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Negative Reviews of Green Irish Tweed by Creed

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A beautiful green mossy fragrance with good projection and okay longevity. I kind of understand the comparisons with Davidoff Cool Water, but in a completely different league in terms of quality. I find GIT more understated and classy compared to CW in the same way a well fitted tweed sports jacket compares to a Harrington jacket.

This is what I'd like to say about this scent, but like almost all Creed fragrances it's overrated, synthetic and pretentious! :-(
19th March, 2017 (last edited: 06th May, 2017)
If i spray my car tyre with cool water and do a burn out and then smell it, it will smell like GIT. I have no idea how come not even a single creed fragrance has ever impressed me.
11th April, 2016
Such hype for this one, classic status as well. I was prepared for something tweedy, sharp, pungent, sort of a citrus chypre, considering the ingredients. What I get is a dull, poor, generic oceanic-woody, imitated ad nauseum in department store designer bottles selling for under $20.

Created for Cary Grant? I don't think so. This came out in 1985 and dear Cary went to glory in 1986. This may have done him in if he did indeed ever wear it. It doesn't say much for the tastes of other celebrities that supposedly wore it: Robert Redford, Richard Gere, Quincy Jones.

So common, so unremarkable, so lacking in imagination and/or creativity as to be for my nose an emperor's new clothes sort of olfactory joke.

Vastly disappointing.
16th March, 2016
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The ONLY CREED that I have smelled that I don't like.

This smells so geriatric that great grandpa may in fact not like it. This stinks like Flexall 454.

Buy another CREED.
17th May, 2015
Sorry, but what is the point of paying 200 bucks for GIT when you can get Cool Water for 20 or Aspen for less than 10?
And honestly, I like Aspen more than either CW or GIT.
Don't get me wrong, it is still a great fragrance, but if you can buy a similar and even better fragrance for less than a 20th of its price, it makes no sense to purchase it.
I have to give GIT my thumbs down, not because I don't like it, but because it doesn't stand to the competition in the price comparison.
28th September, 2014
bisby Show all reviews
United States
Funny how some popular fragrances can polarize some folks. GIT hit me hard with a type of nauseating sweetness that annoys me the way a heavy powder note does. I get the lemon briefly with all too much sweet floral violet. I literally have felt a bit sick with a very light application and feel better as it is drying down.

I have tended to gravitate toward lower sillage and somewhat more natural blends recently. This whacks me the way some scents I wore in the 80s like Van Cleef and Arpels did with its fairly aggressive powder. But the Violet leaf in GIT if that is what is causing the sweetness overshadows any green notes that might be running within.

I am not sure of the ambergris base since I have no aversion to amber notes which ambergris can apparently project. The synthetic floral which just carries on reminds me so much of the synthetic nature of most department store frags I try to avoid. At least I can say I tried it.
02nd August, 2014
Female 1: 3.5/5, Impression: reminiscent of a fresh/botanical space
Female 2: 3/5, Impression: fresh and fruity
Female 3: 5/5, Impression: summer sunshine in a bottle
Male 1: 2/5, Impression: laundry detergent
Male 2: 3/5, Impression: sharp

Projection: average + (with a generous splash, though)
Longevity: as above (on the other hand, it might have been my fresh shirt what I've been smelling this afternoon - not all that distinguishable)

My opinion:
If you want your perfume to be just a complementary element to your personal hygiene, if you want it to be fresh and pleasant – GO FOR IT. It will definitely make you smell fresh, clean and generally agreeable.
If you wanted to spend some more cash to smell unique – FAIL!
If you believe that a perfume should express something, besides being a nice scent – FAIL!
Very “nice”, conformist, yuppie, teenage – BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORING.
A luxuriated version of Davidoff’s Cool Water. Period.

(It would be a great idea to wear it to an interview for a lower level corporate position, where clean-cut, positive, attitude-free and easily-manipulated people are wanted; or to a date with a chastity-vow girl and her parents.)

