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Neutral Reviews of Grapefruit by Jo Malone

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Tony T Show all reviews
United States
Staright up grapefruit

I have only a sample and thank God!!

Ok spring scent better suited for females..

The scent starts heavy and ends light after about 2 hours..

True to it's name to say the least..

Pros: tolerable
Cons: poor longevity"

28th October, 2013
Kicks off with a few minutes of artificially sweetened grapefruit before ending up as a mix of citruses - to my nose mostly sweet mandarin and bergamot with lemon verbena for a subtle piquancy. It fades after a couple of hours, leaving a vague smudge of orange blossom, but this is basically all topnotes.

I personally think that the Jo Malone line gets short changed a lot by fragrance aficionados who miss that most of the later works (especially those by Christine Nagel) are fully-realized perfumes with tops, middles, and basenotes. Grapefruit, however, is not. Oh well.
09th January, 2013
rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Grapefruit pretty pure on me, with a bit of wood added in the drydown. A mature grapefruit, with no prominent freshness on me. A straightforward scent, poor silage on me with a longevity of about two hours.
28th September, 2012
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The opening to this is very grassy and citric, think of a freshly peeled tangerine. It also may even come off as a spicy lemon but I suppose it's the grapefruit. If I had a way of describing the scent as the heart notes blend with the base, I'd say that this is a mix between D&G Masculine and Aramis Tuscany. Imagine the citrus wood base of D&G Masculine under the spicy, mossy, woodiness in Tuscany. It's clean yet spicy. Projection is moderate and longevity is around 6-8 hours. I wouldn't go as far as dubbing this unisex neither. It's far too spicy and woody for a female, or at least I would say. Although I encourage any age to wear what they'd like, I'd d=say this is ideal for an older gentleman 35+. My final rating B-
12th May, 2011
Not too much to say. Exactly what you were expecting when you read "grapefruit" on the label. A zesty blast...then a generic sort of lemonygrass citrus...then...what? did I fall asleep?
02nd September, 2010
Bright, refreshing open of light, non-sweet grapefruit... and then it just becomes a clean soap smell. Why bother?
23rd April, 2010
smells like a fruit and passion store, boring
13th April, 2010
Since no one has provided a fragrance pyramid, here are the notes, per the Jo Malone website:

Top notes: grapefruit, tangerine (citrus)
Heart notes: rosemary, mint, pimento, jasmine (aromatic, spicy, floral)
Base notes: vetiver, patchouli, tree moss (woody)

I find the grapefruit in the opening to be rather tame. I do get floral overtones right away. Then it becomes soapy. Anyway, I prefer bolder renditions of grapefruit than this offering.
19th September, 2009
It delivers very good grapefruit, which is why I'm not giving it a thumbs down. It fades down into a soap (Zest comes to mind) and when I tried to mix it with other essences it was almost completely obliterated. That's why I'm not giving it a thumbs up.
01st March, 2009
Jo Malone’s Grapefruit perfume starts off sharp-ish but then is toned down with white flowers so that it becomes a very tame, light fragance. The vetiver in the middle and base notes give it some warmth and depth and is probably why some reviewers characterize it as a masculine perfume. Jo Malone’s Grapefruit doesn’t have the zing that I adore in Aqua Allegoria’s Pamplelune or the cheerfully unabashed zestiness of Frederic Malle’s Bigarade Concentree, but Jo Malone’s Grapefruit is a competent scent that will likely appeal to a man or a woman who doesn’t want to smell overly “perfumey” but wants to smell “clean”. Ho hum.

Per The Perfumed Court, here are the notes: grapefruit, tangerine, vetiver and rosemary.
13th November, 2008
I'm going to have to accept the facts that acceptfacts is right. Grapefruit at first... for like a second but goes right into an overwhelming soapy, clean fragrance like 1881. Up close you can still smell grapefruit but the people around me smell soap. As a fragrance, yuck. As a bath soap, it would be delightful (and it is offered as one).
10th November, 2008
SniffQ Show all reviews
United States
As a citrus lover, I bought the body cream and the fragrance. The first rush of grapefruit is so sublime, I thought I'd found my second-skin scent. Alas, not. Within an hour it no longer smelled of grapefruit, but of white flowers. I'm not a white flower lover. And not once I got a whiff of that amazing grapefruit zest, that delightful, perfect scent match.
Great if it works on you!
15th September, 2006