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United States
I acquired a vintage splash bottle of this one recently (3 ounces or 100 ml). An older woman I asked about it said it smelled very feminine. In any case, it is sweet of course but not outrageously so. Think of Dior Homme without the tobacco note and without the powdery iris. Now add a touch of an icy quality. And there you have this one. It's smooth/creamy and reasonably natural smelling. It may get cloying after a while but only did a dab sampling, and it seemed very strong. If you have a spray bottle I suggest misting the air and walking through it on your first wearing. I have to give this a positive review because it's different, pleasant, and probably wearable for the right occasion and if applied appropriately.
23rd November, 2012
I hate to post negative reviews but this on, ummm.
I can understand some reviews mentioning how ladies love it, it should have a been a female fragrance. Very sweet, synthetic, and a headache guaranteed. you can guess why it's cheap ? guessed right ! the ingredients.
I have lots of scents that i don't really like, but i find sometime to us it (Gym, home use, jogging..etc) except this one, it defeats me :(
23rd September, 2012
Costs cheap but smells cheaper, very feminine, i would say it actualy is a womens fragrance, very powdery and sweet, deffo not my type of fragrance
25th September, 2011
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United States
Fire & Ice subverts some of my olfactory idiosyncrasies. It is quite sweet, yet not at all cloying. It's not a vanilla cake batter sweetness but a powdered candy one. Cherry is what I come up with. Cherry and light florals. How the heck is this not a disaster? Actually, it's pretty nice.

The bottle is unpromising with it's gimcrack opaque plastic cap and dull clear glass container yet it doesn't smell like a cheap, about-to-fall-apart mess. One would expect lousy longevity from something so mild and sweet, yet it lasts all day and at near full strength to boot. The price is very reasonable.

What I like most, however, is the unique character. I can't think of another men's fragrance (or even one from the ladies' aisle) that smells like this. It's totally inoffensive and can be worn any time of the year. In my opinion, this would be a great starter fragrance for a young man in high school: no one else would have it yet it's not old school. The sweet quality would probably appeal to the young 'uns as well.
01st July, 2011

Not bad at all… It’s a bit green, ambery, fruity… a bit synthetic but not disagreeably so. It’s quite powdery, and I think Russlan’s right… there’s even a little bit of osmanthus in there.

What I really enjoy about Fire & Ice is that it has some uniqueness to it: It’s not generic / synthetic like so many of the designer fragrances of recent vintage. Its synthetic feel is acceptable... enjoyable even. It gives off a pleasant sillage. If money is a consideration, this one merits a tryout.

01st February, 2010
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United Kingdom
If Revlon only advertised their products more!
Fire and Ice for Men is one of my all time favourites - genius.
When so many modern fragrances smell exactly the same, it genuinely stands out. Great to see some fans too.
I am still on the hunt for the "Smoulder" version.
18th September, 2009
07th March, 2009
Very sweet, nice drydown, ladies do love it. Sexy frag
30th September, 2008
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United States
Nice amber, slightly fruity, sweet fragrance. Perfect for daytime.
07th December, 2007
I'm not generally keen on fruity, sweet fragrances - I cannot understand the appeal of Joop! - but there are days when I need to wear something less aggressively masculine and this fits the bill.
06th August, 2007
A very sweet scent with floral, fruity accords with a predominant note of amber throughout. Reminds me of some sort of edible sweets.
02nd August, 2005
Fresh and spicy floral oriental fragrance with notes of osmanthus, tangerine flowers, lavender and amber. Powdery drydown. Girls love it!
24th December, 2002