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Neutral Reviews of Fendi Uomo by Fendi

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Stardate 20180105:

Old style Italian. Unfortunately it has more cumin that I like. Reminds me of Declaration but this is better made.
Pass for me
06th January, 2018
Very boozy opening, as is with a lot of the older fendis, that fades quickly to reveal a magical time-travelling trip to the 80’s. This scent borders the line between the typical macho scents of yore and the elegant, more refined scents that came about in the late 80’s. This one came out in the late 80’s logically but it seemed awfully consevative at the time. The thing is, it is not a bad scent at all, in fact, one can be very drawn to it easily, the sillage is important and there’s this Dad quality that makes it somewhat comfortable. As usual with 80’s scents, this one has a decent longevity. I agree with a lot of what foetidus wrote, and I don’t want to repeat the notes featured either, as they are all very much present in the scent. But I will say that the woody, leathery drydown is very nice, in very masculine kind of way. The patchouli here is not very prominent but it gives it a twist, reminiscent of books and libraries –dust and spiderwebs included. If you happen to like it, please don’t shower with it like my next-door neighbor does.
22nd October, 2006
I received this scent as a gift from a female friend and i must say my expectations from Fendi were a little higher. Too much leather and musk but a very narrow and uniaginnative variation on these two major themes. On the other hand slight, yet far too underdeveloped hints of spice, herb and bergamot seem to stop thfar too heavy, dark notes to become too nauseating.
It is very long lasting, but strangely it's not an advatage, as everyone aound you can smell it, bot mostly only the too heavy notes which they all associate with rather too sweaty, too smoky, too old-fashioned male scents(and subsequently think it would only suit a macho).Worn with a dark suit, it would render almost anyone far too conservative and far older than the biological age-the unspectacular, prude combination of neutral colours seems just made for this fragrance.
Yet the bottle is a masterpiece, if not the content, at least the outer presentation reminding of a stylish designer bottles of an Armani or Ungaro scent.
The content..well, on can see esily that all the ingredients are high quality and even smell expensive, yet are completelyunusualy combined into something bewildering and far to unsophisticated.
They should have conterbalanced its heavy parts with lighter, more juicy and herbal notes.
22nd January, 2006
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The top notes are great, but the dry down has some strange notes... Would it be cumin? Well, I think It could be less sharp! The "spiceness" I found here reminded me the top notes of Quorum by Puig... Very masculine but not for everyone. Old School scent for sure.
21st January, 2005