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Negative Reviews of Scuderia Ferrari Black by Ferrari

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I got a sample of this and maybe it's because it was a splasher vial and not a spritz but I found this to be incredibley weak, I can barely smell anything. What I can smell starts off sweet with a clean edge, like apple scented soap but on my skin it is just a very faint floral, definitely jasmine and a synthetic rose. Sadly very generic, plain, too floral and just not my thing.
27th January, 2017
As others have mentioned, this fragrance smells very synthetic. Whether it is Ferrari Black's fault or not, it did not mix well with my body chemistry, leaving a strange 'baby powder' scent looming amid the chemical tones. (I know, weird.) I can't recommend this cologne to anyone.
25th March, 2015
Revising my previous review, I was once head over heels for this stuff. It smelled like Boss Bottled at a fraction of the price; lasted as long, projected as well. However, overtime I realized how cheap and sickening Ferrari Black really smelled. Now, Boss Bottled (arguably its predecessor) is definitley synthetic smelling, but at the same time, very balanced. Ferrari Black is not.

In the opening I get a sugary sweet, powdery, vanilla, tonka and apple type smell. It stays very linear, and dries down about the same as how it opens. There's some sort of spiced note in there, my guess is the cinnamon, that just goes right down your throat. I think this is what really ruins it for me. Too much of this, too much vanilla, too much apple, too loud and obnoxious. Would be a good fragrance for a clothing store.. I could totally see like Aeropostal with this one. Or even a cheap Pac Sun line. Bought my bottle for 22 bucks, sold it for 5.

To compare this really, picture an overly sweet version of Caron Pour Un Homme, take out a good deal of Caron's musk, and there ya have it.
26th May, 2012 (last edited: 12th December, 2012)
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As have been mentioned I think it's a watered down & poorer quality edition of Boss Bottled! smells exactly the same (as I'm using its shower gel & afret shave balm with my remaining Boss Bottled and quite happy with that!!!) but less classy and more generic.
also I had very poor longevity and projection with this.
17th February, 2012
Maybe the automobile connection is that this would make a good dangly car mirror air freshener.
Synthetic, metallic, sweet, cheap, irritating.
16th February, 2011
Very synthetic metallic scent. To call this fragrance black is a joke. Sillage is pityful and it lasts less than 2 hours. If you must buy a Ferrari fragrance go with Ferrari Red. I've actually tried giving this away to no avail. I think I'm going to use it as an air freshner for my car.
03rd February, 2011
Why Black?? why is it for man?
i think it should be unisex. So sweet, and base note is a little spicy.
19th February, 2010 (last edited: 26th March, 2010)
This was one of the first fragrances that I bought, but even back then I didn't think this was that great. My initial impression was that this is "nice", and because at the time I wasn't aware of any better offerings I bought it.

At the store I only tried Black on paper and thought that it's a mild citrus, but once I tried it on my skin at home, I quickly realized that this is more of an inoffensive oriental with some lemony smell thrown in. At the time I wasn't aware that scents are usually "supposed" to develop as time passes, so I didn't expect any development, nor was there any to speak of. To my nose the smell stayed pretty much the same the entire time.

After a few uses this became really boring and when I compare it to all the other fragrances I've tried after buying this one, I can also say that Black smells kind of cheap. I could have given this one a neutral rating because I don't hate the way it smells, but when I hardly have anything positive to say, I'm going with thumbs down. There are many better fragrances available at this price so get one of those, unless Ferrari Black is exactly what you are looking for.
05th April, 2009
If I had the option to choose Ten Thumbs Down, I would.

This one makes me nauseous for some reason. Sweetly uncomfortable. Sillage is okay but the "sillage" itself that is given out is lackluster.

Smells similar to Dunhill Blue.
With hundreds of better offerings -- avoid like the plague.
11th July, 2008