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Neutral Reviews of Extract of West Indian Limes / Extract of Limes by Geo F Trumper

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United States
I have worn this over the years and absolutely love the fresh burst of lime but it is over so quickly that it is a difficult one to wear. I have often wondered if using the whole range--cologne, aftershave, shaving soap, etc. might not help. This has been a staple for Sloane Rangers of all nationalities and is the perfect scent for a gentleman who is not really comfortable wearing a scent at all. As it is, this is a fleeting delight to wear and it set the bar high for all of the other famous lime scents that followed--Royall, St. Johns, etc. Due to the lack of staying power, a neutral rating, but this is wonderful in many ways--while it lasts!
04th February, 2015
A magnificent burst of lime for sure. But enjoy the opening cause there is no close. Or a middle.
Maybe an hour of lime paradise. Then...

I'll go neutral out of respect for great opening.
04th July, 2011
Intense opening blast of what else.....Limes! Like sticking your head into a bowl of freshly cut limes. Sharp, Intense, Fresh, Clean and tart. Lasts for about 15-30 minutes and then poof....everything is gone. To be expected of a single note citrus fragrance with no middle or base notes to support. While I love the initial burst of lime goodness that this one has, the longevity would be too much of an issue for me to purchase a bottle, let alone decant. Does make me want to try the corresponding aftershave to have something that wouldn't clash with my scent for that day.
28th March, 2011 (last edited: 29th March, 2011)
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Extract of WIL is pretty natural-smelling on skin...moreso than Truefitt's Limes, but not as strong or long-lasting. Even while it's still drying on paper, it has the acridness of the rind of a freshly cut lime, which is really nice, but soon it's all over. There are virtually no base notes...almost nothing is left at all. Very academic and impractical.
26th March, 2011
Simple almost lemon pie w/ meringue topping creamy lime, a high quality lime oil in perfumer's alcohol solution. While as much as I like this it is by no means anything that impress me, due to the lack of creativity. Maybe this has more than just lime EO in alcohol, but as far as I could tell there is none, and this is why I am giving this a neutral rating.
27th January, 2007
Juicy, fresh, very limey- i dont get anything else, except perhaps maybe lemon. citrus freshness. zingy. REALLY doesnt last on me. pity, cos it's a nice scent.
22nd March, 2006
One of the shortest lived fragrances on my skin. Like j_dubyah suggests maybe another individual will have better luck. Great scent though, the lime is subtle in a manly way and makes for a good before bed spritzer. A little too expensive for the daily ride.
29th August, 2005