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This stuff is potent. BE careful. Seems benign but 4 sprays today and the whole office is noticing. Strange cause reviews said this has poor performance. My guess is this is one of those which gets anosmic on people very soon.

The fragrance is dark and floral. Like indian rose incense. The smell of incense stick before you burn them. The smell of box that is left behind.
Has a leathery aspect to it and some aldehydes. Unlike most roses, it is not sweet.
A very unique fragrance and deserves the hype. Just not my cup of tea.
24th January, 2018
Many times while utilizing the advanced search option on this site I have been offered Iquitos as a suggestion. In finally trying it I immediately realize why.

As I am sure most regulars of this site are dead tired of hearing, I am a diehard lover of vintage Minotaure, with its untouchable bright orange and aldehyde opening, mingled with beautiful rose and indolic jasmine, backed by quiet but sturdy leather and sandalwood. So what does Iquitos have to do with Minotaure, then?


The orange, jasmine, leather, rose, and most importantly to me, the beautiful, sparkling aldehydes (which were most shamefully ripped from the reissued Minotaure after its acquisition) are all here, just in very different proportions. And there is wormwood a la Tenere, the only other thing I would have added to Picasso's release (other than added strength). The rose smells dark and tacky, as experienced in Azzaro's Acteur, and the woods are deeper, darker and more prominent in the late stages. While Minotaure balances the airy and Mediterranean with the slightly dirty, Iquitos is a more hairy-chested, 'indoor tannery' version.

This fragrance didn't stick around long because, as some have mentioned before, it was wildly at odds with the taste of the time, but this is precisely the type of scent I keep searching for - the Hyper-masculine-effiminate-dandyboy floral. Yes, that's an utter paradox, and very much the reason I can't remain in love with most things I own. But once in a long while, as I am crawling over the cusp of indifference, I find something like this, and my flame is renewed for another period of fervor.

Your silly five star rating limit can eat a bug.

Seven stars out of five.
30th August, 2016
rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
A darker fougère

The opening notes include an orange citrus with cardamom and is darkened by wood and patchouli. A bit later in the drydown rose is added, with vetiver adding a touch of spark. After a couple of hours a nice moss emerges, which is accompanied by a leathery note and bears the hallmarks of a typical, albeit quite restrained fougère. Overall a darker scent, not very loud and displaying decent silage od projection. Nearly ten hours of longevity - excellent. A nice fragrance for cooler days.

26th September, 2013
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The show opens with an effervescent, winey, and sweet champagne pop. Then a lilting sheer rose, perfectly balanced by bitter resins takes the stage, approaching Bandit in her severity, and delivers the shocking news: "Men can wear rose scents too!" with some spice and a bit of creamy sweetness to soften the blow. Before the news has a chance to sink in, she's gone. The curtain slowly descends on light woods, musk, and a touch of civet. leaving only the memory of her presence.
16th March, 2013
The Foetidus's review is exaustive and clarifying, the soaring and aerial effect aroused from the aldehydes in a first time and from patchouli later are able to soar higher and higher the influence of spices, citrus, aromatic-coniferous elements and woods in order to push up a wonderful indented, multifaceted and chaotic initial earthy dust. Iquitos is an aldehydic-animalic rose chypre really dark and old-school. A central heart of rose-jasmine, spices and woods holds on the wonderful chaos enriching it by a plenty of vegetal nuances. This "rosey" phase is immediately obscure and in a few time animalic because of the final dark woodsy base mastered by musk, leather, amber, vetiver, civet
and moss. The shadows are dreadful, the sweetness is "restrained", a touch of smoothness (coconut/vanilla) softens the blend and the dark sultry rose starts finally to stand regally over the podium. Excellent.
21st August, 2011 (last edited: 05th March, 2015)
Remarkable that a movie star kown for his macho image produced this one of a kind, confusingly androgynous cologne for men. Dior released Poison for women roughly at the same time, and to me Iquitos was in the same realm. Almost intoxicating, mysterious to the point of something sinister, therefore possibly a little too out there for most men. But are vampires not the latest old revival thing right now? Lady Gaga's videos would go terribly well with a somptuous splash of Iquitos.

