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Negative Reviews of Herrera for Men by Carolina Herrera

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Old coffee grounds, that's all I smell. A dark glum note of despair is what I detect in this fragrance. Depressing.
29th November, 2009
Nothing special about this frag than its bottle. The design is superb but the frag composition is not. Fern + Clove + Tobacco etc, clean fresh for the opening that lasts about 10 minutes then it dries out to strong powerful smell of tobacco.
08th May, 2008
I can not understand what I liked about this juice when I bought it in 1993. YUK,YUK,YUK.........
16th January, 2008
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Frankly, this is rank. I just can't get with the off-key fern or tobacco note that puts me off. I think they got the proportions all wrong here as this had the potential to be decent, at least to my nose.
16th June, 2007
Watery and very flowery, no spice, no 'bite', woodnotes hardly detectible. Even if you like lighter fragrances with flowery notes, thisone of CH might be a disappointment for you. It's simply too feminine.
29th May, 2007
This concept has been done so much better so many times since 1991 that there really is no reason for buying this one. For superior woody tobacco spring for Dolce & Gabbana Ph or Burberry London intead. Outdated.
05th September, 2005 (last edited: 15th March, 2006)
This is truly the first ...that I'll ever develop an extreme aversion to. Top notes are too sweet and from the 2nd hour i start wondering if anyone can notice that i smell like a camel
03rd December, 2004
Folks, It must be my nose, but the Clove note is too strong and annoying to me...I bought a 100ml bottle and I spent a lot of time to finish it!!!
Its smell produced the same effect Kouros did on me. Essencially, It's not my kind of scent!
19th September, 2004