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Iceberg Twice Homme was aptly named, as it was the male counterpart to the second line of Iceberg fragrances since the little-known Italian fashion label wandered into the fragrance business at the end of the 80's. The debut masculine Iceberg Homme (1990) was a rather classic eau de cologne meets fresh fougère hybrid that while definitely an interesting scent, was rather an outlier in the scene. Five years later, and Iceberg returns with Twice Homme, another bright citrus scent with a near-gourmand level of richness and sweetness in the base, being yet another outlier at a time when men's fragrances were fairly polarized between nearly sterile freshness and culinary levels of richness. I am personally not a fan of this combination, but I do like the top notes of the scent, and am glad that Avon actually tackled the same idea but without the heavy body of the base when they made Perceive for Men in 2000, which takes the idea of Twice and presents it in what can most closely be described as an aromatic chypre, although not quite. Iceberg Twice Homme as it stands is probably the most popular of the older Iceberg masculines, which isn't saying much as everything the house has made until recent years has been a strange and not completely realized hybrid of ideas, that while good on paper don't pan out so well in execution. This is particularly true with Twice Homme, as it has a heavy-handed sillage reminiscent of the original Joop! Homme (1989), but without the novelty or blending.

Twice Homme opens with yuzu, not unlike L'Eau d'Issey Pour Homme (1994), but rather than stay stark and clean, quickly tenses up with peppermint, candy-grade lemon, and marigold (which is always weird in a masculine). The heart proves to be the bit of traditional perfumery keeping this from becoming too abstract, with geranium, jasmine, lavender, thyme, and tarragon being both classic in that barbershop fougère sense, but a little bit balsamic like a 70's fougère; it's honestly the best part of the fragrance. The base comes up with patchouli, sandalwood, vetiver, and lime, most of those things which would be good base notes in an older-style masculine, but when set against the barbershop heart and bizarre top creates a schizophrenic transition from fresh, sweet, creamy, then green, and finally back to fresh with the lime. It's just a roller coaster for the nose that not everyone is really prepared for, especially me. Considering top and heart notes don't always go away when the base notes come out, that makes Iceberg Twice Homme even more obfuscating. It's hot and cold all in the same container, so when it's done mixing, it creates what can at times be a mildly nauseating swirl that ends up lukewarm in appeal, since one never knows what facets of this olfactory chimera are going to come out and play, since air temperature and body chemistry also play an important role. I get the impression that this is a top, heart, and base from three separate fragrances all spliced together Dr. Moreau style. For a lot of people who aren't the wiser, this might be a neat, funky little shindig, but for me, it feels like an unresolved experiment.

Iceberg Twice Homme wouldn't do the house any favors in the masculine market, but apparently sells well enough to stay in production, or at least there is so much surplus that it is commonly available. Either way, it's a cheap thrill to own if you really want to see what this one is about. It's an adequate enough example of 90's tropes, but with a bit of uncomfortable genre-bending, and some of what it presents would be done better later on. Fans of citrus and mint combined will love the fizzy opening, but the muddled heart of traditional fougère notes and green sweaty base will betray that opening before it's all done, meaning to truly embrace this with no qualms will be to embrace challenging fragrances. Granted, it's not the same degree of challenging as something with a heavy animalic in it, or a high degree of "dirty" musk, but the pandemonium of herbaceous note structures and the resultant clash that makes this a bit tacky to wear. Still, I don't think this thing is a complete disaster, just definitely for the person that wears Hawaiian print shirts to a wedding or thinks mullets are the best of both worlds, so I'd say if worn, it's probably best in fall or winter, where it's rather unique juxtaposition of values would be muted somewhat by colder air. The stuff is an absolute steal online, so the morbidly curious won't be punished too hard if they end up hating it.
13th March, 2018
A woman's viewpoint on this cologne! I read rave reviews of this on a website and some mentioned that it smelled quite feminine so could be a unisex scent so, based on the good reviews, reasonable price and thinking it would smell a bit feminine, I bought a bottle of it blind over the internet for myself! However, when I got it I was quite let-down. Although it's okay smelling, I wouldn't say it's a stand-out cologne and is far less fresh and light smelling than I had anticipated from the reviews I had read of it. The reviews on this site too are a bit contradictory .. some say it's light and fresh, others say it's heavy. To me it smells extremely peppery at first, although it becomes softer and mellower after awhile. I couldn't detect the slightest hint of lemon in it, which is a shame because I quite like lemony scents! I also couldn't detect any mint, which is a note which cropped up in lots of reviews. To me it's just peppery. I would say it's an average smelling scent but, for the price and staying power I could recommend it and, on the right man, it might smell delicious!
14th January, 2009
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United Kingdom
Cant get my head round this one even though the longevity is good.Sometime gives me a headache and cannot wear it during the dat.Minty fresh to start but its sytheticness is quite annoying.Not one you would want to smell on your clothes after a night out.Despite this other people seem to like the smell on me and it is a bargain.Picked up a 125ml edt for less than£10.
01st July, 2008
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A sweet lemon that's creamy. Fresh, herbal, fruity, confusing... it has good longevity. Makes my nose jump through hoops to identify.
29th June, 2008
I have had no longetivty issues with this one which be an issue in my skin. I mean no dis-respect to ANY basenoter here when I say that to me this frag' smells like a functional fragrance, that is to say, not comprised of expensive ingredients and designed to cover other smells rather than create a unique smell in itself. I ahve both the aftershave and the EDT and I find that aftershave the pick of the two as the EDT can be a bit overpowering. I'll keep coming back to it to see if it grows on me though!
25th October, 2006
Sporty and casual scent at that's about everytinhg. I tried this in the hope of finding a scent which would change all my previous knowledge of scents, but there was nothing special or innovative about this one. Maybe better for younger users.
22nd April, 2006
certainly sweet and floral with a slight whiff of sea breeze from somewhere but doesnt last on my skin..i must be plagued..generally unmemorable and i had no inclination to buy it again but it was pleasant enough.not for me though.
21st March, 2006