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A throwback to the powerhouse 80s type of scent, this is a strong, masculine fougere with an overlying freshness due to the mint and lavender combination. The base is a very dry combo of patchouli and oak moss with a green effect based on immortelle.

Laroche only really dealt with two scents intended for the masculine market (of his 12 creations). Drakkar has had three flankers to date, the second of which, Drakkar Noir, has become iconic. Horizon failed to win over the public upon unveiling, but seems to have an underground reputation, based on its following in these reviews and its availability for very little money in the marketplace.

It smells good, but somehow common, basic. There's nothing to rave about here. Just a good, simple masculine splash for those dudes still in love with the 80s.

04th August, 2016
This smells like only one thing to me. The inside cabin of an old boat thats been sitting in the atlantic. That musky woody salty smell. This cologne is that air captured in a bottle with a pleasant potpourri added to it . I was looking for an aquatic, and wasn't really what I expected. Its certainly not a bad fragrance, just I don't see why people would want to smell like this. I wouldn't even test this bottle if your under 30, this smells like someones dad or someones dads old boat. Im 22, Ill probably hold onto this for 10 years than fall in love with it, but for now, its a dust collector
23rd March, 2013
It's low price is certainly appealing.

This is a very distinct scent (not like the hundreds of generic scents out there), so if you are blind buying this, you are taking a huge risk.

I took the risk, and I liked it. It is a very balanced scent, refreshing and masculine at the same time, with the citrus of grapefruit, but at the same time spicy (peppery) and a little woodsy.

Projection and longetivity are great. It begins as a loud fragrance, but calms down in the dry down. Still, it is strong and lasts long.

I would not recommend this as a daily fragrance as you will probably get sick and tired of it if you wear it too often. It's a good once-in-a-while-fragrance

Still, not for everyone. I would not recommend a blind buy.

20th December, 2011 (last edited: 11th April, 2013)
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Where do i begin?
The initial blast has a distant sweetness and i hoped it would last sometime. But not my luck. The scent goes into full herbal territory and honestly there's no trace of aquatic or dewy notes or whatsoever. Minty herbs paradise! It doesn't cheer me up or evoke some sort of feelings! Time will tell.
19th April, 2011
Moderately grapefruity, soapy herbal thing. Nice I suppose, but it's just slightly too close to standard-issue shampoo for me to really respect it. Consider Balle de Match instead...slightly less shampooey grapefruit. Still, I respect it as a sort of proto-aquatic.
16th May, 2010
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United States
I liked this at first, but since then I've come to dislike "marine" notes and lavender, and you will get a heavy dose of these two if you spray Horizon on you. Also, as Myohoman said, there is a "synthetic" quality that is unpleasant here, and I imagine if you spray more than once per wearing (I wouldn't ever think of doing so) you may find yourself fighting off a migraine. Longevity and sillage are excellent. Beyond these points, I probably shouldn't say more about Horizon, because I don't like aquatic fragrances and this could be a "bridge" fragrance for some, as they transition from their watery scents to more traditional "masculine" ones. I will mention that if I'm in the mood for a fragrance with more traditional masculine notes, I would much rather wear ones like Equipage or Vetiver de Puig, which are more natural and dynamic, as well as better balanced.
28th August, 2009
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United States
I agree that there is a bit of Kenzo PH hidden somewhere in Horizon. More pepper and spices here, though. Whereas, Kenzo goes straight for the throat with very real marine accords. I like Horizon, probably a little more than Kenzo PH, it's just much easier to wear. For the price, it's a steal, but not something I would reach for on a regular basis.
01st November, 2008
It sounds wonderful, although I have never smelled it, so I can't honestly rate it "good". But with grapefruit, mandarin, and mint as topnotes, how could it be bad? This is now on my wish-list.
03rd September, 2005
I buy Horizon in 1993 in my first travel to Paris. I remember the aquatic notes, and the very special crystal bottle
27th August, 2005