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A green, sporty scent. Interesting, since none of the notes are especially "green" in characteristics (well, perhaps the verbena a bit). Smells like a lot of the golf-inspired scents of the 1980's (e.g., Royal Green,
Trophée Lancôme, Greenbriar). Pleasant, for me it is not compelling. Reasonably classy, I suppose.
Dry-down is salty and mossy -- but no moss is listed. Guess that is the ambergris.
11th December, 2018
This is very fresh and green as the name suggests. Lasts long, projects well enough. All the green notes come through really well.

Sadly, problem is that the next guy maybe wearing Cool Water and smelling almost(not quite) like you for one tenth the price.

Having said that, this is a classic. Is a classy perfume and feels that way too.

p.s. unlike most, I don't get into the notes, etc. It's all there for everyone to see on this site as well as other places on the net. I'm not a pro, just a novice collector.
20th October, 2018
Creed Green Irish Tweed (1985) served unwittingly as the original notorious "I'm better than you" socio-economic superiority scent for men long before Aventus (2010) came along. While that latter scent targeted an army of justified "new money" sociopaths chugging protein shakes in one hand and cutting their employees' benefit packages with the other while juggling gym routines and their Tinder accounts simultaneously, Green Irish Tweed sat quietly through much of the 80's and 90's, gathering it's reputation (and Creed's) by going against the olfactory grain of the decade in the mainstream, appealing to the "old money" guys who didn't need to scream in order to prove their worth, and could still have an empathetic exchange with a stranger or tip the valet without a snarky comment. In the days of "GIT", Creed was almost an enigma to most people, as was the scent itself, and the house didn't advertise nor sell outside of it's own boutiques because it didn't have to, and like most ultra-luxe brands in an age before the popularization of the niche segment, Creed maintained it's clout through exclusivity via word of mouth by way of it's wealthy clients rather than condescending advertisements to the masses whom most of which resent being repeatedly reminded of what they "can't have". Creed had a different approach for most of it's life, and it's funny because Olivier Creed (Six Generation) was in charge then as he was when Aventus launched, but soulless marketing cronies hadn't wormed their way yet into his brain and talked him into "curating" the brand as an aspirational one, although he DID secretly pull assistance for this big move to publicly-distributed perfume from friend and fellow perfumer Pierre Bourdon, (who was coming off of YSL's 1981 hit Kouros), since Creed hadn't applied himself to the complexities of modern perfume like his father, as evidenced by the simple and traditional Olivier-crafted Fleurs de Bulgarie (1980). Pierre would famously cannibalize most of the formula he assisted in making with Olivier for a downmarket proxy by the name of Cool Water (1988), creating the aquatic genre which has been "soaking" the male market for decades since it's unleashing, but the aromachemical dihydromyrcenol made mainstream in Cool Water was first notably used more subtly by Bourdon here. Green Irish Tweed was supposedly worn by Cary Grant in his latter years, plus a handful of other Hollywood actors in years to come, which was an early celebrity link which helped moved units into the hands of guys who kept up with Hollywood tabloids.

If Aventus is a garish BMW M5 with a racing wing owned by a mouthy head software engineer fresh off his hiring bonus, Green Irish Tweed is the scent of the CEO who hired him, a man who quietly leaves the office in an all-black Mercedes S Class, making idle chat with the concierge who he knows by name and often gives his company skybox tickets to when he can't make the game. The scent opens with a bitter sharp green head which fades very fast, featuring a stiff hit of what is likely the best lemon verbena this side of Geoffrey Beene Bowling Green (1986), which holds the note much longer. It's perhaps best that the lemon verbena fades so fast, as the rest of the composition would be at odds with it since we basically have a prototype aquatic, the Ur-Cool Water if you will, underneath. Comparisons are inevitable but Cool Water and Green Irish Tweed are not the same animal outside of some chemical magic, even if I can see the DNA, since GIT uses iris and violet coupled with the famous Creed ambergris and sandalwood in it's drydown, while Cool Water goes through a more complex jumble of barbershop fougère notes and mint. Green Irish Tweed is actually quite simple and elegant, with a beautifully-unfolding green floral middle, because of that iris and violet, and no need for chemical white musk because the ambergris is such a complex, round, and rich base note that it requires no extra fattening with laundry musk like literally every aquatic with a composite amber note born in it's wake. A man wearing Green Irish Tweed in the 21st century will leave an unmistakably familiar trail thanks to the promulgation of it's base aromachems, but everything else about the scent will leave a sweet, crisp, and herbaceous ambergris glow most won't place, and only die-hard perfumistas or mutual wearers will likely identify. GIT is the superior scent between it and Cool Water in my opinion, but Cool Water is by no means a cheap imitation either, as it's simply a different direction meant for a different audience more into conspicuous consumption. I know Creed haters don't want to hear that, and I give Creed their fair share of guff too, but when this house gets it "right", they really really do. Sillage is way better than any aquatic, and so is longevity, but Green Irish Tweed is obviously no 80's powerhouse despite it's 1985 year of release, which is probably why it has continued to endure as a top-end option for successful men over 3 decades later, while newer selections have already been "vaulted", even after the release of it's spiritual successor, the much-lauded Aventus. I think green masculines overall might seem dated to some younger guys, regardless of price point, but anyone that appreciates understated class will like smell of Green Irish Tweed.

