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Negative Reviews of Havana by Aramis

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Spicy, smokey opening. It's like splashing on bay rum while trying to put out a campfire. The drydown isn't as smokey, leans more into Bay Rum territory.

A mature, old-school smell to be sure, but still has a playful side to it.
15th January, 2018
Havana begins with a strong green clovey/bay rhum blast that quickly calms down to a pepper and pimento middle ground. My nose does not detect any of the citrus notes or floral notes.

The base notes quickly take over, but they are a murky, harsh mixture indeed. No subtlety here and to my nose, no tobacco either. The oud here seems to just take over and let its bitter qualities smother all the rest.

A very poor scent in my opinion, despite the plethora of notes it supposedly contains.

16th July, 2015
Saw how overwhelming the positive reviews were for this cologne and was very excited to be ordering this blindly. Couldnt have been much more disappointed in it. gave it 2 sprays and now I'm stuck at work smelling like an ashtray. Positive reviewers, youve dropped the ball on this one.
03rd January, 2013
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Note that this review for the newer version. I just don't get all the positive and superlative reviews for Havana. First of all, I don't smell any tobacco whatsoever. None, no pipe, no leaf nor any smoke. I love tobacco and have many scents in my wardrobe to prove it. What I do smell is an acrid and bitter pimento/red pepper note that dominates into submission. Unlike the divine pimento note in PdN NY, the pimento feels like the chef put too much spice into the mole sauce. I can't smell anything else as Havana feels one dimensional and just plain boring. I can't help but feel let down after all the hype. This may be Aramis' poorest offering. Avoid unless you're into a nosefull of pimento and red pepper.
22nd October, 2011
Not being a rebel or anything but I, simply put, don't like it. After 5 or so tried on several different occasions, ambient temperatures even different samples from several sources just because it gets so much praise. I wondered what I was missing so I kept trying.

Opening I was all like, "OKay so it smells a little green and spicy..." and there's tobacco... then... and then came the point where Havana turned on me was at the heart. Something started mixing in the tobacco and gave a sickly sweet smell along with a spice. This combination of notes I'm going to call a mix of chewing gum and tobacco. It was really bewildering.

The drydown just kept going and going. One good thing about the fragrance is its longevity; that the vanilla and spicy drydown.

Complex fragrances are nice but when a fragrance turns into a calculus equation, it becomes less art and more cerebral. I don't want to think about my fragrance.
13th July, 2010
Want to smell like you've been stuck for hours in a roomful of chain smokers? This will do it.

I like many fragrances that feature a tobacco note, especially pipe tobacco, but this just smells like cheap cigarettes. The other notes are nice, but then you can get most of them, presented with better balance, from other Aramis scents.
16th November, 2009
Tony T Show all reviews
United States
i can't stand it!!! way too strong for my nose. very 1980 ish.
15th July, 2008
From it's bold, exotic opening to it's gritty, semi gourmand dry down, HAVANA possesses a distinctively organic vibe. With ripe citrus, dried tobacco leaves and rhum soaked woods (and much more...), HAVANA initially has a wonderful dewy sweet rainforest quality, but rapidly loses all of its charm during the sweaty/gourmand drydown.
20th December, 2007 (last edited: 18th January, 2011)
Swimming hard against a strong tide here, I have to say I don't like this.

My first objection is that it starts with a a mess of notes including the signature Aramis accord from the original aramis fragrance. It is just too cluttered and this aramis signature seems out of place. As is develops I find that the tobacco gets lost in an overwhelming mixture of bay rum, wood and spice, and for the life of me I swear I get a "fishy" note which is somewhat unpleasant.

When it finally thins itself out to the drydown, it all makes some sense, but I am not really willing to jump the hoops to get there.

An overdone, overbearing cluttered fragrance with too much noise for my nose, I am not surprised this has been discontinued in many markets.
23rd January, 2007