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A soft soap smell. I so not know the exact reason I change my mind over time about particular fragrances, but something told me to give this one another try. I had Greenbrier lying around on my husband's dresser for years, not really likng it but not parting with it either. I was looking for something else to wear and I shopped at my own home. This has happened a lot lately. My age or experience?
I cannot say anything different than what has been mentioned. It is an overall pleasant soapy with a soft dry down that resembles Irish Spring. The lavender gives it an herbal appeal. Greenbrier is fresh, clean, and simple. I keep tryng to look for a fresh new scent. I don't know what is it but contemporary scents have this synthetic, harsh smell. Not Greenbrier, at no time does it dry and reveal notes that are unpleasant.
19th August, 2017
As a child I smelled
The mountain motel's bar soap
Glad to be alive.
01st August, 2017
I'm giving a thumbs up to the modern Greenbriar. It's really quite nice.

It's got that effect that happens when you add leafy vetiver to neroli and it creates a grassy green aroma that's simultaneously fresh and citrusy (the best known example of this is probably Mugler Cologne). It then places this in an aquatic setting that reminds me of CK One or Chez Bond, in place of the lemon and bergamot these types of scents usually use. The end result is pretty brilliant. You get the modern aquatic freshness with the questionable stuff taken out and replaced by grassy green citrus. No stupid metal smells or fusty violet leaf or dumb melon, just a perfect coming together of two forms of freshness.

My only small complaint is that, especially after a few hours, the grassy neroli mixing with the soapy undertones of the aquatic bits does smell like a fancy version of Irish Spring soap. I would have preferred some Creed-esque ambrox or something in the base to keep things rich, but I guess that's the trade-off you have to expect from a scent that often sells for twenty-something dollars. Personally, I like the Irish Spring smell and don't consider it a problem. In fact, if I ever use up my bottle of Chez Bond, I'd seriously consider replacing it with Greenbriar.
04th April, 2013
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My bottle of Greenbriar must be the original formulation, because it smells nothing like Cool Water. Nor was "ozone" (listed on the current packaging) in common use in perfumery in 1984, when Greenbriar was introduced . What it DOES smell like is a much-diluted version of Polo's top and middle notes --- the opening is fresh and green but with an ambery-woody undertone. Instead of Polo's rich tobacco-leather-patchouli base, Greenbriar's drydown is a subtle. smooth, somewhat sweet amber accord that keeps the greens going. It's somewhat reminiscent of Halston 1-12 or Grey Flannel, but softer and more subtle.

Overall, it's quite pleasant, but not nearly as distinctive or long-lasting as one would expect from an 80's fragrance, especially one in the lineage of Polo.
09th July, 2012
Well, Shamu said it very nicely: Cool Water meets Irish Spring.

An endearingly modest fragrance from Caswell-Massey. The 1930s golfer on the box, the beautiful green-glass bottle and the printed claims of CM's ancient history lead you to think you're getting something very traditional. The presence of "ozone" and the fact that the frag is about one degree off from Cool Water dash that particular hope.

That said it's really quite a nice fragrance - I find it smoother and better-blended than the current hectic formulation of Cool Water, and it's quite inexpensive. A likeable cheapie. I don't know if I'll be buying a bottle, but I would take this over Cool Water any day.
17th February, 2011
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United States
It's a good thing I often revisit fragrances I've hated, because I'd be missing out on a lot of good scents. After getting Greenbriar shaving soap recently and liking the way it smelled, I decided to try the the EDT again. I have to revise my review, because this is good.

If leprachauns wore cologne, they'd probably wear Greenbriar. It may not be the most natural smelling fragrance, but it's one of the greenest I've ever smelled. It crertainly does resemble Cool Water and Aspen at first; in fact, for the first 15 minutes I'd say the three are just about identical. Where Greenbriar marks it its own territory is in the drydown, which is smells very much like Irish Spring soap, only softer and without the astringency of soap, thankfully. I do not detect any patchouli, amber or labdanum in this, nor any silly things like ozone; in fact Greenbriar smells much greener than the note pyramid would suggest, and I'm reviewing the current formulation of this. It smells clean, warm, smooth, well balanced, and most importantly - GREEN!

I can't say I prefer Greenbriar over other green marvels like Wild Fern, Pino Silvestre or Acqua di Selva, but this is a very good, solidly made fougere that is suitable for all times of year, on any occasion. I'm glad I revisited Greenbriar. Thumbs up from me now.

20th September, 2010 (last edited: 20th December, 2010)
Redbeard describes this well. It has much in common with the cool water/freshman/git/aspen/garrigue/chez family, but there seems to be a certain natural botanical herbal feel to this one that makes it classier than all of those aforementioned family members but GIT. It's also the most masculine of them all besides Garrigue and Aspen. Yet it is still nearly as floral as any of them besides GIT. Overall a wonderful scent. An excellent value that sits above it's price point just like many L'Occitane scents......Caswell Massey's best imho.
08th August, 2010
Within the same family as Cool Water or GIT, but with more natural-smelling really feels like I'm smelling a bunch of mashed and extracted plant parts, much more so than with CW or GIT. The sweetness is much less than in GIT (which I think is a bit too sweet) and it also doesn't have the sharp astringence that I get from Cool Water when I breathe deeply over the spot that I sprayed. It lasts reasonably well to boot. Just watch out when buying because with Greenbriar you get 1.7 oz at the same price as 3.0 oz of most of the others (not that it's expensive by any means). Fortunately (or perhaps unfortunately) it has its own unique bottle, as opposed to the standard C-M men's one. I might replace my Cool Water and GIT sample with this when they run out in about 5000 years!
22nd August, 2009
Classic (i.e., the old stuff). Bores me to tears (i.e., the new).
09th October, 2006
The old Greenbriar was a light delight: bracing, crisp and refined (but not formal). My girl-friend like it also and used it nearly as much as me. Sorry to hear it has changed. The old version was early cool Spring in a bottle.
10th March, 2006
I am a big fan of original Polo (favorite flaa/winter scent) and agree with the earlier reviews: this is similar, yet more subtle. The big factor, I think, is the absebce of the leather note at the end--the drydown is very different as a result. If you like Polo, this is a good one to try--might be a warm weather alternate?
04th August, 2005
Being that Greenbriar has been around much longer than Polo, "Polo smells like a heavier Greenbriar". It is cleaner and more pleasurable to wear, absolutely superior quality.
18th February, 2003