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Neutral Reviews of Iceberg Twice Homme by Iceberg

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A woman's viewpoint on this cologne! I read rave reviews of this on a website and some mentioned that it smelled quite feminine so could be a unisex scent so, based on the good reviews, reasonable price and thinking it would smell a bit feminine, I bought a bottle of it blind over the internet for myself! However, when I got it I was quite let-down. Although it's okay smelling, I wouldn't say it's a stand-out cologne and is far less fresh and light smelling than I had anticipated from the reviews I had read of it. The reviews on this site too are a bit contradictory .. some say it's light and fresh, others say it's heavy. To me it smells extremely peppery at first, although it becomes softer and mellower after awhile. I couldn't detect the slightest hint of lemon in it, which is a shame because I quite like lemony scents! I also couldn't detect any mint, which is a note which cropped up in lots of reviews. To me it's just peppery. I would say it's an average smelling scent but, for the price and staying power I could recommend it and, on the right man, it might smell delicious!
14th January, 2009
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United Kingdom
Cant get my head round this one even though the longevity is good.Sometime gives me a headache and cannot wear it during the dat.Minty fresh to start but its sytheticness is quite annoying.Not one you would want to smell on your clothes after a night out.Despite this other people seem to like the smell on me and it is a bargain.Picked up a 125ml edt for less than£10.
01st July, 2008
A sweet lemon that's creamy. Fresh, herbal, fruity, confusing... it has good longevity. Makes my nose jump through hoops to identify.
29th June, 2008
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I have had no longetivty issues with this one which be an issue in my skin. I mean no dis-respect to ANY basenoter here when I say that to me this frag' smells like a functional fragrance, that is to say, not comprised of expensive ingredients and designed to cover other smells rather than create a unique smell in itself. I ahve both the aftershave and the EDT and I find that aftershave the pick of the two as the EDT can be a bit overpowering. I'll keep coming back to it to see if it grows on me though!
25th October, 2006
Sporty and casual scent at that's about everytinhg. I tried this in the hope of finding a scent which would change all my previous knowledge of scents, but there was nothing special or innovative about this one. Maybe better for younger users.
22nd April, 2006
certainly sweet and floral with a slight whiff of sea breeze from somewhere but doesnt last on my skin..i must be plagued..generally unmemorable and i had no inclination to buy it again but it was pleasant enough.not for me though.
21st March, 2006