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Negative Reviews of Équipage by Hermès

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United States
I must be unrefined, because I found this fragrance to be exceedingly too floral with way to much sillage and projection. I expect elderly ladies to wear this scent for brunch. In my view, this isn't a masculine scent. Well, I suppose that 18th century French male aristocrats might have worn this concoction on the way to the guillotine, but not modern men. All the positive reviews confuse me -- perhaps a few of you paying false homage to the vaunted Hermes?
29th August, 2008
Smells exactly like what's used to soften cow's udders

Bag Balm/Udder Balm.

No good.
20th November, 2007
Guuuccchhh...I hate it. Pretty alcoholic and oldie style. Flowers and spices are not a very suitable mix. Definitively I wouldn't use it.
28th November, 2004
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