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This fresh, metallic, herbal, floral creation must have felt cutting edge in '91, just a few years before Platinum Egoïste stole its thunder.

There's some sweetened tobacco and spices in here giving it a bit of exotic flair, but it's a freshie at heart, floral and herbal and clean.
22nd May, 2020
one of the best spice tobacco frags ,however the reformulated version lost a considerable ratio of the glamour of the original formula , bad that this old formula gem is no more in production.
09th September, 2015
I recently acquired a current, allegedly reformulated bottle of this (all brown dotted packaging with silver borders) and without having tried the previous one, all I can say is that this more recent version smells really good for me. Nothing harsher or more “synthetic” than one may reasonably expect - and accept - within this price range; Herrera for Men is actually kind of classy, suprisingly compelling and really enjoyable, and also fairly creative for its era: basically a sort of really smooth, niche-like curry-scented tobacco scent with a hint of honey, some clean musk-lavender tone and the shade of a classic fougère structure. Lots of interesting nuances here, from something tea-like to a really balanced use of cloves (a note that 99% of the times I hate bad). What amazed me at the first sniff is how surprisingly close to tobacco this is – way more than other more praised scents that were kind of a disappointment to me to this extent (e.g. Aramis Havana, which is great but doesn’t remind me of tobacco that much; or inferior juvenile stuff like Michael Kors for Men – not to mention most of contemporary tobacco scents smelling like cheap candies).

Speaking as a long-time cigarettes smoker, I think Herrera for Men quite captures the aroma of a packet of cigarettes – not the raw, dry-earthy one of cigars, not the sophisticated, “humid-sweet” aromatic smell of pipe tobacco, but the mildly sweet, slightly synthetic, maybe pedestrian smell of common cigarettes. There’s lots of this tobacco here, tasty and realistic, together with cumin, a drop of citrus at the opening and something sweet-warm and slightly fruity, like honeyed amber and a bit similar to tea too (think of a grown-up macho version of Gucci pour Homme II), with a really clever accord of more “traditional” masculine notes (musky lavender, woods, geranium) that gives the scent a pleasant touch of “barbershop”. There’s also some really nice sandalwood here, joining the sweet-earthy side of the fragrance. A lot of names come to mind considering the different sides of this Herrera individually, but none would be really a comparison for the fragrance as a whole, as in fact Herrera for Men smells honestly quite new and unique to me. It’s surely a bit close to other early 1990s fragrances (the first Zegna comes to mind in particular) but there’s quite more going on here. The quality isn’t top-notch but it works really good, way better than I expected given that all other Herrera scents I’ve tried were utter crap for me. A bang for the buck if you ask me; it smells good, bold but classy, masculine as a Raymond Chandler villain, totally decent for the price.

04th July, 2015
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Like Platinum Egoiste if you spilled it in a curry

When I first discovered this fragrance, I liked it. It smelled pleasant and masculine and a little unusual compared to most men's fragrances today.

However, once my nose picked up on the overwhelming smell of CURRY that exists in this fragrance, it became absolutely disgusting to my nose.

Go with Platinum Egoiste instead, they are very similar, only Platinum Egoiste doesn't smell like someone's home while they're cooking.

16th August, 2013
Highly derivative of Calvin Klein's Eternity for Men, Herrera is a bit more subtle and progresses from top to base notes more quickly. The opening is fresh and zingy, then it settles down through its green mid-notes into a warm woody-musky base. I like!
14th February, 2013
I used this fragrance almost every day between 1996 and 1999. At that time i loved this. I dont have it anymore, but i remember exactly how it smells: great, mature and classy. Lots of sweet tobacco. Classic.
08th November, 2012
Wohu, first review! I had a interesting expierence in a parfum shop today. First: Dsqared potion. Hm, nice, beeswax and same smokey notes, but it doesn't last that long and stays very close to the skin. Intimate scent, I will give it a second try. Second: Kokoriko by JPG. Very interesting sweet notes and lovely patchouli, but after the drydown it's too generic for me. Very powerful, it still lasts on my hand. Nice somehow, but not for me.

Most impressive: My Herrera for men I still had on my wrists. I discovered it last year rather cheap in an duty free and it quickly became my signature scent. Natural and intriguing, the balance of leather, wood and aaaah.. geranium! Don't be fouled by the first impression, the drydown makes this one special. If you find most scents too sweet, esp. on your skin, this could be yours. Still my every day favourite.

