Longevity could be a little better. If somebody asked me what my top 10 "go-to" or "comfort" fragrances were, this would certainly top those lists. On top of being safe, and by no means meaning generic; it's also extremely versatile. Any season, any weather, any time, formal, casual, you name it.

Don't let this one go unnoticed, I've tried most from the Armani house, most pre-2012 anyhow, and this is amongst the best. A real sleeper.
21st February, 2011 (last edited: 09th May, 2014)
Not bad. In fact I kind of find it better than Code wich lacks longevity and projection on me. Although this one is slightly synthetic, I find it appealing none the less. It is to thin for winter but I bet it makes wonders during spring or maybe autumn when temperatures are just right. There is nothing >>natural<< about this scent, it is very modern, sweetly cold in its weird way. Don't know why but it reminds me of Space Guild from Frank Herberts Dune. This might be the first Armani fragrance I'll posess.
22nd January, 2011 (last edited: 13th February, 2011)
This is kinda dark,mysterious,sophisticated,calming,green[not good at describing notes,but thats what I think of when I smell this],little bit powdery cologne and on the contrary to the other reviewers I get atleast 10 hours out of it[even in winter] and still can smell it unless I don't take a shower.
I love this one,can be used as signature scent,I loved it from the very first sniff.
Very unique one.
13th January, 2011
I'm on my second bottle now, and even though I might not buy it again for a long while, I think it's definitely worth a try. I've always used it in cooler weather, and it seems to retain its longevity and projection well.

I still remember the TV commercial with Massive Attack's 'Angel' playing. Ah, memories...
Anyways, I haven't really smelled anything similar. To be fair though, I've only recently delved deeper into the world of fragrances.
26th December, 2010 (last edited: 31st December, 2010)
This is the first fragrance that I really recall liking, so maybe my opinion is biased as a result (can't say that I tried that many others first). It's not particularly daring and quite synthetic (but I somehow like the “technology vibe” from that), but I feel very comfortable and confident wearing it, but again, this may be due to past experience with this one—I know it works for me.
26th September, 2010
I've had this for about 10 years. Excellent cologne. Very unique. One of my main go-to's. Not a copycat, nothing else smells like this. Not too sweet, doesn't smell like a teenage cologne. This just has one of those smells that everyone wants to get close to, women love it. Very complex and sophisticated. Goes good with a suit and goes good when out at night. This is a romantic cologne. Women like to snuggle up to you when you wear this.
31st August, 2010
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I swathed an ex-boyfriend in this when it first came out. It's very good. I'm disappointed though that I can't recycle it onto someone else...
That's cheating, right?
08th May, 2010
I wore this back in high school. I got A LOT of female attention because I wore this. At the time, the only other popular frags were Curve, Polo Sport, and Tommy. Just the name, Armani, got me play I didn't believe. The frag has staying power, which is a plus for my skin type. I also like it's versatility. It can be worn for work or play. Overall, a good score for Armani here!
23rd January, 2010
Emporio armani He used to be my most favorite fragrance. I used it everyday before.

There are scents that I used to like before but i can't see myself using it now & liking it now the way I used to. However, this is one of those scents that I can still see myself using it even now.
10th January, 2010
A very unique scent, this is now my signature fragrance. Although many classify "He" as a warm weather fragrance, I find it acceptable to wear this in any season. In fact, I have gotten the most compliments on this fragrance during the winter time BY FAR. Something about the cold weather changes this fragrance into a sweeter and woodier scent that still retains its fruity notes. In summer wear, the sage notes dominate even the dry down. Its more like sage complimented by the woody notes.

I don't understand all the complaints about longevity and silage. This fragrance lasts all day on me (around 8-10 hours) and it projects well. It could be my body chemistry, but other fragrances don't really last long on me like this one. I also disagree that this is an "office" fragrance. Although it is on the safer, more inoffensive side of the spectrum, it is unique enough to garner all kinds of compliments on a night out. For its sheer versatility and all the above reasons, I give this a huge thumbs up. I know I didn't do a good job in actually describing the scent, but that's why you wear before you buy people.
07th August, 2009
Some complain that this fragrance smells too synthetic. To me it just smells very unique and I'd have a very hard time trying to describe it. This ALWAYS used to gain me compliments and for many years was my "signature" fragrance. I haven't owned this in a few years and am unsure whether they have changed anything abou the formulation of it. If not, Im sure I'd still love it.

