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Negative Reviews of Iris Silver Mist by Serge Lutens

Total Reviews: 5
is this a masterpiece? come on, much better irises around... coming from Lutens I would say absolutely disappointing.. smells like rubbing alcohol, surely not for males, quality /price ratio completely vote 1/5
p.s. save yor money for something better!

08th January, 2014
Way too carroty at the beginning. The iris as it develops is also really strong and does not smell fresh, but rather heavy. No comparison at all to the lovely Iris Pallida.
27th December, 2008
The beginning reminds me of freshly grated carrots, which is not really unpleasant, just weird.

Then the carrots fade, leaving a sickening smell of sewing machine oil. Or the oil used to oil bicycles.

I'm staying away from this.
09th August, 2008
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I got an eagerly awaited sample of Iris Silver Mist and on me, it smelled like an ashtray. A luxurious ashtray owned by an elegant lady in the 1950's but ashes all the same. By the way- it lasts a VERY long time....

03rd April, 2008 (last edited: 18th April, 2008)
Made from the root of the iris. Smells green and root-like. I did not find it interesting or appealing.
29th August, 2006