Give it a try against some new overpowering designer scents, which get so monodimensional after a few hours. Excuse me, I have to wash my hands.

31st October, 2012

A spicy sweet tobacco over a woody-musky base. As said, a dynamic fougere that is a less fruity sort of Dolce e Gabbana Pour Homme. The beginning is crisp and grassy (but not so aromatic or minty as i perceive the Paco Rabanne XS's first blast) with all the sharpness of geranium and citrus while the dry down is sweeter and softer with hints of mild amber and with a beautiful work from cloves, cinnamon and tobacco. A clean and decent woody day time scent.
07th June, 2012
A great perfume with a unique fragrance, worth the low longevity, it also requires body heat to awaken all the notes being highly recommended for anyone who has a busy day out and run, or to a meeting where you want to surprise, for at first its fragrance is nice and smooth, but as things are heating up the scent becomes completely making the meeting something unforgettable
19th March, 2012 (last edited: 05th April, 2012)
Yup, this is a precursor to XS by Paco Rabanne, and Chic for Men. Herrera for Men is a bit fresher, with noticeable fougère elements and some aldehydes in the top. I actually like this one more than XS and the others of that ilk.

Good longevity, and can be found for cheap - check it out!
16th May, 2011
My first review. Of my First ever real Frag! :D I was 20 when I got my sis to buy me this. I passed over a bunch of stuff to find this gem. Its all I used for REALLY long, mostly as a formal scent. It's still totally fabulous, I have a tiny bit left in the bottle and I don't have the heart to finish it!

To my nose, it stays fairly linear but develops as it drys down. I much prefer this style of perfume than the ones which smell completely different as they dry down, tho there are some very beautiful notable exceptions to this rule :D

It smells mostly spicy sweet, but really well blended sweet. You can smell faint hints of the tabac and clove a couple hours after you put it on. It's one of the best smelling things carolina has made for men (not a fan of 212men or other greeny fumes, tho 212men has the most insane sandalmuskincensy base but I cannot suffer thru the green heart for it!) I do like 212 sexy for men tho - way more up my alley.. way better blended, reminiscent of fumes like armani code.

I'm a fan of 212 and 212 sexy tho :D

I recently bought chic for men based on reviews and smelling it on card and returned it because I couldnt suffer thru the incensy heart that came up after the pretty nice watermelony top. I LOVE incensyness, but it better be blended well with a complementary note like citrus.. like Issey homme Intense.. Chic for men seems nice and balanced except for that rude abrupt cheap incense.

Herrera for men - Still awesome. Smells a little for the maturer guy but I've been wearing it since I was 20, great frags have no age :o) Sillage is just right, longevity is huge. Preferable to use this in the evenings or cooler weather, could be too much in the sweltering heat.

I've heard about the herrera vetiver and ginger and am curious to try em out.. both those notes are faves of mine! :D SOON!

PS: This smells classy and sophisticated and for the discerning connoisseur. There's more complex tones available, but this smells just right for a relaxing evening.
30th March, 2011
probably the best scent from this house. it is light yet quite versatile. also has that spanish flair and boldness typical of the culture. would make a great signature scent for the classier fellow.
19th August, 2010
while the original yellow pois box of Herrera Man was in my opinion a more flowery stuff, the actual edition is more tobacco centered. What a pity. the original frag probably was discontinued due to the launch of 212, which matches somehow the marke segment of the original Herrera (please, tell me if I' wrong..). Indeed, Herrera is not bad, in this version, but i prefer other similar fragrances such as Burberry Man
27th April, 2010
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Nice as most Herrera scent but not great.not for young audience,but good and mature choice of tabacco foody fragrance.
07th April, 2010
A Gentlemens Fragrance! I received this for Chistmas by my bro-in law when I was 19 and ever since then, I've had it in my collection. The spices in this fragrance, such as the colve and tabacco, are ridiculously done! Absolute perfection! I've yet to meet a man or woman who have not been taken by this fragrance! Though, some wouldn't recommend it for a younger crowd, I say kill all that noise and wear it if you enjoy it. It's definitely intense with projection so easy on the trigger, and longevity is amazing so I suggest any true fragrance fanatic at least try it out. I'm sure you won't be disappointed! I wouldn't wear it in the summer/spring but it's great for fall and even better for winter! Good to wear on a night on the town or a special occasion. Your partner will certainly appreciate it! A must have!!!
01st February, 2010
One of the most elegant perfumes which I know. In the same vein of Burberry Men (this one is more sharp and burocratic), and Paco Rabanne XS (this one is more simple and perhaps more safe), but better, more refined than these 2.
07th December, 2009
Old coffee grounds, that's all I smell. A dark glum note of despair is what I detect in this fragrance. Depressing.
29th November, 2009
This is supposedly Angelina Jolie's favorite scent to wear.

