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GIT was my signature scent for 18 years, that was until they reformulated it.
The latest 2017 offering is nothing like vintage GIT (1995-2012) which is a real shame, as it was a MASTERPIECE, they 'new' version is simply not even close to the original.
In fact, i'd say the latest 2017 batch smells more like a less chemical smelling Aspen spliced with CW or even one of those smell alike jobbies you get on Ebay or Amazon.

If you think i'm wide of the mark by saying GIT has changed massively, consider this;
How can this still smell the same when the notes and where they are placed in the frag have changed? Its no longer the same ingredients or composition that was launched in '85, so surely it must smell different?

If you don't believe me not only have they added Lemon and Peppermint to the Top notes they have also removed Iris and put it in the Base and in doing so Creed have killed GIT's legendary opening

The notes listed above are wrong with the new notes being:
Top notes: Lemon, Indian Verbena, Peppermint
Heart notes: Violet leaves
Base notes: Florentine Iris, Sandalwood, Ambergris

Rant over, I'm off to find a new signature scent.............
25th September, 2017
Starts off lemony. I like it. There's something there that reminds me of Polo. It dried out and I still definitely smell it. Longevity lasted about 4hrs. My second Creed. Longevity average. Projection average. Nobody commented
Second try, didn't notice it at all once I left for work.
15th July, 2017
Over hyped and over priced.

Green, fresh, inoffensive. Something I wear to work.

It isn't this unique "masterpiece" that I have to pair with a suit or every special occasion.

It's a good fragrance, but no where near as good as the hype or the price.
16th January, 2017
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As a 40-something who only recently became an avid aficionado of fragrance a little over a year ago, reviewing GIT is a bit like reviewing Phil Collins, "No Jacket Required" album.

Like Phil Collins NJR, GIT is difficult to separate from the production trends of the era - the big reverbs and gated drums are like the overwrought presence of dihydromyrcenal, which was the pop culture trend of smelling like laundry detergent or dryer sheets started by Drakkar.

There must be an almost universally positive association with the smell of dryer sheets and 20th century industrial laundry fragrances. Why else would so much CW, Aspen and GIT continue to fly off the shelves?

Yes, it smells good, but at this point in history it's hopelessly pedestrian, ubiquitous and even possibly Orwellian in that when I wear this I feel like I'm lost in some sort of consumer goods afterworld. This is the fragrance of the household cleaner isle of today.

So gents, spray on your GIT, put some mousse in your highlighted hair, break out your Phil Collins cassette, slap it in your walkman, and go pick up someone underneath the flourescent glow of your local laundrymat.

28th August, 2015
After all these years, I still just don't "get" Green Irish Tweed. What is it supposed to smell like? A bucket of melted plastic at the beach? Lemon juice mixed with shea butter? Weird-smelling leaves dipped in metal?

Whatever it is, it's much richer and substantial than pretty much any other aquatic, though I've never thought it smelled particularly good or understood how people smell this and think it smells "classy". I don't hate it, but I don't particularly like it either.

I keep waiting to have an "a-ha" moment where something falls into place and I realize how brilliant Green Irish Tweed is, but it's just not happening. Oh well.
09th April, 2015
Lemon Cool Water indeed. Not bad.
18th January, 2015
Ok... within what little I know, I would still venture to say that this is a quality fragrance. My first impression was (not to offend anybody), "Hmmm, maybe I could wear this in place of Acqua Di Gio and feel like less of a sissy...." (ADG is sort of the odd man out in my collection - I like it, it offers an occasional refreshing departure from my usual, but it still strikes me as kinda girly). Thing is, this then definitely develops into something perfumey. The clincher? My wife, "You smell like a girl." And there you have it, gentlemen. That was the clincher., confirming my impression I think it's a quality fragrance, but to me (and apparently to my wife as well), it's just too perfumey, it's feminine. For those who like or are comfortable with that, or for those who feel this is not "perfumey/feminine" (keep in mind, too, that based on the chemistry of one's skin, fragrances can take quite a different turn on different people), they can enjoy this - like I said, I think it's a quality fragrance (for whatever my thoughts are worth on that). But for those who prefer clearly masculine fragrances, definitely try before you buy, especially at the price. I don't regret buying a sample. I even kinda liked it at first sniff. But after about 3 or 4 wears I came to realize, yeah, I do kinda smell like a girl. Sticking with ADG as my odd man out (though Bleu De Chanel...)
31st October, 2014
jumpfrog Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Very odd to read a review stating there is no comparison to CW at all. As soon as I sprayed it I was transported back to my teens when I used to drench myself in CW. Longevity is really great with this one...but seriously why pay $200 for this and not $20 for CW. The average person will not be able to tell the difference. I really like it but because of that I would never shell out to buy this frag. Is it 20 x better than CW. No way! Save your cash and buy something else.
21st August, 2014
So much better than Cool Water but who really wants a tricked out version of pedestrian mediocrity? Clean, green iris and violet has been perfected in Cereus #7. Pass based on thesurely-you-are-joking price tag. 2.5 out of 5.
09th August, 2014
Emoe Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Not anything i would jump up and say, thats a great frag.