As for me, I'd take Green Irish Tweed over Aventus any day, as green florals with a sandalwood touch will appeal to me 10 to 1 over fruity white florals with a dab of smoke, and something like Green Irish Tweed has better summer legs and a more-natural smell, as even though it contains the infamous "aqua-chem" that would later hold hands with calone and run amok through the 90's. Best use for Green Irish Tweed is in office or casual day wear, and like many Creeds of this ilk, could be a daily driver if the price isn't prohibitive. I also have more appreciation for GIT because it's audience has matured and simmered down, so I don't have to worry about overzealous type-A personalities going "beastmode" in my message box or on replies to my forum posts for taking pot shots at their bottled ego juice. Longtime fans of GIT have since learned that pride can be carried with diginity just like any other aspect they possess, and just like GIT itself, they don't need to be the loudest thing in the room to be noticed for their qualities. I don't know if this stuff smells like a walk through the Irish countryside as Creed claims, but of all the more-accessible Creeds I've smelled, this is so far the only one I'd take any effort to acquire, which speaks a lot. Pierre Bourdon would also stick around to help Olivier Creed with Bois du Portugal (1987), which was the "loud 80's powerhouse" in the Creed canon, and a stiffly mature fragrance that nobody under 30 should touch (smell it and see), but Green Irish Tweed still wins me over as the best masculine 80's Creed, and maybe best masculine Creed period not only for thrusting the label into the public eye and erecting a segment of ultra-luxe top-end department store smells which they still lead, but by being truly ahead of it's time with a gentle grace during a decade when ham-fisted animalics ruled the day, and thus an extremely timeless fragrance carries on. I'm still at odds with Creed pricing, but GIT approaches "normal" niche levels more often than newer entries in their catalog thanks to over 30+ years of market saturation. Thumbs up here!
26th September, 2018
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An absolute classic that is very difficult to replicate! I get about 9 hours with two sprays. Projects for about 3 hours and bordering on a strong sillage. The opening may not be to everyones taste. It's like a bitter citrus punch in the face, but in a good way! I can understand people saying they get a cut grass vibe but for me it's like a different type of leafage/foliage, some sort of freshly cut greenary!
26th June, 2018
Very fresh and green, not aquatic. The verbena, violet and sandalwood really stand out.

Long-lasting with good sillage. You will be noticed.

A niche-classic that's easy to wear, pricey to buy.

Worth it.
15th May, 2018
Great combo of green, bright citrus in the opening and then drying down to a clean, classy and masculine violet.

GIT is versatile and classic and should work well for most occasions, climates, and ages.

Longevity is good, lasts all workday but the projection stops after the first 1-2 hours on me. After that time, it's still there but sits closer to the skin.

24th April, 2018
I don't usually go in for discussions around reformulation and similar, but there are a lot of reviews here and so a real corpus to work from. The consensus around 2012 in the negative reviews seems to be "too green". Well, when trying GIT on paper strips I did have the experience of smelling something green, and rich, mossy, and salty, to boot.

On the skin, though - it's not so much green as "violet". I really do not pick up much in the way of greenery here, and I wish I did. Rather, I feel as though I've just been through a tumble dryer with one of those fabric conditioning sheets they used to sell. I am essence of laundry.

To make it clear, there is nothing wrong with the quality here. The accords are bold and long-lasting. I would venture to say that this is different in kind from Cool Water. The problem is that iris and violet are two of my least favourite notes. The base notes do their job as fixative almost too well here, so while I get a good helping of salty ambergris, the main function is to amplify the clean violet leaf. You can see that your money goes on good ingredients but these are simply ingredients that I don't hanker after.

In short, for me, not green enough. And that bottle - I'm unaware of whether the clear glass has replaced the black flacon, but what odd packaging that black thing is. A classic masculine packaged as a steampunk prop.
09th April, 2018
Iris and verbena. It's the essential Creed if you don't want to pop for Aventus.

yes it resembles cool water, but it's obviously more well constructed. If you can get over the cool water thing, you'll love this.

