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Neutral Reviews of Greenbriar by Caswell-Massey

Total Reviews: 5
Mid: French lavender, Russian sage, modern florals
Base: patchouli, cool musk, labdanum absolute
Note that the fragrance notes are different from the BN description. I got these off the box, they are the same for the scent and the accompanying soap. Probably the BN reflects the earlier formulation which would have (on the face of it) been greener and more herbal. The new elements, in particular the ozone and cool musk, are a concession to the modern “fresh” market taste. This starts with a an orange-floral and fresh ozonic blast which is a bit sweet. There are some good herbal-green notes, and light patchouli. The drydown is a pleasant dusky green with a slight soapy air. The freshness and ozone is not excessive, and make this a pleasant but not brilliant summer scent.
08th February, 2009
I've purchased this for my husband many times and we like it. It's kind of soft, not loud at all. On him it's very clean and fresh smelling. Not strong at all. Although I like it, it is a bit boring, blah, plain.
20th April, 2008
Soapy; standard conventional; inoffensive green smelling; mens club bathroom smell. Nice. All right. Reminds me of the the glass cylindrical containers in golf course mens rooms with the comb in the blue water. Who ever actually uses those combs? Who would use this? Oh, right, my dear departed dad would I guess. A cologne of happy memory.
21st November, 2007 (last edited: 11th January, 2008)
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I've got the newer version and I agree that it definitely isn't anything to wait in line for. It DOES smell like Cool Water, which itself smells like Creed GIT. I've got GIT on my left and Greenbriar on my right, and the Greenbriar really tries to be like Creed with synthetics. That being said, it isn't BAD... it just isn't particularly innovative or interesting. For $10 or less, it's worth it. Anything more is questionable.
07th February, 2007
Beware the new Greenbriar. The old classic was very green and long lasting, with an ambery drydown that had a bit of a bite to it. I can highly recommend this one. The new one is a Cool Water clone that has no reason for its existence. If people wants something that smells like Cool Water, I'd venture to guess that they would purchase Cool Water.
27th September, 2005