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All Fahrenheit smells like is Kiwi shoe polish,real lime juice,and shredded violets minus the urine note.On my skin? gone in a few hours.Okay sillage...would call it strong really.Very lifeless and transparent scent by Christian Dior.Not getting what all the rave is about.
01st February, 2016
Never knew Fahrenheit was so popular and so well reviewed here. And I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to review Fahrenheit as it was one of the 1st fragrances I ever had. It was a gift from my father during the 90’s and it was an EdT splash. Thinking it was after-shave strength, I splashed myself with a few handfuls. Next thing I know, I was at the gas station and had accidentally doused myself with gas. Vaporous and stringent gas fumes filled the room. This is fragrance? The bottle went to the bottom of the drawer and was taken out occasionally to see if my previous experience had been a cruel smell illusion. Nope, still gas fumes. Admittedly, it does get slightly better on the drydown as the gas fades a bit and the undertow of the leathery notes emerges. I applaud the originality and the clever trick the violet plays with gasoline but in the end, I can’t get past the gas station connotation and ultimately cannot wear this.

21st January, 2016
One of the most vile concoctions I have ever had the displeasure to smell. . .

I remember soon after it was launched, going to the mall in Sterling/Rock Falls, IL with my (now) husband. Some idiotic sprayer doused him with it as we were leaving the anchor store. I almost immediately began gagging and got stopped up and headache-y. We had to drive 20 miles home afterwards and I could not breathe. Thought I was going to die--seriously. He had to drive with all of the windows down (IL in winter), and hang partially outside the window. It stuck with him even after a long shower and airing out.

Never in my life (before or since), have I had such a violent reaction to a scent. Not sure what the ingredient that was in it that got to me like that, but I hope to never experience it again. . .

Dreadful stuff. Certainly memorable, though. . .
13th January, 2016
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Just tried this reformulation after owning the original back in the 90's. It's noticeably different from what I remember but still familiar. Didn't think I was into it for the first 20 minutes but then it all settled down and I couldn't stop smelling it. It's still so different from everything else out there...and addictive. I can see how this would be an easy compliment-getter.
23rd November, 2015
Fahrenheit…it's like a time capsule for me. It opens doors to my past every time I feel it.
But, because it has been drastically changed in the last years, these doors remain closed. The passing between leather and violet notes used to be very smooth and, in the end, everything was wrapped in warm feelings, like a nice sunset. Today, it rather reminds of a sunset after a long battle day, mixed with dust, smoke and blood, instead of a romantic day.
14th October, 2015
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Bosnia and Herzegovina

Chronologie III

I've always had difficulties to find the words for describing the most beautiful of perfumes.

Overproduction in perfume industry resulted with hundreds of new perfume houses whose offer has already been seen. Too many leather and oud combinations made people smell like worn off russian counts and desert bedouins, and almond, coconut and vanilla are just waking nutritional scents.

Sadly, today one can rarely find a perfume which is strictly made for male or female. New directions are being formed in which undecided perfumes are preferred, so both males and females now smell the same. Just to be straight, I have nothing against this kind of perfumes, because many of them smell really nice and some of them I have in my collection, but first of all I'm an old school kind of guy and my opinion is that a perfume has to have a 'side'. However, as time goes by, and by judging by the offer, the expectations are low that a new perfume, that will impersonate either male or female, will emerge.

In rush of aggressive propaganda which puts niche production in forefront, Fahrenheit still firmly holds its place on top by its originality, beauty, quality and, the most important, masculinity. If there is a male perfume which holds the essence of a real masculine man, then this is the one. It is a cult perfume you can either love or hate, nothing in between, which gives you a feeling that the perfume chose you and not the other way around. I own the first formula, dated in 1987, and every formula that came after it. It has been a bit 'damaged' by reformulations, but still it kept its style and recognizability.

I will finish this review by quoting one man who gave the best description of this masterpiece: When man becomes of my age and looks behind him.. he sees all kinds of things. Ups, downs, joys that take over your being, sorrows that rip you apart strongly enough that you think you can't take it anymore. And now, if I were to sit down and describe that kind of human life on a piece of paper, I would put that paper in an envelope and seal it with Fahrenheit.

The smell of life has the same notes as this perfume...
13th October, 2015 (last edited: 15th October, 2015)
I wore Fahrenheit when I was in junior high school. I remember when it came out and it was unlike anything I had smelled before. I have smelled it many times since then and it always brought back a flood of memories. I thought about wearing it again over the years because I loved it so much but I just didn't want to go back there. Recently someone came in my office wearing it and it smelled so good. I immediately recognized it but it was different to me somehow. I found out that it had been reformulated in 2014. I have it on now as I type this review and I'm loving it all over again. It's Fahrenheit but it's not…..but it's still perfection. It lasts all day on me and I get compliments all the time. I really can't understand somebody not liking this fragrance. It's a classic but it doesn't rest on the fact that it's a classic. It still smells new and groundbreaking just like it did in the 80's. This is quite possibly the best of all time.
10th October, 2015
My favorite fragrance of all time, FAHRENHEIT...
2014 Formulation..

