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Negative Reviews of Fleurs d'Oranger by Serge Lutens

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On paper I should really love this. Orange blossom is amongst my most favourite floral notes. This is an unusual one because frequently I despise the openers of fragrances but enjoy the settled down effect of the dry down or skin scent. However, this is the first scent to have the opposite effect. I adored the opening, pure juicy summery fragrant orange blossom, powerful and jolly but this does not settle nicely on my skin. I'm getting Marrakech spice market, and not in a good way. I'm getting a heavy hit of cumin which fives the impression of a sweaty armpit. I smell like I've rolled around in a spice rub. Having loved the wave of orange blossom upon first spritz, an hour later I'm disappointed, especially judging from the other reviews and it's evident popularity.I must be one of the unlucky ones! However the silage and projection is amazing so if you get more florals than meat marinade or body odour on your skin I see how it could be beautiful.
07th June, 2016 (last edited: 14th June, 2016)
I was sorry to find that this was the first perfume from the Serge Lutens line that I could not wear. On my skin, it smelled like something used to scent dish-washing detergent only a thousand times stronger. I didn't leave it on me long enough to do a thorough review. As soon as I put it on I knew it was a mistake and after I had used every available soap and cleaner, I finally splashed alcohol on the spot until the scent of the perfume was extinguished - almost. It certainly lasts well.
In the future I will be very careful of using any perfume with even a trace of citrus in it. Now I understand why my cats leave the room if anyone peels a Mandarin orange or a Tangerine in their presence.
23rd February, 2015
Fleurs d'Oranger was among the batch of Serge lutens samples that I got from Aedes de Venustas NYC this weekend. When I first spritzed it on after I sat down on the bus headed back to DC this afternoon, I knew it was a scent that was going to be a little bit too sweet and floral for my taste, but I figured I had a four-hour ride ahead of me and all the patience in the world to allow it to do what ever it was going to do in that time. I thought it it may surprise me since some Serge Lutens scents can be full of surprises (maybe I've been spoiled by Un Lys). As I sniffed, all I kept thinking about were those little bathroom guest soaps that you keep in a dish on your bathroom vanity. At some point it got a little indolic and I'm thinking it was the orange blossom. Nice, but that passed rather quickly into notes of pink bubble gum and candy. In the extreme drydown it was back to a soapy floral. Sorry to say there were no surprises for me with this one. Personally, this isn't a scent I would need to smell again.
12th May, 2009
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This is a masculine point of view.

This fragrances is a Floral Oriental, sweet and heavy. The Orange Flower note is not very peculiar and the overall scent is pretty linear. Much more appropriate for a woman than a man. It has good longevity and good sillage, but it will not be a sillage emanating from me.
01st November, 2008
To me, it doesn't really smell like 'Fleurs d' Oranger, rather like pure BLACK TEA. Especially the dry down irresistibly resembles of Ceylon tea. Slightly less synthetic than Daim Blond, still nothing more than one of those soapy, boring scents. Don't get me wrong: Fd'O does not lack on originality, but nonetheless - it is so BORING.
17th August, 2008
This floral is thick! So thick, it may be applied by using a spatula! Honestly, the orange blossom, jasmine, tuberose, rose, musk and spices all come out at once and the effect is smothering. The closest comparison I can draw is if there was a super concentrated extreme version of Fracas. But even then, Fracas has a certain garden freshness ~ Fd'O has an underlying note of B.O. Yeah, when I caught a whiff of THAT I had to check my own armpits...sure enough, my anti-perspirant hadn't failed me, it was the Fd'O.
30th November, 2007
I can't say that I really took to this one at all. To me, it smelt like some sort of cheap room fragrance. I do get a certain cumin "body" smell which in itself is not unpleasant but the overall effect to me is far too loud and "80's". The orange blossom had a very synthetic effect, similar to that of Giorgio and I feel this scent is already dated.
03rd June, 2007
sadly, one of the most revolting things I have smelled on my skin. maybe it's just me, but it smells like cheap bathroom freshener. i grew up smelling orange blossoms on a daily basis, but this just smells fake and cloying.
01st October, 2006