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I'm glad I bought 10 bottles of this when I saw it on sale some years back. It is a lovely fragrance that is reminiscent of the suave and elite club room at the prestigious golf club with hints of sharp, dry citrus with undertones of wood paneling. Definitely smells high-class to me. A fragrance a wealthy sequestered curmudgeon would wear in his paneled library and bar. I find this fragrance excellent and am happy I have enough bottles to last for a very long time!
16th December, 2017
From the design of the bottle, to the advertising campaign, I was thinking this was going to be very fresh, and maybe even similar to Davidoff's Cool Water.
It isn't.
Yes, there IS a watery note/vibe here. When smelling this, it first feels refreshing because it's like inhaling a watery mist. The problem for me though, is the prominent herbal medley of thyme, fennel and black pepper. It's a slight bit of freshness, and a whole lot of brittle dried goods. The latter is mostly what this fragrance is made of, and it's not something I would like to wear, or smell on others.
And I'm not against herbal-smelling fragrances. Paco Rabanne Pour Homme and Aramis Tuscany are both excellent. But this one, not so much.
This is very similar to Calvin Klein's Escape, except that one has no freshness or water aspect.
This is a unique composition but ultimately it's a dislike.
31st October, 2017
It's not a bad scent but Horizon is definitely not original in it's make up. This is far closer to Wings than to Cool Water. Wings debuted in 1992 so I'm a firm believer that Horizon is strongly modeled after Wings. I even did a side by side for comparison purposes and next to Wings, you can really smell the syrupy sweet amber in Wings that wouldn't be noticeable otherwise but overall, these two perfumes are quite similar in smell although I prefer this just a smidgen more.

This is a lavender perfume, just like in Drakkar Noir but here the lavender is sweetened considerably by a healthy dose of amber. It's apparent that Guy Laroche wanted to keep the same theme going for Horizon as he did in Drakkar Noir but took the lavender accord down a completely different path. Here the lavender is supported by jasmine, oakmoss, patchouli, cyclamen, sandalwood, cedarwood, amber and musk. Seriously, this is incredibly close to Wings smell wise so if you like that, you'll like this and if you've smelled that, then you've smelled this.
17th October, 2017 (last edited: 10th February, 2018)
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A distinct scent that is at once hypnotizing, bracing, and minty-watery. The bottle is fun to see and hold, and the potion within has a slight resemblance to the now also-discontinued DK Men Unleaded, with more spiciness and overall depth.

Probably not for everyone, given its unusual character. But I do enjoy Horizon, if not for its willingness to be different.

20th December, 2016
A throwback to the powerhouse 80s type of scent, this is a strong, masculine fougere with an overlying freshness due to the mint and lavender combination. The base is a very dry combo of patchouli and oak moss with a green effect based on immortelle.

Laroche only really dealt with two scents intended for the masculine market (of his 12 creations). Drakkar has had three flankers to date, the second of which, Drakkar Noir, has become iconic. Horizon failed to win over the public upon unveiling, but seems to have an underground reputation, based on its following in these reviews and its availability for very little money in the marketplace.

It smells good, but somehow common, basic. There's nothing to rave about here. Just a good, simple masculine splash for those dudes still in love with the 80s.

04th August, 2016
Maybe I'll grow to appreciate this one day but for now it reminds me of McDonald's bathroom soap, which is not a good thing. Disappointing blind buy after reading so many good reviews.
15th February, 2016 (last edited: 21st February, 2016)
Its easy to pick out the head notes of mandarin and salt, but after that things get a bit more tricky. Grapefruit - yes, but rose & jasmin, thyme & black pepper? All three pyramids I've copied out into my notes suggest different things in the heart phase, and while all of them contain some truths none of them can be relied on.

When wearing this it comes across to me as a salt fruity-aquatic, with pepper grapefruit and herbal overtones. It's spiny on the outside and soft in the centre where acrid and fluid textures meet.

The note pyramids come together again in the base to agree on moss patchouli and sandal. It takes only a short hour or two to go from mandarin to moss and leaves behind itself a coarse smelling mossy salt. (This is real oakmoss here in all its starkness.)
I'm not sure that chypre's a good base for an aquatic perfume, they aren't suited together despite the salty link.