In the opening of this fragrance i get a mixture of used 85-W-90 Grade gear oil + used 68 grade hydraulic oil + green paste from leaves, poured onto a leather seat....

After an hour's mark, all i get is a freshly polished leather shoes, where the smell of pure leather is prominent with a hint of shoe polish.

After 4 hours, all I am left up with is a Green Woody, leather & musk combo.

Really love the way it changes as the day progresses, never got a compliment though. I wear it for myself. Never get bored of it.

Longevity: 10+ hours easily
Projection: Average

27th September, 2015
Absolutely bloody marvellous scent.
I tested today comparing a sample of 2010 vintage and a bottle bought last month from Geneva airport duty free. The review is the same for both except that the one marked difference I found was that the 2010 version held on to its "power" phase much longer before it became a skin scent. Otherwise, frankly, I couldn't tell the difference.
It starts off eye-watering petrol, grease, with leather (or sweaty skin?) underneath. A bit later I also get a medicinal (Germoline) thing going on. You have to get your head round all that, but when you do, you'll want to keep going back and spraying it over and over again. Then, strong leather, the most fantastic leather scent ever. And a bit of lavender.
It's pure cave man in its power phase. Like a super macho, cool, handsome car mechanic putting on his leather jacket after his shift. Yet really classy and unique at the same time. It makes me feel like I'm Marlon Brando on a motorbike.
Longevity: long. Silage: for me, moderate (aka BIG)
Love the stuff. The original is still better than all the flankers.
How could any man not want this?
September 2015
03rd September, 2015
They recreated the smell of burning asphalt by mixing different flowers! How awesome is that?!

A timeless legend, unique and stylish.
20th August, 2015
Unique and timeless. One of the most romantic fragrance. You can go wrong with the classic and most successful Fahrenheit. An innovation created in the 80ties.

What a performance even if I don't wear it often.

Long Life to Fahrenheit!

Masterpiece 9/10
15th August, 2015
To me, Fahrenheit was a fragrance developed in 1988 out of boredom with pre-existing combinations of notes. Its shock factor attracted a lot of fans but to me it is like an unwearable piece of haute couture, the puffy feather vest that is unlikely to make it into the ready-to-wear collection.
08th May, 2015

FAHRENHEIT is a ROOTY is Great,similar to the other DIOR fragrances.The opening notes is a bit too rough for my nose but after 5 minutes it warms to an undeniable MASCULINE,PLEASANT and ROMANTIC.

The base notes is quite WOODY on my skin,invigorating with vetiver.You feel like a confidence unique person when You wear it and only with 2 spray can enjoy for a few is strong in SPECIAL way.

This wonderful scent not for day use because it is a little heavy in hot weather,definitely is an EVENING scent for a particular character in SPECIAL occasions.anyway it is unforgettable.


LONGEVITY?Like often DIOR colognes,Yes it is unparalleled.

22nd April, 2015
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As you probably know, there's an amazing hydrocarbon note to this. To me it smells like tar on a wooden telegraph pole like the one in our garden when I was younger. In the heat of Summer, the protective tar coating used to melt and could be scraped off - Fahrenheit smells just like that to me. It is intoxicating, somehow outdoors, and bright.

It's really interesting, and I love to smell it when I'm wearing it, but not in an unequivocally good way. I like it because it's interesting, not necessarily because it smells good. In the same way as I might try to take a good smell of diesel on my hands even though I would rather it wasn't there.

It's too interesting for its own good to my nose. I could get pleasure out of wearing it, but I don't think I'd like to smell it on other people.
14th April, 2015
Nothing special. A bit spicy, minty and chemical vanilla. Great if you want some attention, would wear in winter.
07th April, 2015
My 1ml sample vial is in the bin after 1 wearing.

The violet thing. Grey Flannel. Nondescript 'woodies'.

What's it supposed to be for?
01st April, 2015
Reading the reviews on BN's, the verdict seems that you either love or hate Fahrenheit.

For me, Fahrenheit is one of the all time top fragrances that I have ever owned. It's totally unique and I definately fall in the "love it" column. There is a strong, somewhat petrol note in the beginning, which I attribute to the Hawthorn, a scent I am not totally familiar with, but to me it's almost menthol or eucalyptus like. I don't find the opening unpleasant at all, but if you overspray, it may knock you unconscious. After an hour, everthing fades into a sort of wood and leather, very soothing and long lasting.

