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Neutral Reviews of Essenza di Zegna by Ermenegildo Zegna

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A slightly generic scent to my nose... of course seeing the current online pricing and that it is discontinued I see I sold my bottle about 5 years too soon lol... It is a safe casual or work scent IMHO... I wouldn't drop more than 40 dollars on it but to each his own. It does have a nice opening of citrus with a good dry down on musk and vetiver. I don't believe it lasted more than 5 hours on me so keep in mind it isn't a beastly scent.
01st August, 2016
Another light aquatic woody. This one starts off with a slight drying latex paint smell, combined with a lemony bergamot.

The cardamom introduces itself and makes one think that this may be going down a new path for this genre.

Sadly, the citrus fades quickly, along with (thankfully) the drying paint, leaving just the lightest whisp of unremarkable woods.

Nothing special, not bad, not good, jus run of the mill.

It will not be missed.
19th November, 2015
Of the many fragrances I've tried, this is the one that most closely resembles wet, freshly mown grass. It smells natural, moist, and green, with a little bit of a sour citrus note as well. It's not really my style, but it's good for what it is, and if you're looking for a grassy scent, this one does the trick. Projection and longevity are decent, but nothing exceptional. Somebody mentioned Issey Miyake and I agree, they share a similar smell, except that Essenza is quite natural while Issey is markedly synthetic. I'm neutral on this, but it's not bad, and I can see why some people really like it.
11th October, 2014
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Why is takes not one but two gifted noses (hey, they created M7 & Rive Gauche PH) to make something this ordinary, I'll never know. Another boring synthetic-citrus-meets-wood-fragrance aimed at the men's market. A nice cardamon note gets sandwiched between the tame citrus and the dull wood. Is this how Italian men should smell? Zegna really produce some non-eventful juice and Essenza is no exception. This entire brand should be avoided. Here's a suggestion - bypass this and search for vintage versions of Armani Eau PH and Versace L'Homme which can still be found for reasonable prices.
20th August, 2014
Top notes smell cheap. Kind of like paint, spices, and maybe something green. After this it smells more food-like...perhaps verbena. I almost think I smell ambergris in the base. Spicy ambergris. Like a cheaper version of a Creed base. **
23rd November, 2009
ESSENZA DI ZEGNA by Ermenegildo Zegna: At first, sparkling and effervescent, like a bottle of Pellegrino with a slice of lemon on a crisp April day in Milano—and then gradually, as the myrtle heart and woody base notes emerge, it’s autumn, with leaves underfoot as you wander the Piazza del Duomo, heading for the train station and a weekend in the country marked by funghi et tartufo. From spring to autumn in a graceful segue, Essenza di Zegna charts the passage of time, amidst the bounty of Italy’s classic scents. And yet as richly refined and truly Italian as this fragrance feels to me—is that a hint of Dior’s Eau Sauvage, a bit of the French, in its shadow? As evanescent as a memory, Essenza di Zegna leaves the merest trace of its presence.
18th November, 2009
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United States
too weak for me. smells nice the 30 minutes it's on you. maybe intense lasts longer,(you'd think). nice floral that would be better if you did not need an atomizer with you.
21st July, 2009
I agree with similarities between Acqua di Gio and Azzaro Now Men: it's minus the jasmine and florals of AdG and minus the metallic texture of Azzaro Now Men. After all that is seems very, very dull and boring. As itself, it is a spicy musky vetiver that just feels fake in a way. I think the note of cardamom is a hit or miss in fragrances and here I think it's a miss. I must agree, yes, get Azzaro Now Men which definitely has more character and uniqueness (and a bit more green).
27th July, 2008
Tried this fragrance a couple of years ago, when used a little 1,5 ml spray I got as a gift after buying some fragrances.

As head notes it starts with a citric aroma, like soft oranges. Later at middle notes it gets greener, maybe its thanks to the Mytle note, but I didn't felt the cardamom note. At base note the main note is green vetiver, plus a bit of musk.

For my taste it's so much classic and minimalist. The fragrance remembers a lot some basic notes from other colognes, but didn't add nothing different or special. After several minutes, all the notes tends to a plain blend. For summer use, a fresh cologne for daytime use or office use, as it isn't intrusive. Range of age over 25 years old.
09th March, 2007
The cardamom middle notes really make this fragrance stand out. The vetiver basenote is well balanced (not too earthy) and there is a certain spicy quality to it that I can't quite place. When I smell it on others, (or on clothes) I find it original and pleasant, but on my own skin it seems to have a different personality.
11th March, 2006
Very similar to Aqua di Gio but better long lasting power. The middle note cardamom seems unique, and the scent settles down to a light aroma that lingers most of the day. Nothing new or different on this scent from other similar fragrances out there.
15th February, 2006
Not horrible, but nor will it win any prizes for originality or refinement. Conventionally sharp and woodsy. A bit crude.
23rd November, 2004