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Neutral Reviews of Hugh Parsons Traditional by Hugh Parsons

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Sweet and green, fresh and fruity. Green and spicy opening with a fruity accord goes into a sweet ambergris base. Very aromatic overall and easy to wear, pleasant.
25th May, 2016

I do not like the way this opens at all. It reminds me of sour, slightly rotten compost with a bit of a Green Irish Tweed aroma wafting throughout it or pickles and old licorice dumped in a bottle of gin. It's probably the Juniper berries that are responsible for this foul smell, but once the fragrance settles down it at least becomes tolerable. After the opening, Blue settles into an herbal accord that is somewhat robust and spicy. It's a unique, interesting blend that I haven't come across in any other fragrance and I can see how some folks find it appealing. The thing is, it reminds me more of a spice mixture I'd add to a spaghetti sauce than anything "blue," or fresh--not that we need any more of those. At the same time, there IS something slightly aquatic about it, a watery texture created by the combination of notes that I like and appreciate. Despite disliking the fragrance personally, I will say that it's a quality fragrance as far as the ingredients and structure is concerned, never markedly synthetic or cheap. So I'll go neutral on this-- though I personally don't care for the way Hugh Parsons smells, I respect its design and more than reasonable price tag.
11th November, 2012
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United States
Synthetic sandalwood all fancied up and put in a pretty blue bottle. Keep the bottle.
08th February, 2010
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I don't like this one as much as the yellow version. While the latter is one of the most equisite citrus- herbal scents i know, exhaling the very essence of unquestionable style, this one is just clean-cut, almost aquatic fresh, but was defintaly topped by its follower. I would expect- but maybe its just a bias encouraged by conventional ( fragrance) wisdom- even a "fresh", "crispy clean" British scent to be much more classically and less casually smelling.
18th March, 2007