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For some yers, haschisch was my signature scent but then disappeared from the market.
Few years ago one of my friends - a perfume expert - found some bottles at an incredibly low price, he phoned me and I told him to buy them all (5).
It is a magnificent scent, fresh and resinous over a patchouli base, very different from contemporary fragrances but still very interesting for those like me that do not appreciate "standardized fragrances".
I have the last bottle and sometimes spray it on the bed to go back to my discoteque period when I was spraying all the body with it.
24th February, 2016
Hascish is a great, ultramodern scent, which perfectly mixes the coniferous freshness of eucaliptol and pine (finally not a heavy, resinous and sticky pine accord, rather a light, breezy note, invigorating like a walk in the Alps) with a smoky, dry resinous olibanum-woody accord – mostly comprising vetiver and cedar. Initially the freshness is balsamic, energizing, scented with a light carnation note, then it warms up turning on a woody-incense accord, realistic and resinous, with dry woods and a mossy-balmy undertone (you clearly get both the oak moss and the leather at this stage, although both subtle and understated, only providing a dark and thin cushion to the main accords). All still wrapped in a green-herbal bag of pine cones and salty vetiver branches, with also something sweet which I can not identify further but which delivers a peculiar, mellow, addicting feel which blends perfectly with the scent and surely gives a touch of "narcotic" hascish. Green and cold before, warmer and smokier on the end. The drydown is cozy and refined, still balsamic and woody, with a really subtle anisic-vanilla note all over. A great scent indeed, modern and versatile, elegant, friendly and perfect all year round thanks to its mix between balsamic freshness and warm smoky woodiness. I have tested this from an '80s bottle so I don't know how it smells today, but it is surely underrated!

14th August, 2014
I bought it in 1982 was very different from what you describe, probably the new bottle (black cap) has been reformulated, but it seems to me the same old caron Yatagan of
28th May, 2011
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Russian Federation
At the late 80's I saw it being sold by italian correspondence sale firm "Postalmarket" toghether with mass market fragrances like Atkinsons. In 1993 I tasted it by a fluke from my italien client and falled in love with that dry, clear and limpid patchouly leaves fragrance. I asked him to bring it to me, but unfortunately it wasn't available any more... Tragedy!
Recently I found a fragrance, that slightly reminds of it - Patchouly Leaves by Lorenzo Vidal "Monotheme". But it's more sweety due to tangerine note.
30th April, 2007