I would wear Fahrenheit year round, but especially in fall/winter. If you are unfamiliar with it, go light, allow it to develop and you'll probably fall into the "love it" column as well.
16th March, 2015
HORRIBLE pine-tar and fuel smell, with perhaps a little eau de putois, at the outset. I stopped by ULTA to test some YSL L'homme and gave myself a few complimentary shots of that. Seeing te Fahrenheit bottle on the shelf nearby, and never having tried it, I grabbed a blotter paper and hit the aerator...but the aerator was backwards and I sprayed my hand. GOD SAVE ME ! What is this foul smell ? I beat a path to the door, jumped in my car, and drove the 20 min. home with my right hand suspended in the air not wanting to touch anything in my car to avoid this reaking smell getting on anything and lingering. The only saving grace of this frag, for me, would be the cool bottle.
10th March, 2015 (last edited: 16th March, 2015)
There is just something Christian Dior got right with this fragrance, you can instantly tell when someone is wearing Fahrenheit as it has such a bold statement. Yes its a marmite scent but when you love it you love it, it speaks to you in a such sensual sultry way and has probably turned as many heads as the most legendary perfumes made to man.
06th March, 2015
Just like Egoiste,very spicey in a really bad way...just gross!!!
01st March, 2015
Timeless scent.

A beautiful celebration of sensational violet leaves that are evoking to the senses, further brightened by a zesty orange accord, stirred with smokey vetiver and polished with leather.

There is no scent in existence that highlights violet leaves like Fahrenheit does.

Stunning, addictive, unique and mesmerizing.
21st February, 2015
I wasn't sure on first application. I put it on before going to bed and the petroleum note had me a bit confused. However, I awoke about 4 hours later and I could smell something quite wonderful. The dry down on this one is exquisite.
05th February, 2015
Is this the greatest fragrance for men ever created?

A breakdown of notes would be redundant, though violet leaf, orange and leather are the dominant players. A gorgeous floral leather, Fahrenheit stimulates senses like no other, awakens the mind and touches the heart. Fahrenheit is hot and cold at the same time. Fahrenheit is the first scorching ray of sun that melts the ice on snow-capped peaks. Fahrenheit is the smouldering lava that eats up everything in its path as the world burns red in its wake. Fahrenheit is the moist damp brown earth beneath the fleshy green trees with dark wet branches after the first rain in months.

Fahrenheit is not a fragrance. Fahrenheit is an experience.
28th January, 2015
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United States
I just tried Fahrenheit today. Yes, my first time. After reading the reviews, I thought I should give it a try. From the beginning to the dry-down, it is terrible. I can't stand the smell. How anyone could recommend this is beyond me. Complete garbage.
08th January, 2015
A friend I've never missed...

