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Negative Reviews of Giorgio for Men by Giorgio Beverly Hills

Total Reviews: 10
Smells like a box of rotten oranges.
08th August, 2015
I'm not affraid of 80s powerhouses, but this fragrance is scary... Hell, a blast of odd notes, probably floral ones, that didn't remind me of anything and made me almost choke! I'm trying hard to understand so many positive reviews. These initial notes are in the same vein of those found in zino's aperture, but louder, really louder. After this shocking accord, I thought It could get better and smooth a bit. I was terribly wrong: It gets worse when a thick sweet and dark accord blooms. I notice a lot of honey and It combined with other sweet notes is really annoying. Patchouli comes to make it more masculine and at this moment I notice why some say It's similar to Givenchy Gentleman, but really?! GG is light-years ahead this odd bomb and is nothing like it.
02nd November, 2014
Giorgio for Men

A badly aged, cloying patchouli thang that you should not buy.

24th July, 2013
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Giorgio For Men

Very old school, traditional and dated. A powerhouse that was made in the 80's and should stay there. If you mainly wear fragrances from the past 20 years, you probably won't like this one. Of course, it's relative to who you are and where your priorities lie. Still, the close as it comes to being good, to me, is tolerable.

03rd June, 2013
Marais Show all reviews
United Kingdom
A sweet, suffocating honey/patchouli bomb. Repels all boarders. I confess to a bad blind buy on this one. No matter, it was only about £10 and I use it to dispel cooking smells from the kitchen. One spray is all it takes, so it should last a long time and it works out cheaper than candles. The only snag is, I have to avoid going in the kitchen for hours afterwards; this stuff will cling to hair and clothes and drown out any other scent you happen to be wearing. And you can still smell it in there the next day. Still, nothing approaches it for masking stale fishy smells, curries etc. Would make a great gift for someone with B.O.
29th November, 2012
Soft, powdery, and sweet.

I've been looking for old-school "masculine" fragrances and this was heavily recommended on the forums. I was extremely disappointed on receiving Giorgio for Men by Giorgio Beverly Hills to discover that it was an old-woman's perfume incorrectly labelled as a fragrance for men.

If your definition of masculine is powdery, soft, and sweet, this is the most masculine fragrance you can buy at any price. Otherwise stay clear of it.
14th February, 2012
This smells like "old LADY". My blind buy venture might save others from this nightmare.
16th January, 2012
Cloying and musty, I loathed this fragrance and dreaded receiving it as a gift. It is overbearingly saccharine and it has a frightfully strange sillage of flowers and a bakery-like aroma. Ghastly!
29th November, 2009 (last edited: 03rd February, 2010)
The-odor Show all reviews
Russian Federation
A Givenchy Gentleman clone. Different in a more soft way in top note though. Good patchouli basenote. I prefer GG.
22nd August, 2003
I enjoyed this in the 80's, but as my tastes have become more "refined", this heady fragrance has fallen from grace. It screams disco, John Revolting, the whole scene...
15th December, 2002