For me, the bottle was always hard as nails too.
16th June, 2009
gmm150 Show all reviews
United States
Very good for something so mainstream. The best Armani fragrance with Acqua di gio in 2nd place. Sweet and powdery with a woody dry down.
06th November, 2008
The opening is one of grapefruit/orange, from the yuzu and in that respect quite unique. At the same time the alcohol drowns the top notes since they are abit soft. After you give it 30 mins the smell of musk and woods really come out. The notes stay soft and never too sharp. There is a light powdery dry down that lingers, never too heavy. Definitely a nice woods scent, and good for all seasons since it opens with a nice citrus, though i'd say best for summer since the scent is very soft and never cloying. On the masculinity scale, its an 7-8 since the musk and powder reminds me of what a girls perfume would have. But at the same time this would make for a good casual office scent and even a evening romantic one. As the dry down evolves, there is a linger of mystery, wanting to know more...
01st November, 2008
I absolutely adore this fragrance. reminds me of March of 1999. I was a senior in highschool and my mom had gotten me a sample of this scent. i remember listening to TLC no scrubs and reading the first Britney Spears Rolling Stone magazine and sniffing my arm and loving this scent. I have worn it ever since. Beautiful comforting and classic. Memories hold so much . and everytime i wear this fragramce it reminds me that life is good and that i have been blessed.
26th September, 2008
This was my very first fragrance, so it holds a special place in my heart! A very nice blend of exotic woods and spices; never too overbearing, always possessing a fresh and vibrant aura. It is unique in that there are not many similar fragrances on the market. This one is probably the best of the Emporio Armani line, and works well for any occasion whether day or evening.
14th September, 2008
This fragrance is interesting. It certainly isn't bad by any means. It starts off spicy and sweet to my nose. I get hints of sage and vetiver from the start. It has a very quick dry down on my skin though. It only lasts about 3 hours max, so I find myself putting alot on in the morning, and if I want it to last longer, I have to re-apply around lunch to make it through the afternoon. It is definitely a great fragrance to wear to work. It gives me a sense of a professional, clean cut gentleman. I don't wear this one out very often at night, but I'm sure it would be fine. The wife isn't crazy about this one, but doesn't hate I guess it is safe for most uses. You can wear it any time of day, casually. I wouldn't go out of my way to get this one, but if you do, you won't regret it either.
05th June, 2008
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United States
When I first smelled this fragrance I thought it was ok, everyone I knew had it so to me it was nothing special. 10 yrs later I decide to retry it and I'm glad I did this smells really good a very pleasant scent not sold everywhere everyone doesn't have it anymore. Some people can't believe it's Emporio Armani He that I'm wearing which is nice to hear when your wearing an Armani product so a thumbs up even though I wish it lasted just a little bit longer.
14th April, 2008
A very nice fragrance for the younger generation, this is perfect for summer wear. The smell of oranges is the best I've encountered so far. It's very citrusy, but not too sharp, very clean and luminous and very... Armani.
11th January, 2008
smells good on me only in the winter.
29th December, 2007
Very nice, settles into a very nice subtle scent. Need to put a lot on though for it to last more than even an hour.
13th October, 2007
jdev Show all reviews
United States
Great for the summer. Masculine, but fresh and fruity as well.
16th June, 2007
Well, it starts off smelling VERY generic, but then, after an hour or so, settles down into something smooth, romantic and rather unexpected.

As such, I annoint it with a "thumbs up" for such a pleasant suprise...but its a pitty that you have to wait for an hour to reach it...
11th June, 2007
fresh woods and musk a modern masculine scent from armani. i used to wear it until 2000. i like the bottle cause never brake.should be worn casual.
28th May, 2007