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United States
I wonder if this has been reformulated. The base seems really "synthetic" to me, compared to the strong oakmoss base of another inexpensive fragrance, 273 for Men. Anyway, I think I'd buy a bottle of this fragrance is it smelled more natural to me. As it stands, because I already have 273 and don't need the strong clove of JdJ, I don't see any need for it. So, unless you know you are getting a bottle from the 1980s, I suggest samplinng 273 first, and if you think you'd rather have a similar fragrance but with strong a spice note (and you don't mind it if it's a little "synthetic"), go ahead and give JdJ a chance.

My original review, from August, 2008:

I agree with Foetidus fully. The clove is too much for me, and this is simply not the best "cheapo" of this type. I prefer Carven Homme, for example, though if you hate rosewood you should avoid CH. Longevity isn't great for JdJ and it's quite tame after about 45 minutes, so I'm not sure who this will appeal to, because those who like the strong clove won't like the timid drydown, while those who do like the drydown won't want to wait 45 minutes of strong clove before getting to that drydown.
13th August, 2008 (last edited: 25th April, 2011)
Predecessor of Drakkar Noir with a heavy spice. This isn't as powerful as Drakkar Noir. Just a good spicy oakmoss. I wouldn't advise wearing this on hot summer days. The projection is overpowering. A tad soapy but otherwise fine.
29th June, 2008
There is a darkness and a duality about Jacomo that are present from the beginning. As smooth as the lavender / greens / citrus opening is, there is (especially with the clove from the mid level) a harshness about it that goes so far as to actually imperil the nose, as RCavs, so correctly points out. The clovey spiciness of the mid level pushes the bounds of tolerance to the limit, and yet it is an especially full, rich, refined accord. The base primarily contributes an earthy patchouli that serves to counterpoint the refined amber and moss and vanilla. Also in the base there is the leather that, to my nose, adds a rawness that sends the fragrance beyond ‘rustic’ almost to ‘primitive.’ Except for the leather, I like the dark conflicting accords in this fragrance. As an Oriental it has lush accords with dark and complex notes providing contrast and interest. Longevity is quite poor on my skin.
15th October, 2006
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This fragrance is not for everyone.
If you like scents like ck one, cool water, acqua di gio etc. this is not for you.
It's not sweet at all and there's a ton of clove in it! Pretty agressive when you spray it.
when It dries down, the smell becomes more subtil but the cloves are still there...
It's a polemic fragrance: some love it, some hate it. I particularly enjoy classic fragrances,
but this one is too strong in my opinion!
I like it after one, two hours after spraying and I wear it with caution,
because It can harm people's nostrils...
09th November, 2004
This is almost the epitome of a classic manly, leather scent. Carefully applied and not overindulged in this scent could be a good introduction into this genre of scent by those who favor the lighter more citrus scents. I think, however, it runs the danger of smelling a bit too common.
27th November, 2001