There are many better creed fragrances. Not sure what the hype is about on GIT, maybe it just doesnt suit my nose.

I really thought it was a mishmash kind of smell. On me it certainly didnt smell like a top end frag, more of a cheap chemist aftershave
01st August, 2014
After sampling it multiple times my immediate question was 'WHATS NEW' which i havn't tried or smelt earlier except the amplified linear violet note which remains at base alongwith ambergris and cant let ambergris to make a powdery effect.

in my opinion there is a lot of fragrances which are created on same structure i.e. Cool Water, Aspen or Grey Finanel to some extent, so whats the big deal..........

Here comes the HYPE which has been created by spending millions on advertisement. the only thing i appreciate abt GIT is separation of note otherwise its not worthy of the praise and price.

A Generic Fresh Scent which can be worn in office ( if applied moderately ).
13th July, 2014
I didn't put a review for GIT in?

Maybe it was due to the disappointment- I tried it years ago, waiting for the samples to arrive to try out The Most Popular Frag on Basenotes...

And I got a lot of violet, herbs, and musk. It smelled very dated and not at all like what I'd expected. I gave my other sample away as a freebie in a swap.

As with most Creeds I could smell the quality, but that doesn't mean much if the scent isn't knock-down fantastic considering the price point.
17th April, 2014
Yes, it does smell like a softer, welll rounded Cool Water

Lavender and soap; a fresh scent. It does have a good deal in common with Cool Water, but this is far more rounded, less harsh, more wearable. That said, it does not do a lot for me, but certainly is solid. Worth the price? Of course, to each his/her own, but this is not a good value to me.

02nd September, 2013
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review by stefly321

Got my son to get a test card sprayed with this juice. Was pleasantly surprised by the smell, it had a great oceanic note and so fresh. So a few weeks later i went to buy a bottle. I got the assistant to spray it on my wrist first, but this was miles away from what the test card smelt like. I gave it a half hr and got it on another test card but it didn't change. It just smelt like Plasticine modelling clay! I think it must have been a different Creed on the first test card. I'd love to know which one that was because it smelt great.

27th July, 2013
Love the beginning, gets a bit cloying as it fades

When I put this on it was wonderful, very clean, a little soapy, but as it wore on through the day everything changed. Finally as I sit here and it hits its end notes it begins to smell a bit feminine, I'm not sure if it's the sandalwood or the reaction with my own chemistry, I just hope I don't get accused of anything by my wife when I get home.

Pros: Starts fresh
Cons: Ends on an odd note"

09th July, 2013
Posh Cool Water

Posh Cool Water Green Irish Tweed is undoubtedly a finer scent than its Davidoff cousin, of much higher quality, smoother, less of the somewhat stiff, aggressive wife beater vibe, alas as I recently grew a tad tired of cheesy, old CW and other scents in this style (e.g. Lomani pour Homme) I did regret spraying this on my skin. If you enjoy this kind of fragrance though then this could be a great choice.

Pros: Lovely, quality scent
Cons: Brings to mind a certain popular megaseller

18th June, 2013
nyguy Show all reviews
United States
AMAZING longevity, just way too green in the beginning. Isn't an offensive smell but isn't the best either. Prefer Aventus to this.
04th May, 2013
Virtue&Sin Show all reviews
Russian Federation
The only thing that GIT has managed to achieve with me is to make me hear the crickets, and am a fan of Creed!
Smells nice, sure. But "nice" is just not good enough for this house IMHO.
07th April, 2013
This smells very good to my nose. it is a very overrated fragrnce. Yes, to me it does resemble cool water a lot, and possibly aspen even more. but it does smell good. I just don't get any longevity out of it. 3 hours and it's gone. it does not come close to justifying the outrageous price. my little bottle of aspen stays on my clothes for over a day. for this I have to give it a neutral. great smell, but lasts 3 hours if that, and is way too expensive. won't be buying another bottle of this.
16th March, 2012 (last edited: 25th October, 2015)
For me, GIT is a victim of cool water's success. I read on a forum thread here that comparing the two is like comparing cubic zirconia to a diamond. I agree completely; that accurately summarizes the difference between the two.

