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Negative Reviews of Hot by Benetton

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Hi there :)

I have to say I bought this HOT fragrance to pair up with my COLD one. The sprayer in the shape of water tap really rocks and worth to be part of my collection.

The scent is very strong and overpowering for me. I am quite amazed with how synthetic the scent is. I truly prefer COLD over HOT and it is more girlie too :)

02nd August, 2009
Tacky bottle, filled with liquid vanilla combined with a cheap wood notes...I couldn't be more turned off.
22nd December, 2007
I bought two bottles of "Hot" - one for my niece and one for a female friend. Here in Australia everyone universally sees it as a female fragrance, similar to one of the Chanel perfumes. If I try real hard, I can sort of imagine why someone might think this is a unisex scent. I even sprayed some on my wrist to see if it changed over time. But after an hour, it had not changed and I got some abrasive soap and washed it off.
14th September, 2001
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