What is certain is that it was released five years later than Cool Water. Horizon's form of aquatic genre, species - salt follows in a style that had run its course and, smelling a bit old and dated would within a year be blown away by CK One.

17th September, 2015
Horizon by Laroche is a really fascinating scent, I wouldn’t define it a “good” scent but it’s surely much intriguing, quite ahead of its time for me and making a creative use of both green fougère structure and fruity-floral-aquatic accords. That’s what I get here in fact – basically a sort of “aquatic-fruity-floral fougère”, a slap of green-fruity watery freshness (imagine a Mediterranean breeze of pine and warm sea) on a more conventional green-mossy fougère, both blended with a graceful accord of flowers (dark carnation, bright pastel cyclamen) and a recognizable note of orange. Sort of Givenchy Insensé meets Cool Water and both meet Pino Silvestre. Still a bit cheap, but in a fun way - and pleasant above all, that’s what counts. The name “Horizon” quite fits the scent, as it really radiates a peaceful feel of contemplation and calm with a joyful, vibrant natural vibe – and a brilliant vein of “classic” barbershop notes giving just right amount of “civilized elegance”. Really enjoyable and decent, just a bit screechy at the very opening and not the classiest scent around (it’s quite loud especially on the green-fruity side), but an uplifting fun little gem.

10th July, 2015
jspo Show all reviews
United States
All I can say is this cologne is a sleeper. This is a gem of a scent from start to finish. I'll wear this anytime, even at home doing chores and spray 2 times each forearm. The ending of this, the base, is IMHO a seductive, woody fragrance that just lasts several hours. It's best after an hour after applying and has above average silage.
08th June, 2015
A salty fennel and grapefruit scent laid over fresh patchouli. More a 'damp herbal' than an aquatic, it is very similar to the original formula of Kenzo Pour Homme but more naturally friendly-smelling and without the sort of low tide musk that came with. Tucked away in the layers of this composition is some kind of berry (far in the background of the big picture) as well as an accord that reminds me strongly of The Visionary by the Gap, which was a sparse green scent comprised mostly of caraway and geranium. The whole effect is strange but incredibly alluring, especially considering the current asking price. The top doesn't stay too long but the woody drydown is a close quarters, all day affair.
Horizon exhibits one of the greatest utilizations of fennel in a fragrance that I have ever encountered; it is a beautiful, bittersweet watercolor and (despite the vague comparisons) an utterly singular creation.
04th August, 2014
Gorgeous spicy aquatic scent with great longevity and projection from the French House of Guy Laroche.

The scent starts citrusy, then turns marine salty with beautiful herbal aromatic nuances followed by a long lasting drydown of wood, patchouli and pronounced moss. Very Nice!

Beautiful sporty bottle too!

Thumbs up!
02nd April, 2014
rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Marine with a twist

The beginning has grapefruit vibes with fresh mint, which then adds a sea-salty marine note without ever becoming a typical aquatic. There is a pleasant greenness in the drydown and I get lots of fennel. The base notes have a bit of wood and a fairly soft patchouli developing into a smooth mossy ending. There is quite a bit of good development in this scent, with initially good silage and projection that later becomes close to my skin. Total longevity over three hours.

18th August, 2013
Seriously under-rated

It took me 2 years to understand this fragrance. It is dirt cheap on eBay, which should help its cause, instead it gets people thinking it is a crap frag. But it's not, it is a complex fragrance with many layers of goodness. This is what makes it hard to like in the first place. Too many things going on at once in the first blast. It is dusty with some spice. And a hint of blue, which all come together to make a 80s shower fresh scent.

You shouldn't over-spray this or your nostrils will be assaulted. You'll miss everything nice about it.

Pros: Complex in a good way
Cons: Takes time to understand

24th June, 2013
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Gary F Show all reviews
United States
Tries to be Too Many Things

Kind of fresh, kind of soapy, kind of spicy, kind of minty. Those are all things I enjoy, just not all in the same bottle. I don't hate it, but I don't really enjoy it either. Well worth the low price to try and learn from it though.