However, let's not overlook the fact that there is an obvious albeit superficial resemblance too. passersby will easily confuse the one for the other, just as zirconia set in a nice looking ring will make it easy enough to confuse for a diamond during a brief and casual exchange, which is the majority of human interraction you will have each day. Of course, upon scrutiny, the differences will be obvious; zirconia is glassy and diamonds are radiant and brilliant, just as side by side with GIT cool water is a synthetic grape candy mishmash while GIT is natural and distinct and glows with class. but cool water is ubiquitous and everyone has owned it or known someone who has owned it, at least around here where I'm from. Remember also that in this case, most people only have experience with the cubic zirconia version; most aren't aware that the diamond (GIT) version exists. And I just know (every time i have ventured to wear GIT) that half these people around me are mistakenly thinking I'm wearing that fragrance every high school boy has worn at some point, cool water. "Who does he think he is impressing", I could just imagine some of them thinking. And that makes me feel self-conscious and stupid, and I am not ok with that. I don't spend a few hundred dollars on a bottle to be mistaken everywhere for cool water.
24th December, 2011 (last edited: 07th January, 2012)
With all of the Creed hype about which stars and royalty wear their fragrances, I had high expectations when I tried GIT.

Perhaps it is because I have tried many similar scents of its era, I did not find GIT to be particularly memorable.

I found GIT to lean towards smelling cold,metallic, perhaps artificial, rather than a well balanced fragrance.
23rd October, 2011
bFlay Show all reviews
United States
I have only sampled this, but I will say I found it slightly fruity on top that mellowed to a citrus/moss base. Not really my taste and I can't speak for it's longevity. Not especially strong when applied to both inner wrists and mellowed within 10 minutes to the mild "green" or mossy scent. It's inoffensive. That's not saying much!
22nd October, 2011
Finally, I've come to review the king of recommendations himself! Generally, to address the usual debate, I'll say that Cool Water starts sharper, becomes fruitier, and finishes stronger, so it's up to you whether those differences are good or bad. Right off the bat, it's crisp and violetty, kind of a purplish green. The freshness is very invigorating, yet manages to avoid the sharp burning sensation that the topnotes of Cool Water have. I'm detecting just a little bit of spearmint this time, which I don't recall from before; hopefully I haven't already fried my nose from all my reviewing today. It also has a sickly, sappy component which I don't recall, and even though it's convincingly natural, it's very distasteful to me. I'm really confused at these variations, unless my decant and my initial sample vial were from very different batches. After a while, the crisp coolness starts to get irritating, and I don't find it as believable as in the GIT clones Caswell-Massey Greenbriar and Floris JF. There's always this slight, artificially creamy, metallic, candy-like edge to GIT which never really sits right with me, even though I'm sure it's a perfectly natural plant note. There's violet in the base too, but I'll cut them some slack this time because it's more stemmy and less florid. The real drag with this stuff is that it's nearly gone on my shirt by the end of the day, which I think is almost unacceptable at these prices. Later, when I get around to reviewing their Green Valley, I'll discuss why I think that one outdoes GIT at its own game, if only subtly, but in ways that I personally appreciate.
02nd October, 2011
Green Irish Creed was the first Creed and first niche fragrance I've ever sampled and/or bought. I just had to try it just to see what the hype was about and experience the legend for myself. I was certainly not disappointed. The opening was a little much but it doesn't take very long for it to calm down to a beautiful green, flowery, freshness. The smell on the card lingered in my mind for hours after I smelled it. It is truly a great fragrance.

I needed to try a few daily wears before pulling the trigger so I subsequently bought a decant online. Sillage and Longevity were both good. It performed very well. I was ready for the purchase.

I bought a bottle. It was very much the same GIT as I remember from the decant, but it was different. It felt a bit stronger and greener and it didn't last nearly as long. Within a couple of hours, the fragrance starts to fade. This never happened to with my decanted sample.

This has remained the case every time I used the fragrance. I bought it from a reputable dealer so the authenticity isn't in question. I still love GIT but I have to carry a mini bottle with me every time I wear it.

Creed Green Irish Tweed is a great scent that lives up to the legend, but Creed is also notorious for its inconsistency with batches. I don't feel like I got what I paid for, and I have to review the fragrance based on the bottle that I have.

Sillage is great. Longevity is poor.
Suitable for any weather, day or night. Office appropriate.
Recommended for the mature crowd. I don't think the younger crowd would appreciate it as much.

I give Green Irish Tweed a 4 out of 5.

EDIT: Obligatory GIT vs Cool Water comment.
-GIT is to Cool Water as an authentic Neapolitan pizza is to a Pillsbury Pizza Pop. They might smell/taste similar, but only one of them can be called magnificent
13th May, 2011
Commenting upon the several posts comparing G.I.T. to Cool Water...
As it happens they were both composed by the same parfumer, Pierre Bourdon.
I couldn't tell from the comments if that was known.
10th March, 2011
After years of prevaricating, I've finally bough this stuff. While not quite disappointed, I was surprised at not being blown away as everybody said I would be. I'd smelt it before from testers so always had a rough idea of what it smelt like, but was unsure how it would develop on my body. I found out today. Whatever one's thoughts on this stuff, I think one must speak of it with respect, so here goes.

