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Negative Reviews of Fendi Uomo by Fendi

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I bought a large bottle of this untried and at whim when I saw it on sale for under $20. I had recalled some of the great reviews on-line and couldn’t resist the very retro dark faux marble and gold bottle.

Little did I realise what was about to unfold…… this fragrance just about blew my head off!

Although the drydown is sublime in its nature, unfortunately, the top notes are just far too abrasive for me. I know that each nose is different and we all have our own olfactory preferences, but I’m not kidding when I say that the first blast was like my nostrils had been assaulted by some kind of hot, spicy, almost poisonous gas!

I had been forewarned about its strength, so I was careful not to over-apply. One spray on each wrist and one on my chest was all it took to completely overwhelm me. Initially, I was tempted to run to the shower and immediately wash the whole lot off, but then I decided to give this classic its fair due and see where this assault would lead.

The very strong abrasive notes lasted a good 2 – 3 hours before the whole thing started to calm down. About 4 – 5 hours later, I was enveloped in a gorgeous & entrancing herbal sweet musk. Unfortunately, by this time I was far too olfactorily (is that a word?) exhausted that I couldn’t enjoy it as I’m sure it was intended. When I awoke the next morning, I could still clearly detect the herbal musky drydown; this is some 14 hours after a 3 spray application!

I can certainly see that some guys could pull this off and enjoy it too, but I guess I’m just not courageous enough to endure the almost 4 hour assault on my senses, before the drydown.
28th April, 2011
My review is for the vintage version. I am thankful to Fendi for discontinuing Uomo, it demonstrates that they have the humility to acknowledge their mistakes. There is much that I would have enjoyed were it not for the petroleum note that has been allowed to roam unfettered throughout the whole Uomo experience. Whilst I enjoyed this vibe with Knize Ten, Fendi have simply overdone it.It all feels very contrived, synthetic and unbalanced.

This is one of those occasions where you need only look at the quality of the bottle to establish the value of the contents. Not quite a disaster, but close.
28th August, 2010 (last edited: 11th November, 2012)
Looks like a love it or hate it fragrance. I hate it. It's a real stinker. Comes off overly boozy, leathery and spicy/herbal. It's so potent that it gets to the point of smothering you into oblivion. This is a fragrance that ends up wearing you.
31st October, 2008
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Hideous, vulgar and intrusive. Not as good as Azzaro or Aramis. No thanks.
20th October, 2008
This is one of those fragrances that smell better from the paper card than it does on my skin. Smelled close to my skin it is rather mediocre and nondemensional and, especially in the opening, there is a petroleum-like note that doesn’t improve the fragrance. But the SILLAGE produced might be considered quite pleasant: It opens with a lavender / herbal accord that manages to seem dry and near-fresh at the same time. The general notes tend to be spicy, leathery, dry, masculine, and reminiscent of the notes of the earlier 80’s. The scent is rather linear and produces a lighter sillage than many of its contemporaries IMO. Fendi Uomo is not a terrible scent, but all things considered, there’s not that much I like about it—and it’s been done much better.
17th September, 2006
far too strong and reeks of leather and overpowers your senses with these notes and then any redeeming factors are simply washed away...lasts for really is something for hairy chested lotharios lounging outside their dodgy brit pub-alikes in marbella and the med in general...wear a medallion plus this scent and you can join the club.
21st March, 2006
I will keep this review very short and to the point. This smells nasty! Another reviewer stated this will make the wearer smell like a gorilla w/ bad body ordor. I would say more like gorilla piss.... Stay away from this one!
23rd February, 2006
Pessimo profumo: amarissimo, naueseabondo e abbastanza fastidioso!, tuttavia in linea con molte fragranze maschili degli anni '80.
Bello il packaging, sopratutto dell'edt in stillagocce.
Comprendeva una linea completa per l'uomo, di cui ricordo il sapone e la creama da barba.

Markus74 (Italy)
21st November, 2005
Gross. This is truly bad. It has no redeeming qualities other than the bottle. I am no fan of heavy, musky eighties perfumes except for Polo, Obsession and Antaeus and this one is truly generic and awful. Way too much leather and way too much musk. This will make you smell like a gorilla with BO. Great if you're Tarzan but not so great if you are out to woo the ladies with sophistication and subtlety. Had a large bottle given as a gift which I have not used and would gladly swap for something else, anything else, except this.
22nd March, 2005
Another "old guys" fragrance but not a good one. How can these great Italian designers make something so run of the mill?
18th December, 2003