Pros: Unique
Cons: Stylistically all over the map

20th June, 2013
Smells a little bit like soap - I think Zest or something like it. Big grapefruit vibe up front with some nice spicy-greenness in the background. A great scent for warmer weather that doesn't smell like the usual aquatic fare. This stuff smells GREAT!

Projection and longevity are phenomenal as well - I sprayed 3 times on my chest/neck and it was too much all day long. Less is more with this beauty. Thumbs up all around!
04th May, 2013
I was immediately reminded of Horizon when I tried Aramis' New West this morning.
However, i prefer Horizon to New West.
The calone (or whatever aquatic note used) fades more quickly, and the drydown is more complex and interesting than NW.
Stocked two bottles by the way... :)
11th April, 2013
This smells like only one thing to me. The inside cabin of an old boat thats been sitting in the atlantic. That musky woody salty smell. This cologne is that air captured in a bottle with a pleasant potpourri added to it . I was looking for an aquatic, and wasn't really what I expected. Its certainly not a bad fragrance, just I don't see why people would want to smell like this. I wouldn't even test this bottle if your under 30, this smells like someones dad or someones dads old boat. Im 22, Ill probably hold onto this for 10 years than fall in love with it, but for now, its a dust collector
23rd March, 2013
dreese Show all reviews
United States
Very unique and well-mixed stuff. Usually I associate woodsy, smoky fragrances with Fall and Winter, but this blending of woods and floral elements seems to function better as a Spring/Summer scent. Projection and longevity are great and I am amazed at the manner that the floral notes seem to reach a bit further than the body of the scent. Peculiar and wonderful.
12th February, 2013
Reading through other reviews, I agree most with that of PerfumeCollector. Dark but fresh, assertive, and very masculine. Its projection is good, its longevity is superb, and I find it very linear. The scent itself is unique and complex, but I think the fennel, patchouli and oakmoss are most prominent to my nose. It is not an aquatic, but it may be oceanic. It has the ocean's richness and sweet pungency. To those who describe it as light, well, not on me. It may be the heaviest scent I wear, something of a capstone to the powerhouse era.

I'm probably not the only one here to have cleaned out a couple of Dollar Trees. Ended up with 22 bottles at $1 each. Several lifetimes supply, but I expect to trade some off. Everyone should own a bottle. It's distinctive, unique, and very wearable.
20th April, 2012
Just a good quality scent here, I thoroughly enjoy wearing this one for all occasions. For work it's light and fresh and lasts all day, for evenings and more formal occasions it is something original interesting and more complex than most of the other "sporty" fragrances I have tried. Very nice, especially or the price. Discontinued but still seems readily available, I may just have to buy a few extras, shame to lose such a nice scent while Drakkar Noir is still around
30th March, 2012
Hit your local Dollar Tree NOW for the deal of the year! I cleaned out the shelf at one store, checked the other 2 in town - either they hadn't put any out yet, or someone beat me to their booty. As it is I scored 16 bottles. How sad that this has been discontinued. A pity - I guess that only myself, those I gifted, and a few others, will be wearing this scent in this town any time soon. If you can find some where you live, get some now. An earthy, clean, masculine scent.
24th December, 2011
It's low price is certainly appealing.

This is a very distinct scent (not like the hundreds of generic scents out there), so if you are blind buying this, you are taking a huge risk.

I took the risk, and I liked it. It is a very balanced scent, refreshing and masculine at the same time, with the citrus of grapefruit, but at the same time spicy (peppery) and a little woodsy.

Projection and longetivity are great. It begins as a loud fragrance, but calms down in the dry down. Still, it is strong and lasts long.

I would not recommend this as a daily fragrance as you will probably get sick and tired of it if you wear it too often. It's a good once-in-a-while-fragrance

Still, not for everyone. I would not recommend a blind buy.