26th October, 2009
Great scent overall. As per other reviews, top notes especially similar to Safari, but I find the drydown to be sweeter and more seductive. Definitely reminds me of the early to mid 90's, however. I would recommend this for more mature ages (35+). I am 28 and a professional, but wearing this to the law firm would make me feel older than I am, although it is an appropriate work scent.

Great fragrance for daily wear, but it is very standard (maybe copied a lot, but at the end of the day is not unique anymore).
16th July, 2009
Fragrance can evoke tons of memories, and Carolina Herrera for Men does it for me...I think it's the one that turned me into the wonderful world of scents (not even my first "frag", Lacoste Classic, can have that uhm...honor hehe).

As a fan of fougeres this is right up my alley, and the tobacco note just adds to its warm-fuzzy quality (I also own D&G PH and Versace The Dreamer, I seem to be a fan). Great for bed-weather nights (its drydown is comforting and just asks for a snuggle-fest), romantic dates and dinners with friends wherein one has to turn up the charm and the sophisticate factor :) Have had several compliments on this one...A scent that'll never be absent from my collection.
30th June, 2009
Lovely scent. Ideal as an every day casual scent to wear to the office but would also be great for evening wear in warmer climates. I particularly like the amber note in this fragrance and I agree with Vawallpa that it's similar to Safari (both contain Geranium and Sandalwood), although Herrera is lighter and fresher on my skin. I'm pleasantly surprised by this one and will be seeking out more bottles.
19th May, 2009
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Russian Federation
the beautiful aroma, bring back into lucky adolescence. Splendid, spicy, eastern. Long and steadfast train will do the evening with loved woman else more piquant.
In its niche has not equal.
30th April, 2009
Quite unique and very masculine. I wouldn't wear it because it would be like wearing a billboard with neon lights and I don't want my cologne to draw too much attention to me. However, I wouldn't mind it on someone else. Marginal thumbs up.
09th March, 2009
This is a wonderful crisp, sweet fragrance. It’s quite luscious and it has this wonderful tone which reminds me of something in between tobacco and crunchy walnuts. Its almost edible accord.

Very smooth musky drydown with woods puts out one great smelling sillage.

I can easily see this scent pleasing most of the females: It is a perfect combination of sweet, fresh, crisp and masculine shades.

I believe this was a some sort of prototype for Dolce&Gabbana`s mega-successful Pour Homme.
15th February, 2009
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United Kingdom
This is a nice fragrance but it is quite similar to the older burberry london and extremely similar to safari by ralph lauren. As safari was brought out a year after this I'd say that it is a blatent copy, but as I already have safari and burberry london, I cannot have both in my collection.
11th February, 2009
It should be in the top10 fragrances in the world ..... im not exagerating ... we are talking about a perfume made in 1991... but whenever you smell it you feel it is modern and you cant tell it is an old scent unless you know that fact ..... it is one of the best pefumes ever made .....
25th January, 2009 (last edited: 16th February, 2009)
Most complimented fragrance I have ever worn (and ther have been many) by both sexes not trendy not current just a complete classic .I have a fear that this may be discontinued I hope not.
Attending Xmas party in a room full or fragrance three people said "you smell gorgeous>"
20th December, 2008
Agreed! I thought my taste had changed since 1997 when I had one and used to adore it! Now it's simply not the same.
You can't imagine what you've missed! Anyhow, it still deserves a positive review.
30th November, 2008
I think the formulation has changed in the past 10 years. I bought this for my husband, oh, about 10 years ago and I loved it on him. Especially when it died down and I had to snuggle to smell it.

Now I don't like it. I bought a bottle about 3 months ago and I swear it's different.
18th August, 2008
Nice... Very slightly resembling Boucheron's Jaipur (although it's far from the refinement of the latter), this is a comfortable fragrance that proves to be very easy to wear. It's a sweet and light scent that seems to be a safe choice almost anytime. Not necessarily an impressive perfume, but a pretty enjoyable scent. Worth a try.
31st July, 2008