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Negative Reviews of Fujiyama by Succès de Paris

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Terrible synthetic. No projection (which is a good thing) and limited longevity. Very cheap to the nose. The quality of the notes isn't top notch to say the least. Best to AVOID.
14th November, 2016
Fujiyama has a fresh opening—reminds me a bit of Hei but not as clean or subtle and more synthetic. It really doesn’t seem much like Issey to me; there’s no citrus or pineapple-type notes. Something about the middle is not right—I don’t find the combination of notes particularly pleasant—kind of a weak body odor smell mixed with a sweet bell pepper note: The errant accord might be caused by the cardamom creeping up from the base. When the pimento disappears, the aroma switches from unpleasant to nondescript. As the others have noted, it doesn’t project very much, which is not necessarily a bad thing. If a person would really like this type of fragrance, I think they would find that Hei by Sung has more pleasant accords and in put together with more competency

Originally submitted 04 September 2006
08th December, 2010