20th December, 2011 (last edited: 11th April, 2013)
I remember smelling this when I was in 6th grade, and LOVING it ! Then, 10 years LATER owning a bottle, just loved it then and still do, it's unique yes, soft, yes, yes, and clean, which I don't care for usually however when I'm looking for a soft, powdery clean scent with a PUNCH of spark and spice I reach for this.
03rd October, 2011
This is a very fresh fragrance, but by no means "Aquatic", it is a kind of dark, bitter freshness, bitter probably due to the grapefruit, geranium, carnation combination plus artemisia in abundance, and dark due to some coniferous elements with patchouli that conveys the idea of the deepest confines of a dense forest.
The species bring life to this perfume creating a lighter, airy sensation but still with a heavy and melancholic feeling that would have been too gloomy without them .
The drydown is a mossy patchouli sweetened up by a touch of amber and lots of woods. If there is one word to define this perfume is "Different", there is nothing in the market that comes even close to it.
And as Johnson would have said: You can call me fresh, you can call me refreshing, you can call me vivid, you can even call me sharp, but you don't have to call me aquatic.
Tumbs up to the uniqueness if this scent.
02nd September, 2011
Best described as an Herbal/aquatic with a soapy drydown. Smell a bit of pepper in the opening and hard which transitions into a sandlewood and oakmoss drydown. Very clean and great for hot weather. If this were $50 or more a bottle I'd still buy it without hesitation. Considering it's less than $10.00 and ounce just makes it a no brainer.
30th June, 2011
Discontinued apparently, I bought this as a trial cheapy, costing £5 (around $8?) for 50ml(1.7 oz). I have worn it for the last 3 days, and received compliments from women on each of those days - enough said? maybe not. I do like woody fragrances, and this one scores in spades for me, as does the longevity.I have Givenchy Xeryus in my collection, and this is similar, and maybe was designed to be so, as Xeryus was possibly designed to capture some of the YSL Kouros wearers? Anyway, for me this is ASTONISHING value at the price paid, and I bought lots of it while it was available at this price. I will wear it with confidence.
23rd May, 2011
Where do i begin?
The initial blast has a distant sweetness and i hoped it would last sometime. But not my luck. The scent goes into full herbal territory and honestly there's no trace of aquatic or dewy notes or whatsoever. Minty herbs paradise! It doesn't cheer me up or evoke some sort of feelings! Time will tell.
19th April, 2011
Wonderful hybrid, on one side aquatic and on the other side green-aromatic. Meditative and introspective its temperament is so different from the brash one expressed by the cousin Drakkar Noir. I figure inside a moody, solitary man observing till the horizon line the immense blu ocean. This fellow is calm and owns a solid spiritual and oriental wisdom. This fragrance is sharp, herbaceous, mentholated and salty-marine with a pronounced peppery note. For the first hour you can inhale a blast made of citruses, herbs, fruits, needles of conifers, dry fruits and astringent flowers (geranium, carnation and cyclamen). In this phase the mint is very prominent and a mentholated lavender amalgamates all the ingredients in a traditional, masculine  way, aromatic and bracing. In this phase are detectable the fruity touch of mandarine and the airy, watery effect of the caraway. The latter, as flanked by flowers, infuses sophistication to the juice. The dry down is manly and more structured than a common aquatic base and is mossy, woody with addition of amber and leather and the insertion of a bold patchouli in order to enhance the charismatic moody trait. At this point the fragrance appears more woody and green than usual for the ozone-marine "ordinary" concoctions but still manages to preserve that mysterious enigma of the oceanic depths. This is a deep and humid concoction that becomes finally soapy as a dynamic but melancholic, virile, a bit sporty creation. The bottle is one of the best ever issued, longevity and sillage are in the average.
16th March, 2011 (last edited: 18th January, 2014)
Swanky Show all reviews
United States
The Cologneist does a pretty good job of describing the upside to this one. I prefer it to Drakkar Noir, especially in DN's current version. Horizon reminds me of Lacoste Original and Captain Molyneux with their soapy and herbal astringency. I like all three, although Horizon adds a slightly smoky vibe (perhaps the black pepper) that I quite enjoy and might put it ahead of Captain.

It doesn't share the powerhouse character of it's older sibling Drakkar Noir - Horizon is almost a skin scent after about 6 hours. Bottles are available for a reasonable price.
12th October, 2010 (last edited: 03rd April, 2013)
Clean, fresh fragrance that was initially offensive with it's heavy Grapefruit opening-enough to evoke a harsh "P.U." but the dry down is nice and even. Don't let the top notes scare you away. This is worth the wait and can be had for cheap. I find it more wearable than Drakkar. Discontinued but still available on the web.
05th October, 2010