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Negative Reviews of Good Life by Davidoff

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A cool water wannabe. I don't see the fuss here. One of the few cases where the decision to discontinue has been a wise one.
Buy cool water and be glad.
25th October, 2016
Fig to Davidoff for concocting this. No wonder it's going for rancid peanuts these days. Oh for fox's sakes, it was one of the few fumes up to date that I couldn't stand one bit. To this day I don't know why I ever bought it. I love figs, but that relentless fig tree leaf was hugely unpleasant. If you're thinking of buying it, my advice would be to get a life please!
16th October, 2008
nice botlle design but the content of the bottle is a huge deception but i wasn´t expecting a miracle after cool water and the my opnion davidoff were successful with smoking goods and they thought-oh, let´s make a perfume....and it ends up in a desaster!What a bad perfume-stinking , bad tasting water......Ken Russell has said all!
11th November, 2006
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The very name is unsuitable, because it made me believe that this one is a scent reminding of conservative, comfortable, even luxurious and slightly extravagant country-club, old money lifestyle, like Polo, many scents by Burberry's, Old Spice, Eau Sauvage, Knize Ten and other basics, yet comparing all these masterpieces to Good Life is a blasphemy and completely out of place. And i'm not biased against Davidoff scents, even if i hate Cool Water with the same devotion, i truly enjoy Relax and Zino. But this one is so esentially 1998, the year in which it was launched- a time when metrosexuality was not yet a mass pehnomenon, yet all the male scents had to be fruity and flowery in an obscene way and all the males had to be blonde, feminine, long-haired, vapid, childlishly cute sunnyboys and exhaling a half trashy, half corny Lolita-esque sexiness. It is for them, not for the males over 35 which return to the essential, basic values in life, inspite of what the ad and the concept are stating, that this perfume is for. Davidoff should be ashamed of tricking young and often immature generartion into buying pure exploitation, pure camp and supermarket quality scents. This one is obscenely sweet, that it nauseates- and i don't dislike sweet male scents for instance, Boss Bottled is sweet yet an artwork. Too many misplaced notes of fruit, of vanilla, of a huge lack of freshness and coolness essential for a male scent. It doesn't smell clean either, but overblown with heavy, unbearable intoxication. Maybe syrup or a desert should smell like this, yet in a male fragrance it is the worst idea.
26th March, 2006
I actually kind of liked this stuff for the first couple of minutes. After that, I had a splitting headache and the urge to bathe thoroughly. My wife didn't care for it, either. I only used a tiny bit, too. It wasn't horrible, but the rest of mine now belongs to the garbageman.
11th February, 2005
It stinks and quite frankly im surprised at all the good reviews for it here. Zino, Cool Water and Relax were all fantastic. Product quality has really fallen off with the last 2 entries from Davidoff. BOOOOOOOO!
19th January, 2004