OH, YEAH. I change my underpants 3 times a day.
06th June, 2014
Honestly, let's get serious. Why would anyone pay that kinda money for cool water ? This scent smells exactly like that only a bit more richer. Save your money and buy davidoff. This is so over rated. Good thing i got a sample. Good gosh
10th January, 2014

overrated fragrance

25th August, 2013
Didn't Meet the Hype

I'm not saying GIT smells bad, but it falls short of the lofty expectations set by other Basenoters and high price point. It's been done before and it's nothing new or ground breaking. The longevity is just ok for an expensive fragrance. Personally, I'll pay $30 for Burberry for Men.

Pros: Smells fresh
Cons: disappointing

16th May, 2013
It smells like fresh herbs/grass, and that's not something you'd want to smell like. FAR too green. Very overrated.
20th April, 2013
I'm with others on "too green." I felt like I had rolled around in the back of a gardener's truck... it literally smells like cut grass after 10 minutes and I dont get much else.
14th December, 2012
Too... green. Like rubbing herbs on yourself. I want to love this because of awesome reviews, but what is the point of a supposedly attractive scent that makes me feel like a house plant?
08th December, 2012
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Laundry detergent.

That is what I get from the opening of this tremendously, criminally overrated and overpriced fragrance. I'm always blown away at the glowing praise this gets from everyone. I feel like the only person who can see the emperor is in fact naked. Or maybe I'm just too much of a barbarian.

Now, I will say this is a very inoffensive, all ages scent that works for pretty much any daytime occasion, however formal or informal. I also like the dry down but meh, this isn't anything to write songs about.
14th January, 2012
Tried it several times and found it very much smelling like cool water as mentioned by others many times. The dry down is a bit different though but it still not makes this scent worth its abnormal price. I find it very much one-dimensional. I don't mind paying a more for a scent that stands out but in this case i can't justify the huge difference in price to cool water.
Cool water i give a neutral because it is just not my type of smell, too sharp and annoying after a while. But here i have to give a thumb down as the price in relation to what it offers is way off.
Just like Bond No 9 if find Creed overhyped.
25th October, 2011
Njtnjt Show all reviews
United States
I bought several samples after reading all the positive reviews. Im glad I did as this is a scent which I find repulsive on my skin. I am greeted by a blast of salty nastiness with a whiff of citrus on top. It quickly dries down and never really changes in intensity or smell. Longevity is amazing. I tried it several times using several different samples that all smell very similar to me.

The point of this exercise, driven home by how this juice smells on my skin..... Is to always try a sample before buying! After my experience with scent I am a believer in the mysticism, the chemical reaction that takes place when scent meets skin. If you were to tell me that this one dimensional fragrance was mixed in an outdoor bathtub on a farm in the middle of nowhere I would believe it. It really smells that awful on me. YMMV
02nd October, 2011
Despite all the amazing reviews GIT is to me one of the most overrated fragrances I ever met.This scent, an aromatic herbal fragrance becomes ( on my skin!) quite sour. harsh and bitter.It reminds on Egoiste Platinum,Tsar and Cool water- all fragrances launched at the same time.
13th September, 2011
chet31 Show all reviews
United States
Interesting start dries down to a dominating floral note that to me, is not very appealing. The top notes are more interesting than those of Cool Water, but one thing Davidoff emulated well - I get the same unappealing foral note w/ Cool Water on dry down. I tried it a second time with the same results. Must give a thumbs down.
22nd April, 2011
Scent wise, it is very pleasant. But Cool Water does this scent a lot better. Save your money and buy Cool Water. They smell almost identical, but the aqua note in Cool Water makes it stand out over Green Irish Tweed. Thumbs down for the price.
12th March, 2011
How can it be, that this scent gets so much applause, even winning the Basenotes Awards a couple of times in different categories?

First impression after putting on... COOL WATER... or something quite similar. Any development after the initial shower-gel-start? Nope!

It more or less just keeps up the head notes and fades away.

You probably won´t get anything wrong with this smell, just regarding its mass-compatibility, but this definitely ain´t no reason to spend the ridiculous amount of money that Creed has put on the price tag.
27th January, 2011
Opens with a blast of greenery, including a subtle hint of cut grass that sets a nice summery scene for what is to follow.

Unfortunately, what is to follow is terrible. There's an awful lot of pine air freshener, that I can only assume has been sprayed around the place in a vain attempt to cover up a lingering whiff of vomit. From the slightly spicy notes - cumin for one - I suspect the culprit had just eaten a curry that disgareed with him/her.

