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Neutral Reviews of Emporio Armani White He by Giorgio Armani

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I concur to define Armani White as a breezy white musk. The olfactory introduction is crisp and lemony with hints of orange and aromatic/ minty herbs. The aroma in this phase is pleasant, refreshing and "open-minded", an aromatic cloud with talky/musky nuances yet rising up from the base. I don't catch properly the cardamom but of couse a pleasant dustiness around which heralds the final white musk with powdery woods and green, lemony and vaguely almondy nuances. A more than decent experiment. Unisex.
Rating 6,5/10
29th January, 2013
Fresh green citrus that's a light blanket of musk. It's really surprising and quite comfortable. I smell hints of T&F's cool, crisp and green 1805 Cologne in White but it's way subdued. Just a nice scent.
22nd September, 2008
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United States
a touch of lemon on a cool white light musk in the warmer months. the drydown is the flaw in this one which gets kinda tacky
18th March, 2007
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I kinda liked it at first, then i didn't, then i did again... it's nicer on a cooler weather i think, it's fresh and floral but not too much, it doesn't last too long, but it can be on you for a couple of hours. Wouldn't buy it again.
12th December, 2005
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United Kingdom
Its ok not bad, starts of nice and does not last long at all, but the drydown made me sick.
11th November, 2005
fresh but a way too floral and feminine
17th October, 2005