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Reviews of Herbissimo Mejorana by Dana

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Here’s another example of this amazing budget line (see also Juniper/Enebro). This starts with a very green, grassy, mossy-foresty chord, and pretty much stays there. But this chord is so attractive and smooth that I don’t mind. A bit of an earthy quality comes in from time to time. Simple and inexpensive, but incredible value since it smells so good!
23rd September, 2009
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United States
A lovely and under appreciated fragrance. A walk in a fragrant forest! Inexpensive to boot. Not sensual, but good for office wear. Would not offend anyone, except those with multiple chemical sensitivity syndrome! As a physician, the last diagnosis is bogus! Two thumbs!
19th September, 2009
Tried this one recently, and zenpiper's remarks are dead on. A truly wonderful inexpensive fragrance.
23rd September, 2008
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Lovely, soft, floral, woody whisper. Reminds me of Bogner's Deep Forest. I always get wonderful comments with this. Last well too.
09th March, 2006