Perhaps it's just my skin, but this is awful. Like a slightly better quality version of a Lynx deodorant.
16th October, 2010
paul Show all reviews
United Kingdom
I'm pleased that others have noticed the backnote (if that is the right word!) in this Silver Mountain Water and Creed Vetiver. It is chemical and eventually dominates all the good stuff in them. I've smelled it in Santal too. I don't know what it is but I dont like it.
07th August, 2010
Tried this highly recommended and venerated scent and was disappointed. The violet is too much and it makes the scent too heavy. Cool Water has nothing on this scent however, as I did the comparison when trying. Green Valley has this beat hands down.
17th July, 2010
Bigsly Show all reviews
United States
I'm with foetidus on this one. The violet leaf note ruins it for me. If you want a much gentler violet leaf note, try Paul Smith's London for men. It's got a soft base with a brandy note that's quite nice, though certainly nothing "extraordinary." GIT is just downright unpleasant to me. Sample first, unless you enjoy strong violet leaf and plenty of money to spend..
26th February, 2010
Green Irish Tweed-
This scent would be so mythical, so sophisticated, so simply beautiful if it didn’t have this staleness lingering behind it throughout. If anyone has ever had trouble removing the stale thrift store scent off of clothes from goodwill or Salvation Army (especially tweed jackets, coincidentally), you’ll know what kind of stale smell I’m talking about. Another way to describe it is the stuff that janitors used to cover up kids’ throw up back in grade school. It’s a sense that most unfortunately transcends smell and moves to taste, and it shoots to the back of the mouth almost. I know this sounds harsh, but that’s my honest reaction, and like everyone else, I looked at the ingredients before and wanted so bad to love it.
10th February, 2010
Kaern took the words right out of my mouth. I couldn't agree more. This is almost a fragrance stereotype.

GIT suffers from a symptom of modern Creeds that becomes a deal-breaker for me. That sickening ambergris-musk element that runs throughout. To me it smells like a mixture of artificial watermelon candy mixed with mosquito repellent. It completely ruins whatever else is in the fragrance, and it is a motif in so many of the millesimes that I now automatically skip over them all.

24th December, 2009 (last edited: 11th February, 2010)
This scent is perplexing. I have read so many odes of praise and many comparisons to Cool Water.
Thank goodness I only spent $20 on samples. It does smell Green but it does not smell particularly good.
For a Creed frag it comes off surprisingly synthetic.
Cool Water seems more approachable and gets way more compliments.
This is not a bad cologne. It is just not special at all. Really surprising.
By contrast By Man (D&G) also has a lot of hype surrounding it but as a heady, interesting, and long lasting frag it deserves it.
04th November, 2009
Horrible. Absolutely horrible. This is the quintessential things-I-do-not-want-to-smell-like fragrance, everything about this grates against my sense of smell. Kaern's review nailed it. I'm glad I only bought a vial of this, because I can never, ever see myself wearing this again.
24th October, 2009
Kaern Show all reviews
United Kingdom
I have alluded to this fragrance before in other reviews, but never actually reviewed it per se. This ships shedloads for Creed so won't have any effect anyway. The progression and blending of the notes is brilliant in GIT --- a lot of thought and effort has gone into this and it is an ultra smooth ride. The problem for me is that I just don't like the scent. GIT has a ubiquitous smell, which shouts 'I am a bloke - back off'. You know, that fresh green masculine one with a woody finish (yawn). When I smell it or others like it (too many to mention), I always expect to turn round and see either a prominent hairy chest with a ridiculous medallion swinging from it or a suited and booted money market dealer whose raison d'etre seems to consist of being as obnoxious as possible to as many people as possible. GIT smells of money, but with no style or taste.
14th October, 2009
It's hard to ignore the hype surrounding this scent so it was with great expectations that I sampled Green Irish Tweed. And walked away disappointed. Sure, there are similarities to Cool Water which compels me to ask myself, "Why don't I just get the Davidoff and spend the rest on a scent from another niche house?" Makes perfect sense to me. I would have given this overhyped and overpriced scent a 'Neutral' but an irritating headache-inducing astringent note similar to what I experienced with CK's Eternity pushed it over the edge. Fellow Basenoters will agree with me that there are much better fragrances from Creed.
11th September, 2009