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To be fair: This review is for the new version, Don't know if it was reformulated, but it is NOT the same box/bottle as pictured.

I blind bought a bottle based on reviews and recommendations. I LOVE tobacco notes, but I guess I have to stick to the $400/bottle stuff. This falls flat with the natural tobacco note. It is powerful, first spritz bowled me over with 1980's spiciness. Dry-down is a bit better, but I think I'll sell the bottle. Nothing I like here, although it isn't bad, it just isn't for me.
21st May, 2016
I do not have any idea hoe the vintage smelled like, but i had a new bottle recently. Actually i think it does what it claims to be, an exact answer to the question, what if Aramis tries to make a sweet-tobacco cologne.

It is a gourmand for +40, try it for yourself, very interesting fragrance.
03rd April, 2015
I really wanted to love this one...but I simply can't....Bought it blind based on the reviews of some of the 'professors of scent' on this site (hat's off to you gents!!). For some reason, it's a dud for me...I saw it compared to Polo which for me, after 2 sprays in the morning, takes it's scent into the following week! Not the case with this juice..After spraying on both sides of my neck, 2 on my chest, 10 minutes later = nothing! Nothing! Not the powerhouse I thought it would be although it's very nice to steal a 'whiff' off of my forearm during the day and I really have to inhale to get anything....still, it might work for you! Fortunately it didn't break the bank.
27th November, 2014
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Contains a ridiculous amount of ingredients, and there's no way they could sing in harmony for a long time. Havana does not unfold so much as unravel. This is not a a major problem since most of the notes are pleasant and the scent has a lot of surprises as it finally dries down to this salty ashtray/brown sugar finale I am unable to make up my mind about.
31st May, 2012
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United States
I obtained a tester bottle of Havana on-line and so have tried it a dozen times over a few months. I love peppery, leather, tobacco, and patchouli. This was not as described, at least not really. Havana is predominantly soapy and waxy, rather candle-like with vague synthetic spice notes that come out slowly and breakdown within a few hours. Longevity is hard to fully judge as it disintegrates so quickly within it's fragrance profile which, again, is vague and synthetic. I never know what I'm supposed to be smelling when synthetics are mismatched and thrown together. Havana is ultimately an inoffensive fragrance if not extremely bland or bold. I'd suspect it would suit those who are themselves neither extremely bland or bold...
04th December, 2011
Aromatic and masculine are the first two things which comes to mind. I really do like the tartness in this one, that crispy tobacco, sweet woods and delicious take on bay rum. Drydown is to me quite much on the animalic side.
I basically wear this only due the summertime, and it`s one of those scents which keeps getting better and better as it gets hotter and hotter....
Like many of you know, this is still exclusively in production and actually very widely available in South Africa. Strange.

MMM said this is not that original to him (S.Tacchini Uomo is a fine example!) and I must agree. Good scent though, not as good to me as many of the guys seem to think.
12th September, 2008
I hate reviewers some times. Or maybe Im too gullible, but based on Base Noters this is the "most UNIQUE fragrance ever!!!"

Not really.

Not bad either, but........not a first, second or 30th choice of mines..(I own over 70 colognes)


Antaeus by Chanel +(add bay rum riched saturation= Havana)

Sung by Alfred Sung -( Subtract the soapy/powdery/floral installation= Havana)

Over Priced!
Rare, and totally understandable why.

Definitely not a boring scent, its busy behavior on your skin will wrinkle your nose at first if your are a conventional cologne wearing guy.
This Aramis effort lands in the unusual category, but not spectacular.

I'd wear it to a funeral, in Haiti.
25th May, 2007