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Reviews of Iceberg Universe Homme by Iceberg

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I had a bottle of this at the turn of the millennium and liked it a lot then. Although I found the scent was largely linear, I still found it to be an interesting and distinctive floral-woody oriental with a nice rich long-lasting woody base where the sandalwood (and the patchouli to a lesser extent) was especially prominent. I particularly liked the classy bottle design with its slim tapering bevelled look and well fitting silver top. Intriguingly, I remember the juice being pale blue, although the most recent time I encountered it the juice was a pale yellow. Maybe the change in colour was meant to dispel confusion by distancing it from the burgeoning legions of aquatics, of which this is certainly not one - in my opinion yellow matches the smell much better than blue ever did. Perhaps slightly dated now and by no means an essential addition to one’s fragrance wardrobe, but it is still worth trying if you should come across it as it could be a pleasant surprise. As is par for Iceberg fragrances, its reasonable cost makes it good value for money.
28th February, 2010 (last edited: 13th February, 2011)