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Benetton usually delivers interesting and competant fragrances, but for Benetton Hot they have taken it a step farther into the “very good” territory. Hot isn’t hot but it is warm, pleasant, floral, spicy, and ambery. The flowers dominate in a bouquet-presentation with a standard jasmine note being most present to my nose; the spices (in this case, mostly from the rosewood) are held to a bare minimum; and the amber is very sweet. There’s little complexity involved, the accords are simple and straightforward and strike me as more feminine than not... although there is almost enough wood in the background to give a nod in the direction of unisex. Hot has a nice sillage and very good longevity on my skin. It’s quite good and a comfortable wear.

16th December, 2008 (last edited: 04th December, 2010)
I prefer this one much more than its "cold" counterpart. Hot was very warm and comfortable. Very relaxing, its something that I'd wear around the house when I wanted to just chill and have some down time.
14th October, 2006
I'm with RuffDawg on this one in that I far prefer "Hot" to "Cold." It's true that "Hot" goes on awfully feminine, but it dries down to a fairly sweet sandalwood base that's very, very unisex.

Wouldn't go out of my way to pick up another bottle, no, but can't give this one a thumbs down, either. Good stuff for the price -- great scent for a college kid (of either gender) on a budget.
02nd October, 2006
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Benetton launched the set of unisex fragrances Hot and Cold in 1997. They were designed as UNISEX and to either be worn alone or mixed together, to create yet another fragrance, which I guess you would call Warm, LOL. I love Hot, but don't care much for Cold on its own, but mixed together with Hot I like it.
26th July, 2006