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Positive Reviews of Emporio Armani White He by Giorgio Armani

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One of my top three...the red reboot was nice, this was the best
28th July, 2017
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United Kingdom
This is one of Armani's less boring scents. A citrus opening with herbal undertones is gradually dominated by a synthetic light white musk base note that overall makes a pleasant albeit not particularly exciting scent. It reminded a person close to me of Issey Miyake pour homme, but the added musk note clearly sets it apart, although it lacks the creativity of, for instance, Tom Ford's White Musk series, but then it lacked the latter's extraordinary high prices too while it was still available. Overall pleasant for summer, discrete with poor silage and projection and limited longevity. Between neutral and thumbs up, but the originally decent value barely tilts it upwards.
01st January, 2013
Emporio Armani White He, is very similar to the female version, only slightly more woodsy in the drydown.

This fragrance successfully recreates a crisp, clean and refreshed feeling. The scent is quite light and 'breezy', making it suitable for younger men or even a young boy just starting out in the fragrance world.

White actually could be worn well by women. Some may actually prefer this fragrance over White She, because of the interestingly mild spicy notes in the heart of this scent.

Overall, this isn't a fragrance that has been designed to turn heads, rather it is casual and friendly, and in some ways subtly sexy.

03rd June, 2011
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for my skin it's the ultimate elegant / fresh / signature light fragrance for summer.. im so sad its so rare to find nowadays, probably beacuse treasures always are hard to find.. used this since it started production but i miss it now..
28th May, 2011
I disagree with all the negative reviews on here. I absolutely loved this fragrance it was unique and carried a little sophistication to it. I found it to be quite light and a little musky with some citrus thrown in for good measure. As it says at the top of this page, this was initially meant to be a limited edition and was always priced the same as the other Emporio Armani fragrances so I should have noticed the signs when they cut the price of it and discontinued all the other products in the "he white" line. Damn I wish I had bought more before they discontinued this fragrance. Yes you can still buy it online but it is usually overpriced because like a few others (i.e. Gucci Rush) people didn;t realise how much they liked this till it was gone.

If I could, I'd go back in time and never smell or purchase this fragrance. That way I'd never miss it as much as I do now.
16th June, 2009
The only Armani I like. It is a very nice and simple fragrance. Similar to Acqua di Gio, but spicier and more reffined. It is long-lasting, natural lemon smelling and also not very common. Perhaps one of the few citrus fragrances I like.
29th March, 2009
Smells like a morning in the mediterranean garden. Light and fresh citrus-herbal scent with a white musk base. More natural than the other Armani fragrances.
25th August, 2008
A very light, lemony, summery scent. As a previous reviewers stated, the dry down and the white musk notes leaves a bit to be desired but apart from that, a nice light scent for a few hours in the sun.
15th April, 2008
I was going to slam this for being a copy of Kenzo Air which it is very similar to, although this contains no licorice, unfortunately for me I discovered this came out before Kenzo Air.
Like all 'Emporio' vs. Giorgio Armani scents, this is very light...a bit too light, even lighter than Kenzo Air which has been described as almost scentless.
Starts out with licorice and lemon to my nose. It is noticable but not for long. It becomes less and less like Kenzo Air as it dries down, turning into a clean freshness that's kinda like dryer sheets for feminine underwear.
I don't understand why the Emporio frags are so light, but overall, not a bad frag, just the longevity issue.
04th July, 2007
The fragrance snob in me that scoffs at Aqua di Gio and Armani Code wants to turn away from this one, but nevertheless WHITE is really quite pleasant and unique. It is light, fresh, and sporty without being boring (I think the white musk helps) and an excellent scent for daywear in spring and summer. It doesn't last a terribly long time, but still goes through a nice transition from crispness to a soft warmth. Along with the Hermes Jardins, this is one of my favorite light scents.
19th December, 2006
I love this scent very much, however my only complaint is that it does not last all day, the white musk comes through very strong but it fades after about 5 to 6 hours, but it has a distinctive smell which i cherish.
23rd September, 2006
Emporio Armani White He, is quite a muted fragrance. The opening is a fresh, light and subtle citrus with the herbs from the middle already affecting the citrus notes to create very nice citrus / herbal accord. The herbals wax as the citruses wane, and I find the heart notes especially beautiful: It’s an excellent natural herbal accord with a touch of cardamom. It lasts surprisingly well for an Armani fragrance. The base is quite simple with its musk, which stays very close to the skin. I can really respect the warmth, beauty, and refinement of this fragrance — it is nicely designed and very well put together. I, myself, prefer fragrances with a little more presence and greater longevity than this, but as far as modern fragrances go, this is very good.
10th January, 2006 (last edited: 14th March, 2008)
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United Kingdom
I love this scent. Light?? HECK NO! I can smell it all day. Don't really get the fruityness, just a nice mellow light musk.
21st September, 2004
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