Named after a notoriously seedy and dangerous city in Southamerica, as Alain Delon explained it the counterpart to Marseille, there is definitely something "fin de siècle" about it and maybe it lacks a contemperary sence about it, but I went through 3 bottles and loved it immensely. Anyway, reveling in decadence was hot in the eighties, what about names like Obsession, Opium, etc?

01st December, 2010
Swanky Show all reviews
United States
My greatest blind buy ever...

With some trepidation, I bought Iquitos online, "scent unsniffed." Based on the previous reviews, I expected at least something interesting. Boy, was I pleasantly surprised by just how good this is. At risk of gushing, this is now easily in my top ten and may move into my top five. Is it the rose, the patchouli, the musk, the leather...? Frankly I lack the olfactory sophistication to definitively say. What I can say is that this is fascinating.

I experience none of the longevity or projection issues that several others have lamented: on me I get 8-plus hours of high-quality radiance. No, it's not Lapidus powerful. It's much more refined and subtle than that, but I don't find it a wallflower. Speaking of flowers, this is the best rendition of rose in a male-oriented scent that I have yet come across, at least among designer offerings. Damned unique, I could see this on Dean Martin or even on Monsieur Delon himself. Unabashed, unqualified thumbs up.
30th November, 2010 (last edited: 30th December, 2015)
This is the fragrant equivalent of owning a pair of velvet trousers – quite beautiful to experience, but a very impractical item to wear successfully. Sweet without ever being remotely cloying, floral without being excessively feminine - Iquitos runs a fine line along some difficult terrain.

I am delighted that it was created with such limited potency - it allows the subtle nuances and general coyness of the notes to leave you wanting more. For an intimate evening out, or even for the aromatic narcissist, Iquitos is a beguiling companion
27th August, 2010
A lovely masculine rose scent - a shame it doesnt last all that long but nonetheless a very nice fragrance pity its discontinued - why ?
16th December, 2009 (last edited: 29th January, 2010)
As a friend said, "It makes a grand entrance, but leaves the party too soon". If it lasted on me, Iquitos would be among my all-time favorites, but it's all head and no body. While it's around it makes a good impression.

The top notes are of a piquant fruity-floral variety I've experienced in Czech & Speake's No. 88, an accord not unlike grape crush but richer and denser. In No. 88 the effect is smooth and deep, but an ample dose of aldehydes makes Iquitos effervescent to the point of brusqueness. This contrast of lush and angular notes is a little touch of genius in a bottle, and really what makes Iquitos unique.

Perhaps inevitably, the drydown fails to live up to the promise of the top. The fragrance brightens and simplifies, the heart consisting of a powdery, apple-tinted rose with a touch of jasmine, an amiable leather gradually emerging in the hushed sillage of the base. I find it neither woody nor particularly patchouli heavy, especially given how inseparable rose and patchouli are in so many modern rose soliflores.

