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I did one of those fun "what should your signature scent be?" quizzes online, and the result I got was actually "Grapefruit" cologne by Jo Malone! :D So, just for laughs, I got a sample of it to try!
Yesterday I tried my sample of "Mure et Musc" by L'Artisan Parfumeur, and I have to say that wearing "Grapefruit" by Jo Malone is a huge relief by direct comparison! To my nose, "Mure et Musc" smells like a hundred strawberry shortcakes were bottled and made into a perfume, and I found that a bit headache inducing! Just wearing "Grapefruit" is actually refreshing by comparison! It's a very light, bright, sparkling, lively and invigorating scent! I actually think it is pretty nice on it's own, although yes, like Mushroom said, this whole fragrance line is made for layering!
That said, although I do enjoy the scent of this cologne, I think I would probably like it on a guy more than on myself. It is actually a more masculine citrus scent. Personally, on myself, I prefer wearing the Pink Grapefruit EDT from The Body Shop. It's a much prettier and more feminine grapefruit scent than Jo Malone's is. This one is mostly a sour and savory herbal scent, whereas "Pink Grapefruit" from The Body Shop has flowery and sweet notes added, making it a prettier scent. However, if what you want is a masculine or more unisex grapefruit, then yes, you probably want to check this one out! (Plus, Jo Malone probably has sweeter scents you could layer this with as well!)
Overall it is a very nice, pleasant smelling fragrance, and I definitely give it a thumbs up! It's worth trying at least once if you're a fan of citrus and sporty scents at all!
19th December, 2015
mushroom Show all reviews
United Kingdom
I think a lot of Jo Malone's scents are misunderstood - they are rarely best worn alone, but layered with another, maybe 2 other of the scents. They are all designed to work together, and believe me, try the Blue Agava & Cacao with the Grapefruit, and you will get a completely different, beautiful fragrance.

Both these scents do not do much alone, but together are fantastic. I get so many compliments when wearing these, even strangers in shops stopping me and asking me what scent I am wearing. The only negative thing I can say about Jo Malone is for an expensive brand, they do not have the same staying power as other perfumes in the same price range.
20th July, 2012
Loro Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Definitely a summer fragrance for me, and yes, I get the soap too, but love the freshness of this and the way it dries down woody, with no sweetness. Pretty good longevity on me - stays tangy for a couple of hours or so. I admit that after a couple of sniffs I get generic citrus, rather than pure grapefruit, but still find it pleasantly zingy. A great fallback light summer fragrance, for those occasions when you don't necessarily want to make too much effort or impression!
17th January, 2009
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Fragrance notes: grapefruit, tangerine, rosemary, vetiver
No surprises – this is very citrusy. It is quite natural smelling, and thus I enjoy it a lot. There are lovely green and light herbal notes, a hint of pine/mint from the rosemary and another grassy hint from vetiver. These give the scent very good longevity, and the citrus finds a way to linger too. I like this very much! JM scents are designed to layer, and I have no doubt this would add sparkle to many scents. I think it stands well on its own, as well.
23rd October, 2008
A slightly bitter, none too sweet take on the overdone grapefruit. Really a great "layering" frag, but not my favorite when worn alone.
16th November, 2007
AYALA said it best ~ a handsomely done citrus. Bravo! Works nicely as a layering product IMO. (I might sneak a spritz onto my husband and see how that goes!)
12th October, 2007
Sharp and masculine grapefruit. Its very citrus and packs a punch.

Its unlike all other grapefruits out there. The base note is vetyver so its very "masculine"

It kind of reminds me of YSL Pour homme and Armani pour homme.

The fresh and clean scent is amazing from first spray to dry down. I am not a big fan of citrus scents, but this is definitely a winner.

Not all of Jo malones scents last long but this one does.

Layers well with: Amber and Lavender and Vetyver by Jo Malone

WARNING: Since the base note is vetyver many women may find this to be a bit too "masculine"
03rd May, 2007
This used to be one of my favourites from the line, but after I discovered the true identity of Orange Blossom, it kind of lost some of its charm for me. It’s a rather simple citrus cologne, and conjures a very aromatic grapefruit, so expect nothing of the sweetness of Guerlain’s Pampelmousse. Grapefruit is not the first thing that you think of when smelling this cologne, but rather – citrus. It’s a reviving and refreshing scent, and very handsomely done. I think one of the most incredible things about it though is how well it layers with other Jo Malone scents. It makes the nasty Blue Agava and Cacao smell delicious and alive, and adds spark to anything really.
11th December, 2006
Jo Malone Grapefruit is one of the most remarkable of all citrus scents. It succeeds in duplicating, most convincingly, the zesty cloud of mist that rises from freshly sliced grapefruit. The effect is so realistic, and the recognition so immediate that it uplifts the spirit, just as the smell of the real fruit would.

This does not turn sour or sulphurus over time, like some grapefruit frags are prone to do, but remains fresh and bright throughout a wearing.

Grapefruit lasts well for a citrus, but should be refreshed now and then during the day for best effect. A good one for layering with other fragrances if you are feeling adventurous!

Highly recommended.
06th August, 2006
I just love, love, love this scent. The grapefruit is strong but nicely tempered by the other notes. Unfortunately even though I layer it with shower gel AND body cream, it just does not last at all on me (nor do the other Jo Malone fragrances).
17th January, 2006