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Neutral Reviews of Scuderia Ferrari Black by Ferrari

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I liked this one during the opening notes, very clean, fruity and fresh. Then it settled down into a softer, powdery smell. Reminded me of a weaker version of Boss Bottled. Very similar to Ducati Fight For Me.
11th December, 2015 (last edited: 11th June, 2017)
Clearly inspired by Boss Bottled, Ferrari Black is a good scent, but smells too synthetic to my nose.
The apple note is very loud and also the other notes are sharp and that turns my stomach sometimes.
Sillage, lasting power and projection are high.
16th March, 2013

Rose and fruits on a bed of woodsy creams and suede. It's not bad. I don't detect the metal, i perceive a sort of leathery smell when the dry down is settled. It's like to smell a foam due to refine the wood. It's surely a synthetical smell. The dry down is pleasant with its amber-vanilla accord and with a notable presence of musk. The outcome is very smooth, creamy with nuances of suede, flowers, fruits and mild wood. Longevity and sillage are in the average.
10th April, 2011
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Metallically synthetic, and not in the most pleasant way. Ferrari Black is pretty typical of the automobile fragrances – unoriginal, fruity, sweet, and featuring a strong vanilla / amber drydown that somehow is short of lasting ability. But it’s certainly not the worst one of its sort, and it probably won’t be the last of its kind, either.

01st February, 2010
This is certainly preferable to the appalling Ferrari Red, but it remains too indistinct and lacking in genuine quality to be considered a winner. The citrus opening is of poor quality, and certainly not of the standard required to make this fragrance stand out from the crowd. The heart notes make a brief appearance, a lightly spiced floral blend that add nothing and depart much too quickly. With a vanilla, amber and cedar dry down, it finishes better than it begins, but it has little to commend it.
16th October, 2009
I wanted to buy a perfume which will bring me comments... I was impressed by this one when I sprayed it on me from the tester. I bought it immediately. Then realized that it doesn't stay long. Only gives a better impression first one hour.
06th October, 2009
My father use to own Armani mania and I've gotta say, these 2 smell so alike, I almost don't know the difference.

I bought Ferrari black for cheap and wear it from time to time. It's not a favorite, but its gotten positive feedback from others around me. I use to know a girl that went crazy over it. She called it "spicy" and "daring".

I suppose I can agree. If you find this for a good deal, its another alternative to mania.

20th January, 2009
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United States
I wanted to try the Ferrari fragrances and I bought Black blind. I must say that I am satisfied with this but I just would have liked it to have more sillage. Even though I can personally smell it I do not know how well it projects towards others. A decent casual fragrance best worn during the warmer months.
28th August, 2008 (last edited: 19th June, 2009)
Yeah, a very mild pleasant oriental. Comparable to Hugo Boss, yes but less sophisticated. More comparable to Hugo's Energize which I call Boringize.

Does not develop, but it is a pleasant frag. Sillage and stay average. I would recommend frag only if you do not want something distugstingly sweet like Pi but want a mild oriental. Me, I want more personality.
19th May, 2007