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Neutral Reviews of Herrera for Men by Carolina Herrera

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A spicy sweet tobacco over a woody-musky base. As said, a dynamic fougere that is a less fruity sort of Dolce e Gabbana Pour Homme. The beginning is crisp and grassy (but not so aromatic or minty as i perceive the Paco Rabanne XS's first blast) with all the sharpness of geranium and citrus while the dry down is sweeter and softer with hints of mild amber and with a beautiful work from cloves, cinnamon and tobacco. A clean and decent woody day time scent.
07th June, 2012
while the original yellow pois box of Herrera Man was in my opinion a more flowery stuff, the actual edition is more tobacco centered. What a pity. the original frag probably was discontinued due to the launch of 212, which matches somehow the marke segment of the original Herrera (please, tell me if I' wrong..). Indeed, Herrera is not bad, in this version, but i prefer other similar fragrances such as Burberry Man
27th April, 2010
Nice as most Herrera scent but not great.not for young audience,but good and mature choice of tabacco foody fragrance.
07th April, 2010
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Great scent overall. As per other reviews, top notes especially similar to Safari, but I find the drydown to be sweeter and more seductive. Definitely reminds me of the early to mid 90's, however. I would recommend this for more mature ages (35+). I am 28 and a professional, but wearing this to the law firm would make me feel older than I am, although it is an appropriate work scent.

Great fragrance for daily wear, but it is very standard (maybe copied a lot, but at the end of the day is not unique anymore).
16th July, 2009
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United Kingdom
This is a nice fragrance but it is quite similar to the older burberry london and extremely similar to safari by ralph lauren. As safari was brought out a year after this I'd say that it is a blatent copy, but as I already have safari and burberry london, I cannot have both in my collection.
11th February, 2009
I think the formulation has changed in the past 10 years. I bought this for my husband, oh, about 10 years ago and I loved it on him. Especially when it died down and I had to snuggle to smell it.

Now I don't like it. I bought a bottle about 3 months ago and I swear it's different.
18th August, 2008
I bought this scent based on its comparisons to Paco Rabane's XS (and Himalaya, but I can't yet comment there)...

Well, I definitely think XS is better.

I can see the similarity, but when it comes down to it, Herrera for Men just falls a bit flat. My biggest gripe with this scent is a note that reminds me strongly of coriander, cilantro, or even curry. all flavours i enjoy well enough, but unfortunately not something i want to walk around smelling like... it comes off sort of rank to my nose... not a good omen!

that said, you may still like it. it lacks that initial strong juniper-mint punch of XS (which is a plus in my books), and the drydown is a safe, fresh green sweet slightly woody affair. not bad, but again, I think XS is slightly better. i suspect my bottle will last a long time...
23rd July, 2007
A very classic smelling fragrance with an opening of clean freshness of the grassy and natural note. but there is a note that seems to be off but at the same time works.
30th June, 2007
It was very nice for it's day but that day has long since come and gone. It is very sweet smelling, it could almost pass for a women's perfume but still has a touch of elegance. Many years ago I got one or two compliments with it, now it is over-played and outdated. This scent does not have the staying power of a classic.
25th March, 2007
I smelled this one and like it but it dries to smell like Burberry London. Just my opinion. I also happen to like Burberry London.
21st February, 2007
Simple, common, as other 90's men fragrances. I really love Carolina Herrera men fragrances but not this one. I found it more a 70's kind of cologne than a modern one, though 70's are coming back succesfully into fragrance world today.
06th January, 2007
Very nice, but too popular. A lot of people have it...thats bad for me.
Ah.....poor longevity,only for to go working half day or something like that.
05th January, 2007
Great package, predictable scent, given the name of the designer. Not bad, it is good value for money and interacts well on my skin, however i can't distinguish it from other typically Spanish and Mediterranean scents: in it you find the mixture of grapefruit and powdery notes from most Paco Rabanne scents, mingled with a hint of spaghetti- or pizza flavoruing herbs from Agua Brava, especially laurel. Even if neither grapefruit with a powdery drydown nor laurel ar listed as ingredient, the impression of both remained in my memory.
11th April, 2006
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There is something about this I don't like, maybe the sharpness. That said, there is something about this I do like - probably the softer notes. Oddly, I bought a knock-off spray cologne of this stuff in a Dollar store that I much, much preferred. I bought the real thing, hoping it would be as good as the knock-off. The knockoff was softer, sweeter and more accessible. The formality of the real Ferrera, along with its sharpness, just doesn't work for me.
10th March, 2006
Unique and warm, smells like a cup of coffee sitting next to a cozy bowl of lavender and cedar potpourri. Not my thing really, but I do think it smells great, and the Vetiver version is even better!
14th January, 2006
A very distuingishable scent. I think it's very rare nowadays and one will get a lot of attention when wearing it. Musk, tobacco, amber- early nineties
25th December, 2005
A very distinctive and floral fragrance (so much floral for me), it's known to be very appreciated by women (at least 2 girls I met used it). As it's very distinctive, it also tends to be very common and known (like Azzaro), as a first choice for presents from girlfriends/wifes.
15th November, 2005