In a purely objective sense, it's good scent. I did however find the basenotes to be exceedingly rich, without offering the partnership of lingering top-note I tend to expect from a good scent's drydown: seemed to be just a lot of naked ambegris and musk there. The opening is, I'm going to have to say, nearly identical to Cool Water -- or, to be fair maybe more like the Floris scent JF. So, fresh, but pretty (in fact very) uninteresting. I think all the magic happens in the middle, as it develops and dries down. The experience so far has been somewhat ephemeral, and it failed to make an impression on me. A bit like meeting a renowned personage and realising how ordinary he or she is, but still retaining a good deal of respect for them.

I reiterate that, objectively, this is a good scent. But, subjectively, I find my judgment so far in choosing Freshman by Truefitt and Hill for my representative in the lavender/iris/woodsy family, has been vindicated. Freshman does a better job for the same brief, than GIT: the opening of Freshman is beautifully fresh without being hackneyed, and surprisingly complex for that family of scents. It also dries down to a base astonishingly similar to GIT with the added benefit of retaining the clean bits it opened with, and not becoming the heavy ambegris-musk that GIT becomes.

All this being noted, at exactly half the price of GIT, I have little reason to prefer GIT. So on that basis I'm going to tone down GIT's presumptive rating of 'thumbs up', to a more sober 'neutral'. But only because of the viable competition Freshman offers, not because GIT is not a decent scent. I'm going to carry on wearing it for a while to see if we grow to like eachother. But at the moment, I'm thinking I'll probably only buy it every now and again, though it won't become a staple.
10th January, 2011
Tried this for the first time today and have to concur with many of the points made in previous reviews: green, polite, natural, with a lovely dry-down that had me liberally sniffing my forearm this morning (much to the understandable distaste of co-workers). Frankly, it's hard to dislike. I suppose it does have a passing resemblance to Cool Water, in the same way that a Ford Fiesta has a passing resemblance to an Aston Martin, but most would notice the difference I think. Cool Water has nasal-stripping, synthetic astringency, while Irish Tweed is much smoother and refined. Would I pay the mega bucks needed for a full bottle of Irish Tweed? Sadly, no. Very nice and all that, but not world changing (for me at least).
13th October, 2010
This fragrance is ok, reminds me of Irish Spring Soap. I'll pass on GIT. But it smells fine. Would i buy it? No and not at that price.

I'll stick to Millesime Imperial.
30th July, 2010
mrmossa Show all reviews
United Kingdom
This Creed was one the first of my premium luxury purchases, I first encountered this in a perfumery in Monaco and it blew me away.

This had a huge effect on me back in the early Noughties in Monte Carlo, I bought it on the spot and spent the following week in the Principality wearing this. I was staying at a friends apartment and traveling alone so it was very personal experience.

I found the scent overwhelming and totally addictive. I remember spraying liberally, followed by feelings of 'Oh God I've over done it'. This was followed by that subsiding and then re-applying liberally. I loved the green overload of notes and encompassing aura of quality. Perhaps it was the temperature and setting of Monte Carlo but it just smelt of money and sophistication.

Fast forward 10 years - I still wear this on occasion, have this in my collection and enjoy GIT. However, once a friend and expert on fragrance explained it was Calone that drove GIT but was also the main driving force of Davidoff Cool Water, (something I never owned), the spell was destined to be broken.

I bought Cool Water the next time I was in Heathrow Duty Free and it changed my love of GIT.

After this education I felt the two fragrances are clearly different but just too similar. They take me to different places - GIT is a Saville Row suit with Cool Water the diffusion line at the High Street Store by the same designer.

Once I realised it was Calone driving both these scents in such a major way it made me think twice about spending at least 4 times as much for the Creed offering. It also lost the allure of the special quality of GIT.

I have to say I love both of these scents in different ways but the similarities sadly diminishes my love for GIT. This is not only due to price, although this is certainly a factor. I feel that a niche and luxury scent with a corresponding price tag has to have a unique selling point beyond something so close to a blockbuster mens fragrance. It seems the fabulous synthetic Calone is the USP of both of these - albeit worked differently but too closely to give GIT a real Thumbs Up.

A love affair that is lovely to remember but was ruined by the equally sexy, cheaper cousin of the original.

10th June, 2010
Smelled wonderful on the card -- fresh, green, rich and gripping; all notes forming a harmonious chord (a quality I love). On me, it develops an odd, cumin-like note and smells cheap -- (I suspect the violet), doesn't last and sillage is poor. My diet is not spicy and is plant based, so I have no idea what causes this.

One of the philosophical questions that arises when reviewing, is "Do I review the fragrance as it exists unto itself or how it works on me?" Hence, the neutral thumb.
10th June, 2010