I'm sad that this is discontinued, as it spoke "rose" in a unique way, but I could also wish it had a fuller and more complex base. I can only hope some up-and-coming perfumer steals the good ideas from Iquitos and does something new with them...
14th September, 2009
WOWSERS!!! There are scent which employs aldehydes and then there are scents which just max it out! Iquitos belongs to the latter category. such a lovely scent! it;s become my new favorite for casual events or evenings out.
This one smells exactly like one has opened up a box of Rose based agarbattis (incense sticks). not burning sticks, but the box which stores incense's. from the rose perspective, i would put it in No.88 or 1913 category, although, it smells nothing like it. this ones too loud and much more exciting. not that No.88 and 1913 are not exciting, they are more refined whereas Iquitos is uncompromising and direct. and how i wish the openign accords would last forever..doesnt matter... by drydown, the rose is still present..but has a mineral like quality to it with touch of patchouli and leather. lovely scent! im glad i purchased a 100ml!
14th August, 2009 (last edited: 18th August, 2009)
tanto Show all reviews
United States
This was really a nice "summer" scent. It had a soft, fruity base to it. I liked the sillage and longevity of this fragrance. It always had a clean refreshing quality to it that was never cloying nor tireing. Yes, it is very 80's but in a nice, refined way. I really wish they would bring it back because I would be the first to buy it.
30th July, 2009
At first I thought this might be too feminine but after a few moments I realised that Iquitos is truly gorgeous! Straight into my top five, I quickly bought another two miniatures in case I wasn't able to track down a full size bottle (although I have managed to get a 100ml very recently).
15th December, 2008
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Rose. A nicely done rose. One that I could wear because it doesn't feel like I feel asleep in a florist. Simply dark and good.
13th December, 2008
Definitely a unique scent. Gothic yet refined. I have not yet smelled anything quite like it. It is in my top 10...
17th October, 2008
Bigsly Show all reviews
United States
I find that I prefer this to traditional (1980s) "macho" fragrances, like Versace l'Homme, which is excellent but a bit too harsh. I like the softness of Iquitos. Also, it doesn't come across to me as a too floral, as some others have, like Anucci. In fact, the fruity quality of the top notes is much better than any other fruity top I can think of, off hand. I have only used one spray per wearing, so some of the problems with this one may be related to those who spray three or more times per wearing. Longevity and sillage/projection are excellent.
13th October, 2008
Can we agree that this is the best celeb fragrance of all times??

The top notes can be quite harsh and synthetic, but the drydown soon reveils a marvelous, bold composion of rose, moss, vetiver and musk (civet). Very green with red accents. Of course, could easily be used by women too. Lasting power is stunning and the sillage is quite outrageous, so be carefull on the trigger.

Provocative, eccentric juice in a most beautiful bottle.
12th September, 2008
There is little I can add to the reviews of this fragrance that have already been posted on this site. Iquitos is what I consider a "deadly" fragrance - if applied too heavily, it is capable of causing whole subway-cars to start sneezing and sending small children to hospital with respiratory distress.

But despite it's potency, I adore it. Perhaps my skin chemistry is favorable. Or perhaps I have just convinced myself that it smells great. It is a shame that it has been discontinued, but there are still small stocks of it here and there - I purchased a 100mL bottle from an internet supplier just prior to writing this review.

So if you want it, get out there and find it, because I don't think the company will be recommencing manufacture. That's a shame, because compared to the other Delon fragrances for men, Iquitos is clearly the best. Just be sure to use it judiciously!
17th June, 2007
gimpy Show all reviews
United States
Iquitos opens with extreme aldehydes, which soften into a primarily rose based scent. While it is very feminine at first, it develops into something a little more masculine and even dark.