Back in 1988 I was a poor student, and for your information, while the noun is long gone, the adjective still remains. So when I managed to save enough money and buy a gorgeous heavy woolen jacket, I was more than happy to take a long walk downtown and enjoy its comfort, warmth and quality. It was a couple of days before Christmas, and along with a blissful pixie who pretended to be my human girlfriend, we thought it would be a good idea to test some fragrances, and perhaps get a couple of free miniatures. I have to clarify to younger readers that back then most perfume samples were miniature bottles, and not the bland plain vials that they are nowadays. Truth be told, I was looking forward to return home and spray my new jacket with a generous dose of Davidoff by Davidoff, and turn it into my signature jacket soused in my then signature perfume. But what harm could a little window shopping do? So, I, armed with a brand new '80s jacket (which would be thought a curio today) and she, armed with the obligatory '80s perm, headed for the cosmetics stores.
Grave mistake...
A sales assistant who was lurking by the door and surely was a faster shooter than Billy the Kid, managed to shoot three huge sprays of something that nearly knocked me off my feet on my jacket, in less than a second. If she was holding a gun instead of a huge bottle of the most potent and fresh Fahrenheit ever imagined in her hands, I'd be dead before hitting the ground. And I have no doubts that had I tried to duck her attack, she wouldn't hesitate to spray me square in the face, if it had come her way.
I shook the impulse to strangle the harpy on the spot and search for a dry cleaner in the next 20 seconds, and proceeded with our perfume testing.
And then the horror begun...
For the next four months or so, every time I'd put my jacket on, I smelled like someone who was working in a car repair shop or a gas station, although if this was the case, I would be the swankest car repair shop or gas station employee ever.
And to add insult to injury, can you imagine what were the only miniatures that we were given in the end? Yeah, you got it right...
Fahrenheit is a heavy scent. A very heavy scent. And of course I'm not talking about its potence in aromatic terms only. Even though it's a prolific scorer in the fields of sillage and longevity (the vintage one at least), it's mainly a very serious player in the field that produces legend material.
I have to admit that Fahrenheit is an incomprehensible scent to me.
Peppery notes, but no pepper! Perhaps it's a dirty trick played by some strange reaction between leather and nutmeg. Since I can't point at any other notes and consider them the culprits for this elusive accord, these two have to be the ones responsible.
And then there's this strange, unique and unequalled (but not necessarily nice) accord, which I'm completely incompetent to decipher and therefore to describe it. Not in an satisfying degree at least.
But perhaps it's worth giving it a try.
Since my nose is no big deal, I rarely talk about notes in my reviews. However, Fahrenheit has kept me wondering since 1988 about this "What the hell am I smelling here Christian?" stuff.
The fragrance has three hesperidic notes (Is "hesperidic" a valid word? Internet has not decided yet, so I apologise in advance for the possible barbarism.)
Well, I don't smell them.
It also has five sweet flowery notes.
I don't smell them either.
So, according to their absence of prominence, none of this eight notes is directly responsible for Fahrenheit's distinctive and unforgettable drydown.
So what is it?
I say that it smells like gasoline soaked sandalwood, that someone was crazy enough to set it on fire, and then put the cinders in the inside pocket of an old leather jacket, which he then wears after the gym and without showering first.
And before extolling my imagination... I've done it...
But it just made the whole thing even trickier, because it added a slight cummin note, and cummin is not included in the scent's pyramid. So, what I finally got with my "analysis" was a hint of something that shouldn't be there at all. Very helping...
I could also say that it smells the way some old taxis used to smell back in the '70s, but maybe my mind is playing tricks, trying to place the leather and diesel/gasoline/kerosene/motor oil notes to a matching vessel. However, I can see some connection here, since I believe that if we ask ten people how the inside of a brand new or a very old car smells like, five of them will say that it smells of leather, the other five that it smells of fuel, and all ten of them that it smells of Fahrenheit.
But maybe it's these very same oddities about it, which render Fahrenheit one of the few instantly recognizable fragrances in my book.
I have no idea how the current formulation smells like, and to be honest I don't care. I don't love and I don't hate Fahrenheit. For me it's a perfect example of uniqueness and an unparalleled specimen of aweless perfumery, but I'm still unable to decide whether this example is a paragon or a byword, and whether Fahrenheit's universe and mine are any parallel at all. But my personal likings have nothing to do with the objective stature of the fragrance. Fahrenheit has become a cornerstone and a legend over the years, and it doesn't give a damn if I like it or not. It's just there, too busy being itself.
20th December, 2014
When moving my wrist back and forth near my nose I get "pencil shavings", "fresh", "gasoline" and "grassy". It blends together similar to Cool Water in an 80s fashion. It's not bad and I can see the attraction but there's no space for this in my rotation. Anyone who likes this should try Chevrefeuille by Creed as a comparison.
07th December, 2014
This is a floral with a cauliflower-ear! I don't pick up the 'gasolline-petroleum' that so many seem to identify but rather a carnation taken to the max tempered with nutmeg and leather. Worked very well for me in the Fall in New York, but here in SoFla, it's a bit much and have put it on the backburner for a bit...maybe it's time to reintroduce myself to this juice, fire up a cigar and enjoy a measure of spiced rum...hmmmm???
27th November, 2014 (last edited: 01st December, 2014)
I used to mow the lawn in my backyard and along one swath of grass there was a large honey-suckle bush. The sweet, floral aroma of the honey-suckle would mix with the gasoline from the mower and the smell of leather on my hands from my work gloves. That's the closest I can get to describing what Fahrenheit smells like. Sweet, fresh specific floral notes of honey-suckle over petrol and the worn, rugged smell of leather. But my description really doesn't do it justice. Fahrenheit is like its own planet in the fragrance universe, and it's one of a strange, swirling atmosphere, equal parts enchanting and toxic. Fahrenheit's bottle represents its contents precisely, from dark shades of red and black to higher hues of orange and pale yellow. All in all, this is one hell of a fragrance that must be sniffed to be even remotely understood. A timeless classic, that feels modern and cutting edge almost 30 years after its release date. If you have never smelled this before, go out and get your nose on it! Projection and longevity are superb.
07th November, 2014
A big thumbs up for this one. I have two bottles: 9A03 (purchased in 1999) and 4N03 (purchased in 2014).

The old bottle has probably lost potency. The new juice projects better. Side by side on each arm, the old juice smells a little richer on the skin, but fainter, so I'm feeling plenty of love for the 2014 juice. It's maybe slightly sweeter or more vanilla and leather, less floral; but it is very similar. They are more like each other than edt and edp flankers. If the current juice said anything other than Fahrenheit, people would be up in arms that it's the same stuff and that calling it a flanker is false advertising.

I like the old juice slightly better, but the new juice is having better performance for me.
08th October, 2014 (last edited: 20th October, 2014)
This one was ,is and will be my No1 favourite....
many memories,many complements and a very special scent.
grass with gasoline top notes with some sweetness and then woods.
not detailed subscription for a Masterpiece.

Both thumps Up!
04th October, 2014