Performance for me is great.

17th February, 2018
Green indeed and throughout. Wish the lemongrass opening lasted longer though. Ends with the everlasting violet drydown after 8 hours which is pleasant, but somewhat floral unisex. Think starting your day on a very green, clean, and expensive golf course. With dew still on the grass and the bright sun above you. Classic scent!
03rd December, 2017
Herb Citrus took a
Fancy ride with Amber Gris
And Violet Leaf.
14th October, 2017
Highest quality summer signature scent out there.
I wish i can afford to be more liberal with this stuff, and use it more often .
High quality and very pleasing scent all around.
Onlything i dont like about this is the price ..

I am now waiting for my Tres Nuit coming in this week , if it's half as good as GIT i will be extremely happy .......

10th October, 2017
Minimalist but very nice. List on side of bottle is woody, fresh spicy, citrus, leather.

8-12 hours

Above average

Floris JF
Truefit and Hill Freshman
Armaf Tres Nuit

All but Winter

Celebrity I imagine wearing this:
Clint Eastwood
Pierce Brosnan

The single best masculine fragrance ever made.
The beginning is fresh sparkling green lemon verbena. The violet leaf and ambergris gives it a masculine edge that is marine but not aquatic. I think the base smells like the ocean. Oily and marine. A true gentleman's timeless fragrance.
30th September, 2017
GIT was my signature scent for 18 years, that was until they reformulated it.
The latest 2017 offering is nothing like vintage GIT (1995-2012) which is a real shame, as it was a MASTERPIECE, they 'new' version is simply not even close to the original.
In fact, i'd say the latest 2017 batch smells more like a less chemical smelling Aspen spliced with CW or even one of those smell alike jobbies you get on Ebay or Amazon.

If you think i'm wide of the mark by saying GIT has changed massively, consider this;
How can this still smell the same when the notes and where they are placed in the frag have changed? Its no longer the same ingredients or composition that was launched in '85, so surely it must smell different?

If you don't believe me not only have they added Lemon and Peppermint to the Top notes they have also removed Iris and put it in the Base and in doing so Creed have killed GIT's legendary opening

The notes listed above are wrong with the new notes being:
Top notes: Lemon, Indian Verbena, Peppermint
Heart notes: Violet leaves
Base notes: Florentine Iris, Sandalwood, Ambergris

Rant over, I'm off to find a new signature scent.............
25th September, 2017
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Nice fresh frag very grassy with a touch of lemon in the opening. I am surprised I like it as it reminds me of opening a lawnmower. Expensive considering the cheaper alternatives that smell very similar. I do have to say though compared to Coolwater it is in a league of its own. moderate to good projection and good longevity on me. 7/10
26th July, 2017
Starts off lemony. I like it. There's something there that reminds me of Polo. It dried out and I still definitely smell it. Longevity lasted about 4hrs. My second Creed. Longevity average. Projection average. Nobody commented
Second try, didn't notice it at all once I left for work.
15th July, 2017
An extremely classy, elegant and versatile scent that even Creed's detractors give grudging respect to. This fragrance has a fresh cut grass and lemon verbena opening that is somehow familiar and yet unique. The rest of the fragrance's development is similar in producing a slightly nostalgic and yet timeless and classy aura. A great all round fragrance which can be worn in any situation and season (don't let anyone tell you otherwise). Perfectly unisex in fact and perfectly composed.

Fresh cut grass, citrus, iris, violet leaf and ambergris (presumably synthetic) done to perfection.

05th July, 2017
One of my favorite fragrances. The green opening is outstanding and puts me in a good mood whenever I wear it. Dry down is extremely pleasant. Longevity is at least 8 hours. Silage is excellent. More of a casual scent for warm weather months but can hold its own in the winter. I don't get the Cool Water comparisons which is too bad because I'd love to spend much less to get this scent. They're in the same ballpark but still quite different. GIT is truly one of a kind.
15th June, 2017 (last edited: 20th June, 2017)
Bloody Marvelous!!

To me GIT is the most versatile fragrance in the world. This smells great for daytime/casual. This smells great for formal/nights out. This smells great for date nights. It just smells great anytime of day or night. Has a classic smell to it. Very green but in a fresh way. Lasts and projects well.

02nd May, 2017 (last edited: 03rd December, 2018)
A beautiful green mossy fragrance with good projection and okay longevity. I kind of understand the comparisons with Davidoff Cool Water, but in a completely different league in terms of quality. I find GIT more understated and classy compared to CW in the same way a well fitted tweed sports jacket compares to a Harrington jacket.

