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Negative Reviews of Gendarme V by Gendarme

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To me this was all about biting into a green apple. Ultimately, this is not the kind of enjoyment I seek when wearing a fragrance. Civet in the note list of this? HA HA!! Quite a joke. This is all about smelling clean (and undaring) and therefore, for the ones who can't have a third or fourth shower during the day due to time constraints...
27th July, 2010
The opening of V is rather remarkable for its fizz and effervescence. Gradually, it becomes evident that this is merely a prelude to a rather dusty rose, or whatever heavy florals one finds in the genre of Ungaro III, Van Cleef and Arpels, or Czech and Speake #88. Masculine rose scents never really do anything for me personally, so I would never buy this stuff. Still, if a fan of those brands wanted a slightly more summery analog for his collection, then Gendarme V might be a good place to start the search.
13th June, 2010
Tony T Show all reviews
United States
lemon and lemonbalm but not a lemony scent. i smell some lime and that's about it. i got a used bottle of ebay so it won't get a thumbs down.
09th September, 2008
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