Very 80's in nature, yet not outdated. It's a shame it's been discontinued. I highly recommend trying this for those who like rose-based scents. Iquitos fits perfectly for spring wear.
08th April, 2007
Wandering idly through the park of Madame ****, I found myself humming the ancient air "Roses Pour Madame, Roses Pour Monsieur". It put me in mind of Iquitos. Whilst no great lover of rose-based scents, I feel I should make an exception in the case of Iquitos.
Quite brazen and luscious in its overture, Iquitos (all too often mistaken for a feminine fragrance) unfolds into a development where the root of the flower joins the sweet, warm earth. In that bravura of scented depth, I found myself pondering on the darker, even fossilized, remains of that deep and fragrant soil. Arrowheads, amorous primates, mythical deities, long forgotten wars, lustrous dawns and earth quivering cataclysms.
Whilst Iquitos will never figure in a list of my favourite fragrances, I feel I must grant it, as surely you must too, a certain air of poetic profundity. (de Charlus).
20th January, 2007
I agree with the other members that the drydown on this one is surprisingly nice. I didn't expect much from it, but was really quite impressed. Having briefly smelled in transit a few other Delon offerings, I'm bewildered why they chose THIS one to discontinue. It's by far the best of the bunch. Worth a try if you can get your hands on some.
04th January, 2007
The rose notes and aldehydes are a bit much in the opening notes, but OH! the drydown is MARVELOUS. Crying shame that Delon's (stupidly) discontinued this wonderful blast from the past.
02nd October, 2006
Aldehydes! I love scents that open with aldehydes, and Iquitos’s opening handles them wonderfully. Even without the aldehydes the opening would be very good—excellently balanced greens and citruses and spices—and florals from the middle. With the aldehydes added, it takes on an airiness that lifts the scent above the ordinary scheme of things. When the aldehydes die out, they are replaced by patchouli, which continues surrounding the accords of the fragrance with an air of intangibility.
The powder and the rose and the jasmine provide a very strong floral element even in the opening. As floral as they are, they stay masculine—probably because the rose note is so dark. The spice, the rose, the sandalwood, and the civet darken Iquitos, while the aldehydes and the patchouli raise its vibrations to a higher olfactory frequency.
To my nose, the dry down is primarily woods, moss, and musk. There is some vanilla to sweeten it, and the florals, especially the rose, continue well into the base. The dry down stays for hours—I can still smell it the next day.
I find this scent excellent. It’s rather difficult on the wearability factor but not impossible, so it needs to be applied with considered discretion.
04th September, 2006
A heady, excellent scent with a very strong rose feel, almost like a garden of them. It's not one-dimensional, though - there are enough spicy and woody notes to balance it out. Not like anything else that I own.

With the strong rose vibe, I can see where some guys may feel uncomfortable wearing it. To me, it definitely could be worn by either gender, and I often like that sort of scent.

I hear it's discontinued, but it still can be found at this time.

19th August, 2006
Could this be a poor man's C&S no. 88? While there are certainly differences, I happen to think the commonalities cannot be ignored. The "brighter" notes in Iquitos - mainly in the top and middle: ginger and citrus - positioned against the darker, earthier rose note immediately brought to my mind memories of no.88. Iquitos lacks the incense that no. 88 has, but it is a complex, dark, almost intellectually stimulating scent nonetheless. Give this one some time. The first few times I sniffed it, I was very disappointed, and actually moved it to my swaplist! I am happy to say it has found a home in my wardrobe. In the end, it's a dark, earthy, dry rose, with sparkling topnotes that add complexity throughout. As it dries, it gets more leathery, picking up a touch of sweetness (it moves into Montale Black Oud territory, only without the oud and perhaps a touch sweeter in the end). When does one wear this? I don't know. At home. On a date with a significant other (not a first date, I presume). On a solitary autumn stroll in the woods.
09th June, 2006
I remember wearing this about twenty years ago. And I know I enjoyed it and would very much like it if the brought it back. These days you dont see much from Alain Delon in Sweden.
11th May, 2006
Wow! Waaaaaaaaay ahead of its time. A wonderful rosey chypre, completely unique and slightly gothic! Perfect for colder weather and the drydown is incredible.
16th January, 2006
moon_fish Show all reviews
Russian Federation
I believe that this scent in 80-s also is some kind of precursor of modern trend we smell today: men`s colognes smells like a women`s. Get in touch with your feminine side, being man! Not only rose note - but sweetness and intention to please. In that times perfumer chemists invented Heroic Rose (words of L. Turin) - so they put it everywhere, not only in feminine perfumes.
23rd November, 2005
Griff Show all reviews
United States
The ultimate 80's era rose scent for men. This is not a bright pink rose characteristic of so many, mainly women's fragrances; Iquitos is a dark blood-red rose whose petal tips have started to brown and wither. More "thorn" than "petal," the genius of this composition is the balance between patchouli, amber and green (vetiver?) with the humid rose not that lasts from top to bottom. Smells like...? Nothing else I know.

02nd November, 2005
I once had Iquitos described to me as “Roses with balls”, and I can’t say I disagree with that assessment. Iquitos is a very dark and dry rose based fragrance. This is one of the few chypre rose fragrances that work for men. This is earthy, dark, and dry. A unique fragrance that can be had for pretty cheap.
21st September, 2005