This is what I'd like to say about this scent, but like almost all Creed fragrances it's overrated, synthetic and pretentious! :-(
19th March, 2017 (last edited: 06th May, 2017)
This is another "old money" scent that recalls class and elegance. What sets GIT apart from the other 80's powerhouses is the use of Florentine Iris, a high quality Sandalwood from Mysore and real Ambergris extract; all masterfully blended in a rather simple formula. The Violet note adds just the right touch of sweetness and balances nicely with the touch of Lemon.

I can't say that this fragrance is particularly unisex as since I have never smelled this on a female. Green Irish Tweed has had many accolades over the years, but I've always purchased it because it's elegant and pretty much perfect for any occasion. Silage and longevity are outstanding as well they should be for the price of purchase.
16th February, 2017
Opens with a mothball smell to me but shortly after that it turns into a nice green scent. After trying it for a few months it impresses me as a "real" scent that I wouldn't hesitate to use regularly.
06th February, 2017
The quality, sillage and projection is really excellent with this fragrance and it's a great daytime work scent.

Cool water is very close to GIT with the former having less flower accords and adding a slight chlorinated water scent. I think if someone were to buy vintage cool water they would get very close to the same effect with less performance thus offering better value for money.

I don't regret buying it but in this day and age there are more interesting scents out there.
28th January, 2017 (last edited: 29th January, 2017)
I have gone from really really liking GIT to absolutely loving GIT.
For my nose, this scent has it all; lovely, evocative opening; green, sensual mids and almost a warm, sexy base.
I know that this is supposed to evoke green fields (doesn't need to be Ireland either), but what it conjurs for me is my boyhood summer days spent lying on the lush lawns of our local suburban swimming pool. Great fragrances reach into our subconscious and remind us of things that we thought were only imagined, but actually experienced.
I have received a compliment from someone 6 feet away, 6 hours into a wear, so sillage is there. I smell it on me after 10 hours.
Best thing is that it's versatile and i would wear this in any weather, for any occasion.
19th January, 2017 (last edited: 13th March, 2017)
Over hyped and over priced.

Green, fresh, inoffensive. Something I wear to work.

It isn't this unique "masterpiece" that I have to pair with a suit or every special occasion.

It's a good fragrance, but no where near as good as the hype or the price.
16th January, 2017
A genre-defining scent from Creed. One can find imitators aplenty of this formula - some decent (e.g. Curve), others atrocious - but GIT has the unique Creed accord that few can imitate (namely, the ambergris).

GIT is worth the price for the evident quality construction by the house of Creed. It's tart, floral, bright and dignified. I don't know if I'd personally wear it for other than informal occasions (to each his or her own), due to its citrus components. Nonetheless, worth a try for any serious scent enthusiast looking for a legendary fragrance.
16th December, 2016
GIT is simply a masterpiece! It's been around for over 30 years, but it hasn't lost its touch. Even though it's viewed as "dated" among fragrance enthusiasts, the high price point seems to benefit those looking for something truly unique. This is true for Creed fragrances in general. Among the general public, it's likely that other men around you won't be wearing this, which allows you to stand out in a good way.

Green Irish Tweed, as it's name suggests, smells very green. Like a grassy hillside in early morning. It begins its life as a sweet floral scent with a hint of fresh citrus. It dries down to a soft woody scent, but doesn't lose the fresh green signature.

This was my first Creed scent, and it has pretty much ruined me when it comes to wearing anything of lower quality! Most other fragrances on the market smell very synthetic compared to this.
03rd December, 2016 (last edited: 04th December, 2016)
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United States
A wonderful green, fresh masculine scent. Great longevity and sillage. The classic ambergris dry down. My signature
25th November, 2016
Awesome. Best in class.
11th October, 2016
Feels like a cold, foggy morning in a place where some green leaves & a hint of flowers (marigold, lavender & tiny bit of jasmine) have been chopped off & cold water has been sprinkled upon them.
As the times goes by it loses the greenness while the salty musk starts coming upfront.

Smells very natural.

It does remind me of cool water, but cool water is GIT + chlorinated swimming pool water.

Projection: 8/10
Longevity: 10 hours

14th July, 2016 (last edited: 16th July, 2016)
Amazing gentlemen's scent. To my nose similar to several scents including Cool Water, Hugo Boss and Paul Smith which do lean more sweet smelling and don't come close to GIT. But they are similar with Hugo Boss being the most similar to me (at least as it heads to the dry down). GIT smells of sophistication. I have worn this for more than 10 years and will always have a bottle in my collection. Enjoy!
15th May, 2016 (last edited: 28th September, 2016)